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League of Legends Tank Sejuani Jungler Strategy Guides

Sejuani, the Winter's Wrath, is a formidable tank Jungler in League of Legends who excels at providing strong ganks, dealing impressive damage, and bringing immense lockdown to team fights. While her early game may not be as dominant as some other Junglers, her strengths make her a valuable asset on the Summoner's Rift. In this guide, we will explore Sejuani's abilities, optimal combos, suitable matchups, recommended runes and items, skill order, and jungle pathing.



League of Legends Tank Sejuani Jungler Strategy Guides



Passive - Fury of the North: Sejuani gains bonus armor and magic resist after not taking damage for a short duration, making her highly resistant to incoming damage. Additionally, after taking damage from champions or monsters, Sejuani's basic attacks or abilities consume Frost, dealing bonus damage. Stunned enemies are marked by Sejuani's abilities.


Q - Arctic Assault: Sejuani dashes in a straight line, damaging and knocking up the first enemy champion hit. She can cast her other abilities while dashing, allowing for smooth combos and initiation.


W - Winter's Wrath: This ability consists of two parts. First, Sejuani delivers a cone-shaped skill shot that damages enemies and knocks back minions and monsters hit. The second part is a straight-line skill shot where she lashes out with her flail, damaging and briefly slowing all enemies hit. Winter's Wrath also applies a stack of Sejuani's passive with each ability hit.


E - Permafrost: Sejuani's E has a passive component that allows both her and nearby melee allies to apply stacks of Frost when attacking enemies. The active can only be used against enemies with four stacks of Frost and deals damage while turning the enemy around. It also functions as an auto attack reset, maximizing Sejuani's damage output.


R - Glacial Prison: Sejuani's ultimate ability is a straight-line skill shot that stops upon hitting an enemy, dealing damage and stunning them. If the ultimate travels over 400 units, it becomes empowered, dealing more damage and stunning the target for a longer duration. Detonating the ultimate after the extra distance creates a larger circular area that slows enemies and grants vision. After a short delay, the circle shatters, dealing damage and massively slowing all enemies within.



Basic Engage Combo: Q into W, followed by two auto attacks. Use E on the target and continue with another auto attack. This combo allows Sejuani to initiate a gank with crowd control and significant damage.


All-In Combo: Initiate with Q, then follow up with the ultimate. Proceed with an auto attack and use W. Continue with more auto attacks and utilize E on additional targets to maximize your damage and crowd control potential.



Sejuani excels against high-mobility Junglers as she can easily lock them down, enabling her team to follow up with damage. However, she may struggle against champions who excel at shredding tanks.



Aftershock is an excellent choice for Sejuani, providing amazing engage potential and tankiness. Additional rune options include Font of Life, Bone Plating, and Unflinching. For the secondary tree, consider taking Legend: Tenacity and Last Stand for added resilience and damage.



For your jungle item, start with the Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk enchantment for increased tankiness and area damage. Core items include Sunfire Aegis, Thornmail, and Force of Nature. Adapt your build according to the game's needs, choosing defensive items that counter the enemy team's composition.


Skill Order:

When playing Sejuani, it's recommended to start with W (Winter's Wrath) at level 1, followed by maxing Q (Arctic Assault) first and then prioritizing E (Permafrost). Take points in your ultimate (R) whenever available.


Summoner Spells:

For summoner spells, take Flash and Smite. Flash provides additional mobility and escape options, while Smite is essential for securing objectives and clearing jungle camps efficiently.


Jungle Clear:

Sejuani's clear speed and sustain in the jungle are excellent. You can start with a full jungle clear, going from one side of the jungle to the other, ensuring you kill all the camps. Afterward, contest the Scuttle Crab, taking advantage of your healthy state and speed. This strategy sets you up to fight for the objective effectively. Following this, you can either back for items and then clear again or look for a gank opportunity.


Ganking Strategy:

When considering a gank, it's important to evaluate three main factors: the crowd control (CC) your team brings, the enemy's escape tools, and the lane's push status. Ideally, if you can approach the target and use W (Winter's Wrath), you'll be in a strong position to secure a kill. Saving your Q (Arctic Assault) allows you to follow the enemy if they flash or use a dash ability. This ensures you maintain a significant kill threat. If you can't reach the target without using Q, initiate with it to knock them up and deal damage.


Mid-Game Strategy:

In the mid-game, Sejuani becomes a powerful source of crowd control and can look for picks to turn into objectives. Ward aggressively to gain vision control and seek opportunities to catch enemies out of position. Use your Q and ultimate (R) in combination for massive lockdown and burst damage. Engage fights for your team, initiating with Q into the ultimate or using the ultimate first, followed by a Q. Use W on priority targets and constantly apply E to as many champions as possible.



For runes, take Aftershock, which provides amazing engage potential and tankiness. As for items, start with the Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk enchantment for increased tankiness and area damage. Core items include Sunfire Aegis, Thornmail, and Force of Nature. Adapt your build based on the enemy team's composition and choose defensive items that provide the necessary defenses.


By following this guide, you'll be able to make the most out of Sejuani's strong ganking potential, amazing damage, lockdown abilities, and tankiness. Remember to adjust your strategy and itemization based on the game's specific circumstances.

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