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Guild Wars 2 Core Classes Ranked Tier List in PvP

The start of Guild Wars 2 PvP Season 36 is upon us and as such, it's time to give an updated ranked tier list for all 36 specializations. To help you figure out which specs to play and which to avoid, LOLTANK(Guild Wars 2 Gold, Guides and News Offer website) Have divided the tiers from S (the best) to D (the worst). This tier list is tentative and based on the author's experience in the past week or two of unranked, but should be helpful in understanding the current meta. Keep in mind that roamer specs tend to do better in ranked, as they can run around and pick up kills. 





Guild Wars 2 Core Classes Ranked Tier List in PvP


Core Guardian - Tier S

At the top of the list is Core Guardian - this is still the best option for support in a ranked match. It has great defensive value and is hard to go wrong with. Just beware if you're up against a lot of boon rippers. 


Reaper - Tier S

Reaper is in the S tier for team fights and can do quite well in ranking if you know how to play it. 


Mirage - Tier A

Mirage is underperforming with only one dodge, making all builds from Power Lock to Power builds very weak. However, Hybrid Vert is doing very well at the moment, making it a high-end S or low-end B. With its blade songs being unblockable, it can shoot through all the reflects and pressure or one-shot the enemy team. 


Power Herald - Tier A

Power Herald is solid overall as a ranked carry, but it's a win-more spec. If your team is winning, you'll win faster with the heralds, but if you start to fall behind, Herald has no 1v1 or outnumbered potential. 


Scrapper and Tools Hollow - Tier B

Scrapper and Tools Hollow are both in the low end of B/high end of C. Scrapper has a lot of damage and can meme kill a lot of people with Stealth Gyro. Tools Hollow is very effective against any stealth-based class. 


Catalyst - Tier B

Catalyst is still dominating, even after the nerfs to the scepter, Blinding Flash, Water Trident, and the cooldown increase to Jade Spheres. Fresh Air is fantastic and Hammer is still a great build. Chrono is doing quite well at the moment with its good builds and is probably mid-B. 


Soulbeast and Untamed - Tier C

Soulbeast and Untamed are both at the low end of C. Soulbeast is always a gimmick and will do well in lower ratings, but it falls off when you go up against better players. Untamed got a lot worse after the last patch and is now a worse option than Druid. 


Core Thief - Tier C

Core Thief is underperforming right now and Daredevil is in low B/high C. It hits hard, but it's matchup dependent. Dead Eye is the best thief spec for PvP, but it's hard to play against anything with a lot of projectile denials or reflections. Spectre is low C/high D. 


Dragon Hunter - Tier C

Dragon Hunter is in the C tier. It got some buff in the last balance patch, but it's still too squishy to be a top-tier carry. There's a lot of damage and survivability in the current meta and it's hard to play a hunter when you're getting burst or chased down. 


Core Revenant - Tier C

Core Revenant is the worst version of Renegade and Renegade itself isn't doing great at the moment. Condi Vindicator is good in 1v1s and team fights and can get some healing from Alliance Dance. 


Scourge - Tier C

Scourge is probably the most valuable class in lower-rated games, as inexperienced players will stand in its AOE and not be able to wait out the barrier it provides before bursting. 


Tempest - Tier C

Tempest is the best support at the moment, as it is good for everything and has been buffed with staff. If you have a Tempest on your team, it will greatly increase your team's fighting potential. Weaver has a lot of viable builds at the moment, making it mid-to-high C. It really depends on what the enemy team is running; if you know how to counter-swap to the correct builds on Weaver, you can definitely counter certain builds on the enemy team or just play something like Fresh Air Weaver. 


Core Ranger  - Tier D

Core Ranger is a weaker version of Druid, so it's in the D tier. Druid itself is in the high end of C, as it's an all-rounder that can run around and pick up kills. 


Mechanist  - Tier D

Mechanist is at the low end of D. It's an entirely projectile-based class and it's almost impossible to play if you're up against anything with projectile denial. 


Harbinger - Tier D

Harbinger is very difficult to play at the moment as well, as it is a projectile-based class and there are a ton of alleys in the current meta. If you're up against builds with reflex, it is very hard to play Harbinger. If not, Harbinger is probably high-end D or low-end C. Core Elementalist is not great for trolling, but you can make a signet build work with conditions. 


Firebrand - Tier D

Firebrand is terrible right now. Its tome skills got nerfed and it's not doing well at all. It's so bad that it's a trolling tier spec - you should never play it in PvP if you want any sort of success. 


Wilbender - Tier D

Wilbender is also at the low end of the D tier. It needs a second charge in the F2 back to make it more self-sufficient, but as of right now, it doesn't have enough survivability. 


Core Warrior - Tier D

Core Warrior is still strong, but it's not a meta spec so it's in the D tier. Berserker got some great buffs lately and is actually very strong in 1v1s and team fights. It's the best 1v1ner right now and can lock people down forever in team fights. 


Overall, there are some strong specs for ranked and some weaker specs. Be careful when picking your spec and make sure to practice before playing in ranked so you can get the best results. if you want 

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