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New World Update 1.9.3: Flame Core Nerfs, Springtide Changes, and Season Pass Activities

The latest New World update 1.9.3 has arrived, and it comes with a mix of interesting and not-so-interesting changes. In this guide, we'll walk you through the most significant changes, including the Flame Core nerfs, Springtide changes, and OPR and Forge fixes. We'll also cover some of the newly added Season Pass activities, as well as quest fixes and unstable cast buffs. While some changes may require some adjustment, we provide helpful tips to navigate the latest update and get the most out of your gaming experience. So let's dive in and explore the Flame Core, Season Pass, and Springtide changes together!


New World Update 1.9.3: Flame Core Nerfs, Springtide Changes, and Season Pass Activities


Springtide Changes

The Beekeeper and Springtime Ruffles sets are now individual items in the shop. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm if the cost has changed, but we are hoping that it has stayed the same. Additionally, the Wispy Wasp Swarm now has a hard rune charge. While we are not entirely sure what this means, it gives you a little bit of hardware charging when you hit them.


The Whiskey Was Conversion is now properly labelled, and you can now get 4 Springtide Jingle Coin bags a day instead of three. This means that you can now get more New World Coins from every place where the event is being held. However, the amount you get is not much – it's only around 100 gold.


Quest Fixes

There are a couple of quest fixes in this update. Notably, 3 deprecated lore nodes that bugged out the game when you tried to open them have been removed. This should improve your questing experience.


OPR & Forge Fixe

The Imperium Forge Expedition has been fixed to some degree. Commander Mario's Magma Ball Hazard will now display a secondary ring to denote the area in which the impact shock wave will cause minor damage and stagger the player. This fix is particularly important since there needed to be more visual information on this part, and players thought that the radius was just unintentionally too big. There's also a fix to certain gear set storage items being returned to your inventory after Apple login.


Flame Core Farm Nerfs

This change is the most significant in this update. Open-world elite chests in level 55+ Varangian points of interest now have a 75% chance to drop a Flame Core, down from 100%. Open-world regular chests in level 55 Fran of interest now have a 10% chance to drop a Flame Core, down from 20%.


Overall, this means that we will see fewer Flame Cores. If you're still planning on farming Flame Cores after this update, we highly recommend putting on as much luck as possible. It is also advisable to PvP flag for extra luck.


Unstable Cast Buffs

The journey quest has been improved, and the quality of items generated by the unstable cast from the Flameco Forge has been improved. This was done by removing PvP perks and resistance perks, so you now have a fair chance of getting decent items from the unstable cast.


However, this means that Flame Cores, for other things like trophies, human bane trophies, as well as fire hard runes are much more difficult to farm or take longer to farm. This makes them more annoying and pushes you more towards farming AttaIus's Foundry, where you have elite chests that still have a 75% chance to drop a Flame Core.


Season Pass Activities

The Season Pass now has several new activities, including Kill 10 enemies in Murkat or in the Imperial Palace, Malevolence, Eternal Pools, and Bets of Tabby Jet. Additionally, there are kill two named enemies and kill 20 elite enemies quests, which should be easy to do if you're running expeditions consistently.


However, some of these quests restrict players to farming mobs in one particular area, making it inconvenient. For example, kill 10 enemies in the Imperial Palace or in Dynasty Shipyard would be more beneficial. Nevertheless, the last two tasks are reasonable.


Season Pass PvP Activities

The PvP activities in the Season Pass have undergone several adjustments, making them more reasonable. For instance, instead of requiring three arenas, players now need to participate in one arena. Similarly, instead of needing to earn 5,000 assaults, players now need to earn 1,000 assaults. Overall, the requirements for the PvP missions have been pulled down significantly, making them much more reasonable to complete.



The latest update 1.9.3 of the game, brings a mix of interesting and not-so-interesting changes. The update includes important game mode fixes, quest fixes, and adjustments to the Season Pass and PvP activities. Flame Core farming may require some adjustment, but the guide provides tips on how to farm Flame Cores efficiently. Overall, the update is a step towards improving the gaming experience, and players can continue to enjoy the game with the new changes.

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