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How to Complete Dragon Response Missions in Guild Wars 2?

Guild Wars 2 Dragon Response Missions are an innovative, collaborative way to tackle difficult content. Players from the same server can join together to fight a powerful dragon and its minions in a special instance that requires teamwork and coordination in order to succeed. By defeating the dragon and its minions, players will be rewarded with valuable loot and Guild Wars 2 Gold rewards. The Dragon Response Missions also present an opportunity for players to experience the game's story in a unique way and to make meaningful progress in their characters' development. This guide will give you a step-by-step overview of how to complete Dragon Response missions.



How to Complete Dragon Response Missions in Guild Wars 2?


Step 1: Unlock the Eye of the North

The Eye of the North is the location of the Dragon Response missions. You can only access this area once you've completed the story.


Step 2: Talk to the Defense Seal Vendor

In the Eye of the North, you'll find two NPCs – the Defense Seal Vendor and the Discount Seal Vendor. Talk to the Defense Seal Vendor to get started.


Step 3: Purchase Supply Boxes

The Defense Seal Vendor sells supply boxes that contain various items, such as weapon skins, karma, and other items. You can purchase these boxes with your defense seals. If you're feeling lucky, you can gamble on these boxes – some of the items inside can sell for a lot of money.


Step 4: Access the Missions

Once you have purchased your supply boxes, you can access the missions by using the portal in the Eye of the North. You will be presented with a list of missions to choose from.


Step 5: Complete the Missions

Each mission will consist of three mini-missions, such as killing mobs, evacuating villagers, or preparing something. As you complete each mission, you will gain a buff called a Morale Boost. This buff will help you complete the missions faster and easier.


Step 6: Collect Rewards

Once you have completed all the missions, you will be rewarded with defense seals, items, and more. You can also get mastery points and achievement points, which will help you progress in the game.


Step 7: Sell Your Rewards

Once you've collected all your rewards, you can sell them on the Trading Post for gold. You can also open your supply boxes and sell the items inside for Gw2 gold.



Guild Wars 2's Dragon Response Missions are an excellent way to experience the game's content in a unique way. By joining together with players from the same server, players can tackle difficult content in a collaborative way that requires teamwork and coordination. The rewards and progress gained from defeating the dragon and its minions can prove to be invaluable, and the story experience provided by the Dragon Response Missions is one that is sure to be remembered.

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