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Escape from Tarkov Aim Skills: How to Improve Your Shooting?

One of the most crucial elements of success in FPS games is having good aim. In Escape From Tarkov (EFT), the aim can be complicated due to numerous variables that affect PvP engagements. However, aim is one of the factors you can control, and understanding it better can significantly improve your performance. In this guide, we will cover important aspects of aim in Tarkov and provide tips to help you enhance your aiming skills.



Escape from Tarkov Aim Skills: How to Improve Your Shooting?


Sensitivity Matching

Sensitivity matching is a critical component of achieving successful aims in FPS games. It involves making your sensitivity feel identical across all the FPS games you play, promoting muscle memory. To start matching your sensitivity, choose a game in which you feel most comfortable aiming. Find a distinct point to aim at and move your mouse from one side of your mouse pad to the other in a straight line. Determine the approximate rotation you made by measuring how much you turned.


Next, load into your EFT hideout without any gear on and aim at a reference point, such as a corner of a wall. Repeat the same mouse movement and adjust your EFT sensitivity until the distance you cover on your mouse pad matches the rotation you measured earlier in the reference game. This process can be applied to any game and greatly improve your aim consistency. Keep in mind that gear like helmets, armour, and bags can affect turning speed, so adjust your sensitivity with new gear to maintain consistency.


ADS Sensitivity

After matching your primary sensitivity, you need to adjust your Aim Down Sights (ADS) sensitivity. ADS sensitivity in EFT is not a percentage of your primary sensitivity but a separate setting. It also feels different depending on the optic you are using. To find the right ADS sensitivity for you, pick a few sights and scopes that you use frequently and compare different sensitivities among them. Look for a sensitivity that strikes a balance and feels comfortable to you.


Unlike your primary sensitivity, ADS sensitivity is not affected by the turning speed modifier on gear. It remains the same regardless of the gear you wear. Ideally, your ADS sensitivity should feel similar to your primary sensitivity. Moving your mouse the same real-life distance should move your character's vision about the same screen distance, whether you are zoomed in or not. Experiment and find what feels best for you, considering the different magnifications and field of view settings.



Recoil unique and doesn't favour tap or burst to fire. Most spray patterns start with upward recoil before levelling out after a few shots. Spray patterns are also random, making recoil control challenging. However, vertical recoil plays a significant role in most spray patterns. To combat recoil, learn to pace your mouse movements with vertical recoil timing. Pull your mouse downward for the first few shots, then transition back forward as the gun levels out. With practice, you can get used to the compensation required for recoil control.


Crouching can significantly stabilize full-auto sprays. If the situation allows, crouch before engaging in a firefight to reduce recoil and improve your stability.


Point Firing

Point firing, which refers to firing without aiming down sights, has a significant advantage over aiming down sights in many close-range engagements in EFT. Point firing can be just as accurate, if not more accurate, than ADS, and it allows for immediate shooting without the need to account for ADS speed. Tactical lasers mounted directly on handguards help align the bullet trajectory with where your weapon model is pointing. Practice point firing against scavs in offline mode to train yourself to rely less on immediately aiming down sights in close-range encounters.


Weapon Sway

Understanding weapon sway is crucial. When strafing left or right, your weapon will drift horizontally in the opposite direction. This mechanic affects different weapon lengths and semi-auto versus full-auto fire. To succeed in fights where you swing around corners or engage opponents through doorways, you must compensate for weapon sway. Practice in your shooting range or against scavs in offline mode to get familiar with compensating for weapon sway effectively.


Height Over Bore

Height over bore refers to the distance between your sight line through your chosen sight and the barrel of your weapon. This distance, although minimal, can affect accuracy at close ranges, especially with sights that have a significant separation from the barrel. Different mounts and sights have varying levels of height over bore. Consider this concept when choosing your mounts or sights for different maps and scenarios.


Aim Training

Aim training is highly recommended, especially for those new to FPS games or PC gaming. Regularly practising with an aim trainer can significantly improve your aiming skills and boost your confidence. Popular aim trainers like Kovacs on Steam can help you develop muscle memory and precision. Additionally, you can create challenges for yourself in Tarkov, such as going for headshots only or practising specific techniques like flick shots and tracking.



Improving your aim in EFT is essential for achieving success in PvP engagements. By matching your sensitivity, adjusting ADS sensitivity, learning recoil control, practising point firing, understanding weapon sway, considering height over bore, and engaging in aim training, you can enhance your aiming skills and gain a competitive edge. Remember to be patient and consistent in your practice, and always seek opportunities to improve. Good luck with your future raids!

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