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New World Crafting Items Changes to Upcoming Patch

With the New World upcoming patch, crafting the best-in-slot armor and weapons will be much more accessible and cost-effective. In this article, we will discuss the new crafting options that you can use to get the best-in-slot items at the lowest New World Coins. Loltank will use the Shadewalker Mask as an example, but this applies to any other armor piece crafted in the same way. 


New World Crafting Items Changes to Upcoming Patch


Shadewalker Mask

To craft the best-in-slot Shadewalker Mask, you will need Resilient, Shirking Fortification, and either an Ability Book perk, Weapon Perk, or Freedom. The current crafting method requires two Craft Ones to roll Resilient and Shirking Fortification, and then a 7% chance to roll Freedom. This method is expensive, as you need a Chunk of Consecrated Iron, which is easily acquired from the Faction Shop, and Squirming Vines, which are incredibly rare and expensive. 


The upcoming patch offers a much better option. You can roll Resilient and Elemental Aversion for a very cheap cost, as Armor Fragments are far easier to obtain than Squirming Vines. In fact, even with the knowledge that Elemental Aversion is likely best-in-slot, the price of Armor Fragments has hardly gone up. You can spend a couple of hundred gold at most, and then roll for a third perk. If you get Resilient, Elemental Aversion, and Freedom, you can likely sell it for a good price. 


Melee weapons

such as the Sword and Greataxe, that currently benefit from Grid will no longer be as effective, as Grid will no longer give extra damage from 300 Strength. However, you can replace Grid with Wet Stones. Which Wet Stone you use depends on your weapon and playstyle. The Worn Wet Stone has a bit of a weird drop table, but it is still relatively easy to get from Level 60 drop bosses



Longsword users now have the option of rolling Wet Stone instead of Drop of Ironwood Sap, making their weapons much cheaper. Warhammer, too, can be rolled with either Drop of Ironwood Sap or Wet Stone, making them cheaper than they were before. 



nothing has changed much, since they were already rolling Trench and Strikes prior to the patch. However, they do now have a 22% chance to roll Vicious and Keen, making their weapons even more powerful. 



Rapiers are a bit harder to generalize, as they depend heavily on the build you're going for. For example, if you're going for a Vicious Rapid build, then you would benefit from rolling Vicious and Keen



Have gotten much more difficult to craft. You still want to roll Attunement and Chain, however, the third perk is left up to chance. You have a 6% chance to roll Enchanted and Accuracy, and a 25% chance to roll Vicious.


Fire Staffs

Fire Staffs, Ice Gauntlets, and Void Gauntlets have received no major changes to their crafting process, however, the Fire Staff may become more popular since it now has some of the best rolls in the game.



Livestaffs, too, haven't changed much in terms of crafting, as you still need to lock Blessed and roll your preferred weapon perk.



Julians, however, has gotten much easier to craft, as you now have the option to roll Grit with 300 Coins.


Amulets, Rings, and Earrings

Amulets may become more popular now that Flame Protection is easy to come by craft mod. Rings, too, may become more popular now that the Champion's Ring is easier to craft due to its extra crit chance. Earrings, however, remain unchanged.


Final Thought

If you're looking to make some extra New World Coins through crafting, now is a great time to do so. Weapon and Armor Shards are also likely to go up in value due to the increased demand, so keep an eye out for those as well! With the upcoming patch, crafting the best-in-slot armor and weapons will be much easier and cheaper. Hopefully, this article has given you insight into the new crafting options so that you can get the most bang for your buck!

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