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New World PTR Patch Notes Changes

The New World Public Test Realm (PTR) is a limited-availability server set that allows players to get an early look at upcoming features of the game New World. It provides players with the opportunity to provide feedback and help the internal testing process. The PTR servers will officially open on November 10, 2020, and will be available in US East and Central Europe. Characters on these worlds will instantly level to select level ranges with appropriate gear and items. When the test period is complete, all worlds will shut down and be wiped clean. Today we will take a deep dive into the changes that were made to the weapons, and season pass experience. 



New World PTR Patch Notes Changes


First, it's important to note that we're currently on the Public Test Realm (PTR) and these changes are still being tested. This means that the final changes may be slightly different than what's being tested right now, so it's best to save your hard-earned New World coins and materials until the patch goes live. 


Fortify Stat

Fortify is being completely overhauled and is no longer in the same state it used to be. It now provides a generic increase to armor and the more armor you have, the more value you get out of it. However, this increase is rather small, so if you're in light armor, you don't need to worry too much about it. 


Elemental and Physical Versions

Elemental and Physical Versions are also getting a boost. Elemental is receiving a 3.9% reduction in damage from ranged elemental attacks, which is a direct replacement for the old Fortify stat. The Physical Version provides a 2.5% reduction in physical damage and is a great way to get extra damage absorption. 


The Cunning Heart Rune and Stone

The Cunning Heart Rune and Stone Form are also getting a significant hit. Cunning Heart Rune was previously incredibly powerful, especially for Light Armor healers, but it is now only giving a maximum of 40 Fortify. Stone Form is also getting a big hit, as it only gives a 2% reduction in damage, down from its previous value of 5%. 


Weapons are getting a damage decrease

it's important to note that all weapons are getting a damage decrease, with the exception of Fire Staff and a slight decrease to Blunderbuss. This means that you'll want to focus on survivability and defense in order to survive longer in your runs, as they will become significantly longer than they are now. 


Fury of the Spriggan

The Fury of the Spriggan, the Earth, has been restless since the Iniada woke. Players will need to cooperate in open-world encounters to defeat triads and mighty Spriggans in order to receive daily event-specific rewards. In order to initiate this event, players will need to have at least 40 Ironwood and four Flame Cores on them. Lighting the braziers with these items will imbue weapons with fire damage and begin the event. Rewards for the event include an Angry Earth Verbal Flamatoon Musket, a Spear with Angry Earth Leading Sweep and Flame Attunement, an Ignited Room Glass of Fire with the Stamina Case, a Keenly Jagged Essence Rupture Angry Earth Void Gauntlet, and a pair of Light Pants with Constitution Shirking Energy and Invigorated, with Angry Earth Ward. 


Weapon changes

they altered the Fire Staff, Hatchet, Blunderbuss, Clawshot, Rapier, and Musket. For the Fire Staff, they added a trade-off to the Flare Upgrade when upgrading the AOE, reduced how frequently the Flamethrower can hit, increased the damage, added clarity to the activation of the Accelerating Flamethrower perk, fixed an issue with no damage occurring from the Heat Up Dot ability, and reduced the Stamina Damage dealt by each pellet from the Asoth Shrapnel Blast. 


The Hatchet saw a change to the health gain when the Defy Death proc activates, an issue with Heart Gem abilities being ignored by Defy Death was fixed, and the Fortify Stack was reduced from 9.6% on armor and 17% on weapons to 5.8% on armor and 10% on weapons. 



they increased how much the Asoth Shrapnel Blast damage is reduced by consecutive pellet hit from 15% to 20% and adjusted the chancel windows on the Clawshot to reduce burst damage potential when used in combos. The Rapier saw a change to the stagger being added back into Flourish and reduced damage of Flourish from 90% to 60%. Lastly, the Musket reduced the camera rotation accuracy penalty by 20%. 


Mortal Empowerment

Some changes with the Fortify Perforate for Mortal Empowerment ability add back the ability to have the duration refresh with each kill and reduce the damage from 18 to 14 from the Elemental Attunements.


Flame Cores

Flame Cores are now sellable and the Seasonal Reward Track saw some changes. Winning one round of PvP Arena will now award two Seasonal Experiences and winning two rounds will award three Seasonal Experiences. Worn Invasions are now worth 50 Seasonal Experiences, high-value Open World PvP kills are now worth 5 Seasonal Experiences, very high-value Open World PvP kills are now worth 10 Seasonal Experiences, level 60+ Minor Corruption Breaches are now worth 3 Seasonal Experiences, and Spriggan Siren and Swamp Bees Trials are now worth 10 Seasonal Experience. Lastly, a new passive source of Seasonal Experience was added where every 10 in Player Experience earned from any activity will now grant 25 Seasonal Experiences. 


These are just some of the changes that were made in this PTR patch. We will have to wait and see which changes make it to the live version of the game. Hopefully, this guide has given you a better understanding of what the patch notes entail and what effects they may have on the game.

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