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New World New Balance: Recent Changes and Upcoming Plans

This guide delves into the recent balance updates in the popular online multiplayer game New World. It aims to provide insights into the good and bad aspects of the changes, upcoming updates, and the balance of specific weapons. And examines the effects of the recent balance updates, including the increased diversity in builds in the arena and the over-reliance on ranged weapons in Outpost Rush. It also explores the upcoming changes, including the developer's plans to buff the underused abilities of each weapon and adjust the blocking mechanics.


New World New Balance: Recent Changes and Upcoming Plans


Good & Bad of New Balance

The recent changes made to the balance in New Balance have had both positive and negative effects. One of the significant benefits of the update is the increased diversity in builds, particularly in the arena. However, the game's wars remain heavily focused on bruisers, and there is a significant over-reliance on ranged weapons, particularly in Outpost Rush.


Upcoming Changes

The game's developers are planning to implement big balance patches every season, with the goal of releasing monthly balance patches. For season two, the developers plan to buff the underused and underpowered abilities of each weapon. Additionally, they are considering changes to blocking mechanics.


Weapon Balance

There are several weapons in New World, and each weapon has its unique abilities and uses. The following section discusses the balance of specific weapons.


Fire Staff Balance

According to David, the Fire Staff is currently overpowered and has an exploit that grants it extra strength. The recent adjustments made in the latest patch were not significant but sufficient to restore balance to the weapon.


Ice Gauntlet Balance

Although the Ice Gauntlet has been heavily used and has high win rates, there needs to be a clear issue with it. The recent Nerf was to Entombed, the interim health you receive. However, David stated that they're keeping an eye on Ice Scarlet. Some players believe that Ice Pylon is a major factor in the Ice Gauntlet's strength, and a suggestion to balance the Ice Gauntlet is to adjust Ice Pylon's effectiveness.


Bow Balance

Although the Bow may not be the most powerful weapon statistically, its balance is a significant factor that makes it a popular choice among players. However, recent changes to the Bow's damage fall-off at long distances and reduced hitbox size have made it more challenging to hit enemies at long ranges and limit damage output, even for experienced players. These changes aim to make the Bow more level and balanced across all skill levels.


Melee Balance

Melee fighters have traditionally had lower survivability compared to their light counterparts, who have better mobility. To address this issue, the developers plan to increase melee fighter armour slightly and buff the effects of sugar and fortification. Additionally, other fortification armour effects on various weapons, specifically for the Musket, will be improved.


Musket Balance & Rework

The Musket has seen decreased usage and poor performance recently, surprising many who thought that skilled players would still excel with it. The development team is aware of this and is working on a larger rework for the Musket, although there has yet to be an estimated time of arrival or confirmed season for its release. One potential change could be the addition of a trappers tree that focuses on closer-range Musket combat, which would add an exciting new dynamic to the gameplay. The development team has hinted that there may be additional changes in the next minor balance patch.


Void Blade Fix

The Void Blade has received an impressive fix that has improved its homing abilities. The patch indicates a buff or enhancement of some sort, which is a positive development.


Forum Shutdown, Switch to Discord

The forums for New World will be discontinued and replaced with a Discord server. While there are some downsides to this shift, such as the inability to search forum threads on Discord and the lack of a dev tracker, there are also some potential upsides. Communication on Discord may be quicker and more efficient, and it may break up the structure of the forum, allowing for fresh ideas and perspectives.


Dark Gritty Skins

New World has released a set of highly anticipated dark and gritty skins that players have been asking for. Players can purchase the Tarnished Soul, Freight Scoundrel, Ring Leader, Tie Snatcher, Steel Will Raper skin, Nicked Excursion Shield, Lantern Lid Yurt, Ring of Fire Stumble Walk, Hip Twist dance, and Point in Love skin.

Boosters and dye packs are also available for purchase in New World shop, but they may only be worth the investment if players are looking to speedrun the game or have limited playtime.


Shirking Fort Changes

There have been changes made to shirking fortification that has left many players needing guidance on how to proceed. In upcoming videos, content creators will provide an overview of the changes and explore how effective shirking fortification is now compared to elemental or physical aversion. Additionally, they will delve into the springtime event and offer tips to make it more efficient for players.



Overall, the developers are committed to maintaining a monthly update schedule and are dedicated to improving the balance and gameplay of each weapon in New World. Players can expect to see more changes to the New Balance in the future, as the developers aim to provide a balanced and enjoyable experience for all players.

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