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28 Tips and Strategy For Getting Free Primogems in Genshin Impact, 2023

Welcome to this guide article on how new players can get more primogems in Genshin Impact. Primogems are essential for obtaining new characters, weapons, and items. So, it's important to know all the possible ways to earn them. Here are 28 tips and strategies to help you get free primogem gains.



28 Tips and Strategy For Getting Free Primogems in Genshin Impact, 2023


Tip 1: Free Codes & Web Events

One of the easiest ways to get free primogems is by taking advantage of special codes and web events. These are often limited-time offers that can give you a significant amount of primogems for free. To stay up-to-date on these opportunities, be sure to follow Genshin Impact's social media accounts and subscribe to channels that share information on these events.


Tip 2: In-game Events

Completing in-game events is another way to get free primogems. Most events reward players with 420 primogems, but there is usually one flagship event in each patch that can give you over 900 primogems and a free 4-star character or weapon. To participate in these events, you typically need to be at least adventuring level 30 and have reached Inazuma. However, even if you are a newer player, you can use the quick start function to participate in events for areas you still need to unlock.


Tip 3: Waypoints, Domains, One-Time Domains

Exploring the world of Genshin Impact can also yield free primogems. Unlocking new waypoints and domains and completing special one-time domains can give you between 5 and 40 primogems depending on the activity. Leveling up your statues of the seven by finding regional oculi is another way to earn primogems.


Tip 4: Statues of the Seven

Finding and completing puzzles and mechanisms can give you additional primogems. Make sure to mark these on your map so that you can come back to them later. Take advantage of exploring, as you could be missing out on a lot of potential primogems.


Tip 5: Chests and Puzzles

The teapot is a unique feature in Genshin Impact that can also give you free primogems. You can earn them by completing quests and upgrading your teapot. Make sure to visit your teapot often and check for any new quests that become available.


Tip 6: Serenitea Pot (with Guides)

The Serenitea Pot is a special feature in Genshin Impact that allows you to create your own personal realm. By increasing your teapot trust rank, you can earn primogems as well as other resources. Additionally, you can place certain characters in specific outdoor furnishing sets and earn 20 primogems for each character in that set. If you need help with how to unlock the Serenitea Pot or how to maximize your earnings from it, there are several detailed videos available online that can help.


Tip 7: Archon Quests, Story Quests, World Quests, Hangout Events

Completing various quests in Genshin Impact can earn you a significant number of primogems. Main story quests, archon quests, character story quests, side quests, world quests, and hangout events all offer primogem rewards. Make sure to complete as many of these quests as possible to earn extra primogems. Hangout events, in particular, are often overlooked but offer a generous reward of 60 primogems in addition to other prizes.


Tip 8: Hidden Quests (Neko, Kairagi, etc.)

There are also several hidden quests in Genshin Impact that offer primogems as rewards. For example, helping Neko the cat clean up their shrine on Sailrite Island in Inazuma can earn you 20 primogems per day. You can also feed another cat an invigorating kitty meal daily or pray to a samurai shrine for special chests and free primogems. While these quests are not infinite, they offer a nice extra source of primogems while they're available.


Tip 9: The Abyss - Floors 1-8

The Abyss is a challenging dungeon in Genshin Impact that offers significant rewards, including primogems. The first part of the Abyss has eight floors, with three chambers on each floor. Depending on how quickly you finish each chamber, you can earn between zero and three stars. For every three stars you earn, you'll receive 100 primogems, meaning you can earn a total of 2400 primogems for floors one through eight. While this part of the Abyss only offers rewards once, it's still a great way to earn free primogems.


Tip 10: The Abyss - Floors 9-12

The second part of the Abyss is floors 9 through 12, which reset every 2 weeks. These floors are significantly harder than the previous floors, but they offer a recurring source of primogems. For every three stars you earn, you'll receive 50 primogems, meaning you can earn a total of 600 primogems every two weeks. While these floors are meant to be an end-game activity, even earning nine stars on floors nine and ten can earn you an additional 300 primogems every two weeks.


Tip 11: Daily Commissions

One of the easiest and most reliable sources of Primogems is through daily commissions. Completing four quick commissions will earn you 10 Primogems for each commission and an additional 20 Primogems for completing all four. This may seem like a little, but it definitely adds up over time.


Tip 12: Daily Check-In

Another way to get free Primogems is through the daily check-in feature. Unlike most games, the daily check-in feature in Genshin Impact is not itself. Instead, you need to go to the daily check-in site and log in with your credentials to claim the free daily rewards. Days 4, 11, and 18 will give you 20 Primogems each. PS4 and PS5 players may need to take a few extra steps to make a Hoyolab account first and then link it with their PlayStation account to complete the daily check-in.


Tip 13: 5-Star Character Trials

Whenever new banners come out, new character trials come out as well. By doing the 5-star character trial, you'll get 20 Primogems for each trial you complete. Just remember to go back to the trial menu after you've completed the trial and claim the Primogems yourself.


