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How to Level Up Fast in New World Season 1 Start?

The Seasons one Will Coming in New World offers players an exciting opportunity to enhance their Aeternum journey. With more frequent content releases, including new features and gameplay experiences, players can expect an even richer gaming experience. The Season Pass includes two reward tracks: free and premium, each with 100 tiers of rewards to unlock. These rewards include emotes, skins, gear, and other seasonal loot, providing players with new ways to personalize and improve their characters.  Are you getting ready to dive into the first Season of New World? If so, you'll want to make sure you get off to a good start. Here's a guide to the first things you should be doing when you start Level up your Character.

How to Level Up Fast in New World Season 1 Start?

Flame Calls

Flame Calls are an important item to get right away. They are not bound to the player, so you can buy and sell them on the market. You can find flame calls in three main areas. 

  • The first is the Profane Shrine in Eden Grove. 
  • The second is the Crystal Cavern near the Genesis Shrine. 
  • The third is the Atlas Foundry, which is an elite area. You can also get flame calls from the Season Pass, with five at level 15, 10 at level 18, and more at higher levels.


Human Trophies

Flame Calls are used to craft Human Trophies. You can craft the basic Human Trophy without any materials, but you'll need materials to craft the medium and higher-level Human Trophies. You can find Human Idol Shards by killing Verangians, and you can find Human Idols by killing two bosses in two different areas.


Journey and Activity Card

The Journey and Activity Card are the two best ways to level up your Season Pass quickly. You'll want to use the Activity Card to get to level 18, as this is when you’ll get a double XP boost. This will speed up your progress and save you time. players should make use of the activity card. This card offers repeatable quests that can be completed for XP, with bonus XP rewards for completing lines. Players should focus on completing lines of quests, as they will gain bonus XP due to the double XP booster.


Premium version

Players should consider buying the premium version of the game. Doing so will provide access to an XP booster that can be obtained from the first chest. This can be used to further increase XP gains and allow players to level up faster.


Season XP booster

players should make use of the Season XP booster. This booster lasts two hours and can be used to double XP gains during that period. This can be especially useful when handing in completed quests, as it will greatly increase XP gains and New World Coins.


Finally, players should be aware of the small changes made to the game. For example, the curve of humble shards, bullshots, and gear scores has been slightly changed. Additionally, not all gear slots are treated equally, with weapons contributing more to gear score than armor and jewelry. Furthermore, crafters will benefit from the change to double XP for their first time crafting on the PTR, which will be increased to triple XP when the patch goes live.

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