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Guild Wars 2 Endgame Comprehensive Guide When Reach level 80

Guild Wars 2 offers a wide variety of end-game content for players to explore. Whether you're just hitting the level cap or looking for something new to do, there's plenty of content to keep you playing. From Strike Missions to Raids, Dungeons, Fractals, and Meta Events, there's something for everyone.



Guild Wars 2 Endgame Comprehensive Guide When Reach level 80


Reach level 80

When you first reach level 80, there are three things you should do first. The first is to finish the Guild Wars 2 main story. This will take you through the world of Tyria and grant you access to extra waypoints, new armor and weapons, and a great foundation for the stories in the Expansions and Living World Seasons.


Unlock Elite Specializations

The second is to unlock Elite Specializations. Elite Specializations allow you to select another trait line in your trait panel and grant you access to new skills and weapons. You can unlock these by completing Hero Challenges in the Expansion maps.


Gear up

It is recommended to have at least Exotic gear, which can be obtained in various ways such as participating in Meta Events, from the Trading Post, or by crafting. Of course, Ascended Gear is slightly better, but it is hard to acquire. You should look for a build on Snow Crows, Discretize, Meta Battle, Guildjen, or any other source to make sure you have the right gear, weapons, and trinkets.


Meta Events and World Bosses

Meta Events and World Bosses are the easiest and least time-consuming bit of end-game content you can do. These pop up at specific times or whenever players on a map complete a number of tasks, and on some maps, there are grand events that grant great loot, achievements, and Guild Wars 2 gold. You can find a timetable on the official Guild Wars 2 Wiki, and you can join “Meta Event Trains” to do a number of meta events in a row.


Strike Missions

Strike Missions are short 10-player boss battles and are considered to be a bridge between open-world content and raids. These take instances from the Living World and Icebrood Saga stories and turn them into difficult battles. Strike Missions are exclusive to players that own the Path of Fire expansion and beyond.



Dungeons are 5 player instances where you have to make your way through a number of enemies or puzzles to reach the final boss. There are 8 dungeons in the game, all scattered around the world. In order to unlock a dungeon, you must reach a specific level. Once you have done that, you and your party can usually select one of three paths, each with its own story and bosses.


Dragon Response Missions

These are small story-like scenarios with typical objectives and bosses at the end. They can be done solo or with a party of five and take around 15-20 minutes. To join a mission, one must go to Eye of the North and select the desired mission in the portal at the back of the outpost.



Fractals of the Mists are a series of mini-dungeons that increase in difficulty. Players can enter with a party of five, and the maximum level is 100. As the player progresses through the levels, the damage over time effect called Agony becomes more difficult to overcome. To do so, players must have Ascended Armor and Agony Infusions, which are acquired after successfully finishing any fractal. A single fractal can take up to 15-30 minutes and rewards players with loot, Fractal encryption which can be opened or sold, and materials.



The last type of end-game content is Raids. These are 10-player encounters that require specific team setups to complete and require either Heart of Thorns or Path of Fire expansions. Raids are divided into wings with four encounters each, and rewards include gold, exotic weapons, Magnetite Shards, and Legendary Insights.



Guild Wars 2 offers a variety of end-game content for players to enjoy. Whether you are looking for gear, materials, or just a challenge, there is something for everyone.

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