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New World Best Ways To Take Less Damage: Aversion, Fortify, and ABS Guide

If you are playing New World, taking damage is an inevitable part of the gameplay. However, there are ways to mitigate the amount of damage you take, making your character more durable and able to stay in the fight longer. In this article, we will go over some of the basic concepts of damage mitigation and give you some tips on how to take less damage in your New World.


New World Best Ways To Take Less Damage: Aversion, Fortify, and ABS Guide


Elemental Damage Reduction with Aversion

Understanding the types of damage, you'll face in New World is crucial for taking less damage. Elemental damage is one of the most common types of damage you'll encounter. Not all elemental damage is reduced by elemental aversion, so it's important to know which ones are.


The most significant source of elemental damage reduction comes from detonate, which is the most dangerous source of damage for any bruiser. Other sources of reduced elemental damage include fire staff, ranged weapons with elemental gems, blunderbuss damage, some ice guard and void gauntlet abilities, and ranged basic attacks.


However, some damage sources are not reduced by elemental aversion, including damage over time effects, attunement on both melee and ranged weapons, some ice containment abilities, oblivion, and a void blade.


Physical Damage Reduction with Fortify and ABS

Physical damage is also an essential consideration when it comes to taking less damage. Ranged physical damage includes sources like muskets and bows, while melee physical damage comes from weapons like swords, axes, and hammers.


Fortify is one of the most effective ways to reduce physical damage. This mechanic increases your damage reduction against physical attacks and reduces the duration of any crowd control effects. You can get this buff from various sources, including skills and abilities, potions, gear and Other New World Items.


Another effective way to reduce damage is by using ABS (Active Blocking System). This mechanic allows you to block incoming attacks, reducing their damage and negating any secondary effects. To use ABS, you need to hold down the block button while facing your attacker.


Jesscapades' Damage Formula (pre-change)

The damage formula is used to include fortify and rand under absorption. However, they have now been moved to their own fortified armour category. While the formula in this section is outdated, it is still important to keep in mind that some sources of damage absorption exist, as well as base damage multipliers and base damage-reducing effects.


Base Damage Increases in PvP

Opal is a base damage increase that is active whenever your stamina is not full, providing you with 15 extra base damage. Invigorate punishment is another base damage increase that provides 2% damage per buff on the player, up to 16%. Light armour attackers get a 20 base damage increase, while medium armour attackers get a 10 base damage increase. 


Other sources of base damage increase include the 50 strength perk, 10 melees basic attack damage increase, the 1-hand strength perk, 5% strike and slash damage increase, and the 200 strength perk, a 10 base damage increase on cc'd targets. The 100 decks provide a 5% thrust damage increase, while the 100 int provides a 10 magic basic attack damage increase.


New World Damage Stats


Base Damage Reduction in PvP

Base damage reduction is the first line of defence against incoming damage. Elemental aversion is one of the factors that can reduce base damage, providing a reduction of 3.9 per piece, up to a maximum of five pieces. Additionally, perks such as Warhammer and grade x provide 12 damage reduction during grit, which is helpful when using abilities.


A defined stance may also count as a base damage reduction. While there are various ways to reduce incoming damage, these are all considered base damage reduction effects.


Fortifies & Rends (not comprehensive)

Fortification and Rend are effects that can be applied to reduce incoming damage in PvP. Fortification is more commonly used and can come from various sources, such as abilities, weapon perks, armour perks, consumables, and gemstones. Choking fortification is an example of a fortify that is often used.


On the other hand, rent is less frequently used and usually comes from abilities or weapon perks like sundering, shockwave, or trench. Both fortifies, and rents can be removed, but fortifies can be nullified while rents can be cleansed.


Absorption in PvP

Absorption is another type of damage reduction that comes from gems on armour, such as onyxes and opals, or from the protection perk on an amulet. For instance, having slash protection on the amulet can reduce incoming damage from slash attacks. Absorption is an important type of damage reduction as it can provide a significant amount of protection against specific types of damage.


Examples AKA Drowning in Numbers

To illustrate the impact of various damage reduction effects, a table can be used to show effective health in different scenarios, such as light versus light, light versus medium, light versus heavy, and so on. The table can assume even balanced gems for everything, but in reality, there can be many other factors to consider.


For example, adding 15 base damage from an opal or 30 base damage from a combination of 150 ints and an opal can significantly affect effective health. Adding 20 fortify or reducing base damage by 12 during grit can also make a difference. Finally, using an ability that provides 20 rent or drinking an oak flash potion with 55 fortify can further change the effective health value.



Mitigating damage in New World requires a deep understanding of the different types of damage and the various ways to reduce their impact. By considering these different factors and their interactions, players can effectively increase their survivability and stay in the fight longer. However, it's important to remember that every situation is unique, and various factors, such as gear, abilities, and potions, can significantly affect the effectiveness of damage mitigation strategies.

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