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How to Understand and Deal with the New Balancing Changes in Tarkov?

Over the past week, Battlestate Games introduced alterations to access cards and made adjustments to the mechanics surrounding movement, resulting in diverse reactions among players. In this guide, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of these changes, explore the community's responses, and offer insights to help you navigate the evolving landscape of Tarkov.


How to Understand and Deal with the New Balancing Changes in Tarkov?


Added Access Cards to the Flea Market

One notable change is the reintroduction of access cards to the flea market. These cards can now be bought and sold, leading to varying prices in the market. Keep an eye on the fluctuating prices as they may continue to rise or stabilize over time.


Balancing Changes to Strength Skill and Inertia

The change that sparked the most controversy involved adjustments to the Strength skill and its impact on walking speed and inertia. Initially, the tweet from Battlestate Games (BSG) was unclear, leading to widespread confusion and differing interpretations.


According to clarification from BSG's representative, lower-level PMC characters with lower Strength skill levels will experience slightly faster walking speeds and less inertia. The intention behind this change was to balance the effects of strength on inertia between high and low skill levels.


However, data miners discovered conflicting information. They found that walk speed was reduced by almost 17% and a statistic called inertia limit step was reduced by 75%. The exact implications of the inertia limit step are not yet fully understood.


Diverse Community Opinions

Community opinions on the recent changes have been highly varied. Some players reported feeling like they were "on ice skates" and experiencing worse inertia than ever before. On the other hand, lower-level and more casual players expressed positive feedback, mentioning increased running distances and an overall improved game experience.


Different playstyles and preferences seem to influence how players perceive the changes. Aggressive and "w key" players noticed negative alterations more quickly, while tactical and slower-paced players, like the guide creator, didn't observe significant differences.


It's worth noting that players who were already critical of the game tended to have a more negative response, whereas those who were enjoying the game simply adapted and continued playing.


Escape from Tarkov New Balancing Changes Twitter Screenshot


Lack of Communication and Uncertainty

One significant issue contributing to the confusion and divergent opinions is the lack of clear communication from BSG. The initial tweet was cryptic, leaving room for speculation and misinterpretation. The absence of concrete information backed by scientific evidence further complicated matters.


It's important to remember that personal experiences and biases can heavily influence individual perceptions. What one player might perceive as a positive change, another may view as negative. The subjective nature of these experiences makes it crucial to form your own opinion based on firsthand gameplay.


Other Factors to Consider

To add to the complexity, some players mentioned the existence of a single-player Tarkov mod, but it's important to note that playing this mod is not recommended and may lead to bans. The mod reportedly allows players to modify certain parameters, including walking speed. However, comparing the mod's changes to the live server's settings is challenging and may not provide accurate insights.


Additionally, it is possible that BSG implemented changes to unseen statistics or factors that data miners cannot detect. This could explain the discrepancy between what players experienced and what the data mining results showed.


Forming Your Own Opinion

To better understand the recent changes and their impact on your gameplay experience, it is essential to try the game yourself and form your own opinion. Avoid solely relying on others' perspectives, as they may differ greatly.


If you are dissatisfied with the changes, consider providing constructive feedback to BSG through bug reports, describing your specific experiences and concerns. However, remember to avoid extreme and unproductive language, as it is unlikely to elicit a positive response from the developers.



The recent changes in Escape from Tarkov have caused a division within the community.  Moving forward, it is hoped that Battlestate Games will provide clearer communication and address community concerns. Until then, players are encouraged to share their feedback through bug reports in a constructive manner.

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