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New World Season 2: How to Prepare for Raids and Earn Gold?

Welcome to New World, adventurers! As Season 2 approaches, it's time to start preparing for the upcoming raid boss. In this guide, we'll show you how to get the best gear for the job and make tons of gold in the process.



New World Season 2: How to Prepare for Raids and Earn Gold?


How can we prep?

To be raid-ready, you need to get your hands on the best gear possible. Don't worry. It's simpler than it sounds. Start by looking for Beast Ward and Beast Bane gear. These items are readily available on live servers and will only cost you a little New world gold. But don't settle for just any Beast Ward or Beast Bane gear. Look for items with two perks, such as Beast Ward Refreshing, Beast Ward Elia version, or Beast Bane with a perk. You can also check out the name drop potentials, like Shepherd Shoes, which can be obtained from Brimstone drops in Grave Offerings.

Beast Ward gear will take some shirking to get the most out of it, but it's worth it. Look for items with Vigor, especially since Fortify is changing in Season 2. There's also the potential for poison with some Beast Ward items.


Focus on the Big Worm

The upcoming raid boss is a big worm with a green sack on its front. Knowing this, you can prepare accordingly. Look for gear that will help you defeat the worm, such as Beast Ward and Beast Bane items. Ward will help you take less damage from the worm's attacks, while Bane will increase your damage against it.


Make Tons of Gold

Preparing for the raid boss is also a great opportunity to make some serious gold. Start by farming the items mentioned above and selling them on the market. You can also gather and sell crafting materials, like leather and ore. If you're feeling ambitious, you can also try flipping items on the market. Buy low and sell high to make a profit. Just be careful not to invest too much gold in one item.


Does This Make Sense?

It's highly likely that the upcoming raid boss will introduce beast damage to the game. This is because the game has already featured all other types of damage except for beast damage. Additionally, the developers have recently introduced a new ward specifically for humans, making it plausible for them to introduce a beast ward as well.

Although the developers have mentioned their plans to remove the ward system, it's unlikely that they will do so in the coming months. This is because they have already announced the release of two new raid bosses, including the sandworm raid, which is only two months away. This leaves little time for them to completely revamp and test their ward system, especially if they intend for the raid boss to be a beast.



If you're preparing to fight a giant worm, it's a good idea to start by acquiring some beast ward gear. However, you don't need to go all-out and spend thousands of gold on high-end gear with multiple perks. Instead, look for affordable pieces that could eventually become worth it. Named beast ward gear can sometimes drop from enemies, such as the lion's paw helmet with focused con split and the king of the jungle helmet with strength. Another option is the monster slayer leggings, which offer some decks and are a good choice for tanks that prefer heavy armour.


While some beast ward gear may not be worth the investment, you can often find it for 585 gold or less on the market. Keep an eye out for opportunities to acquire beast ward gear, such as finding it in chests or sniping it on the market. Even if the giant worm ends up not being a beast, you'll still be prepared for other beast-related challenges. It's highly likely that the worm will be classified as a beast, so it's a safe bet to prepare accordingly.



When it comes to maximizing DPS in combat, it's important to consider factors beyond just raw damage output. If you're facing beasts, for example, you'll want to prioritize weapons that are effective against them. Spears are a solid choice due to their thrust damage, and there are a number of options available that are specifically designed to be effective against beasts. Rapiers can also be effective, thanks to their ability to cause bleeding damage.


While there are a variety of beast-bane weapons available, they can sometimes be difficult to find. Your best bet may be to keep an eye on the market and look for named weapons with the beast bane perk. Spears tend to have better-named options than rapiers, but both can be effective.


It's also worth considering your preferred play style. If you plan to fight at range, a bow may be your best option. Look for beast bane bows if possible. Alternatively, a musket or blunderbuss could be viable options, but a bow is likely to be more effective in most cases.


In short, prioritize weapons with thrust or bleed damage against beasts, and keep an eye out for named weapons with the beast bane perk. A three-perk beast bane weapon obtained through drops is preferable to spending large amounts of gold on one. And remember to consider your play style and the type of combat you'll be facing when selecting your weapon.


Preparing for the Raid or Selling Gear

One strategy could be to focus on acquiring gear with two useful perks, such as a beast board or a beast bane. It's also highly recommended to seek out amulets that provide health and nature protection, as it's possible that the worm boss will inflict acid damage or a dot effect. Crafting arboreal conditioning pieces with beast ward could also be a worthwhile investment for raiding, as they may prove to be effective against nature-based attacks.


It's important to keep in mind the nature theme of the raid and plan accordingly for potential nature damage. Alternatively, if preparing for the raid isn't a priority, selling gear with desirable perks could be a profitable option.


Confirmation of Sandworm Mechanic?

We wanted to bring attention to something interesting on the NWDB (New World Database) - a "Sandworm Cannonball". While it may not amount to anything, it's possible that it could hint at a mechanic involving shooting cannonballs at the Sandworm boss.


This item exists on both the PTR and live versions of the game, which may suggest that players should be prepared for a mechanic that involves shooting cannonballs at the sand in order to provoke the worm to emerge for battle. With season two approaching, it's important to be aware of potential mechanics like this in advance.

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