Tip 14: Frostbearing Tree, Lumenspar, Sacred Sakura Tree, Tree of Dreams, etc

Another way to get Primogems is by leveling up special regional trees. These are statues of the seven, but slightly different. They're things like the Frostbearing Tree and Dragonspine, the Lumenspar and the Chasm, the Sacred Sakura Tree and Inazuma, and the Cosmic Onion in Sumeru. You can level them up by using resources and materials that you gather in the region. Each level will give you a reward, and the higher the level, the more valuable the rewards become.


Tip 15: Achievements

Genshin Impact rewards players for completing achievements. If you enjoy achievement hunting, you can earn Primogems for it. It's worth it to try and go for a few achievements in your downtime.


Tip 16: Revisiting Tutorials

Newer players might overlook this, but completing tutorials can earn you Primogems. Keep an eye out for any red exclamation points on your tutorial menu, and be sure to click them all to receive one Primogem for each one you complete.


Tip 17: Adventurer's Handbook

As you progress through the game, remember your Adventurer's Handbook. As you level it up, you can earn Primogems and other rewards. It's worth taking the time to complete it over time.


Tip 18: Genius Invokation TCG

If you're looking for a fun way to earn Primogems, try playing the Genius Invokation TCG. As you increase your TCG character level, you can earn Primogems. It's like playing a watered-down version of Hearthstone.


Tip 19: BIG TIP - Gensin Interactive Map

The Genshin Interactive Map is a handy tool for tracking down chests, puzzles, and other sources of Primogems. You can filter the map to show only the items you're interested in, making it easier to find everything you need. There are still plenty of Primogems to be found in the world, so don't hesitate to use this tool.


Tip 20: Saving Primogems

If you want to amass a ton of Primogems, you need to be smart about how you spend them. The game is designed to encourage you to spend as much as possible, so be mindful of your spending. As a free-to-play player or low-spender, saving your Primogems is essential. Think of it as playing a meta-game, where the goal is to spend as little as possible while still progressing.


Tip 21: Hoyoverse vs. You, Best F2P Strat

Don't fall for every spending trap. While everything in the Hoyoverse is designed to make you spend as much as possible, your goal as a player should be to spend as little as possible for your own sanity and the health of your bank accounts. This means making sacrifices such as giving up on wishing for characters that you don't really need or want and not wishing every single time you get 160 Primogems.


Tip 22: Don't Over collect characters

While it may be tempting to fill out your roster with as many characters as possible, you can only use four at a time (or a maximum of eight in the Abyss). Focus on the value of each character and only go for the ones that you really want or ones that will help you now and in the future.


Tip 23: Pulling for the RIGHT Characters

Each character you wish for is like a new toy - it may be exciting at first, but the novelty wears off over time. Go for characters that you can see yourself playing again and again or ones that will give you a lot of value way into the future. A character like Kazuha is a great example of a future-proof character that is fun to play and buffs the damage of several elements.


Tip 24: How to know when you have the right character

Test out characters before wishing for them. If you're considering wishing for a character, try out their trial first to see how they feel. If they feel great to play, that's a good sign that you'll enjoy them in the future.


Tip 25: Wishing for Value (aka not the weapon banner, lol)

Wish for value, not just for the sake of it. If you like a bunch of different characters and can't decide who to go for, prioritize characters that are really good in their own right and also support other characters you like. Avoid the weapon banner, which is generally not a good use of Primogems.


Tip 26: The Best Way to Farm & Accumulate Primogems

If you're someone who spends primo gems every time they reach 160, it's time to change your strategy. Instead of wishing every chance you get, try to stop wishing entirely for about two weeks. This may be not easy at first, but it can help you develop the habit of saving. Once you've built that habit, you can start saving your primo gems for characters or weapons that you really want.


Tip 27: Don't Fall for FOMO

When a new banner is released, it's tempting to spend all your primo gems in the hopes of getting the featured character or weapon. However, this can be a mistake if you're not truly excited about the featured item. Instead of giving in to FOMO (fear of missing out), take your time to decide if you really want to spend your primo gems on that banner. Remember that banners last for three weeks, so you have plenty of time to make a decision.


Tip 28: Don't Bite off more than you can chew

If you're trying to get a specific character or weapon, it can take time to build them up to their full potential. That's why it's important to pre-farm materials for them, so you don't have to wait too long to start using them. Additionally, keep in mind that all characters eventually get reruns, so you don't have to get them right away.


Getting Free Primogems Recap

To accumulate more primo gems, focus on saving for characters or weapons that you really want. Learn to make temporary sacrifices by ignoring characters that you don't absolutely love. Don't needlessly spend your primo gems and delay gratification, and one day you'll have enough primo gems to get any character or weapon you want.



We hope that these tips help you accumulate more primo gems and enjoy your Genshin Impact experience even more. Remember to take your time and make smart decisions when it comes to spending your primo gems. If you enjoyed these tips, be sure to like this article and subscribe to our channel for more Genshin Impact content.

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