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Escape from Tarkov Patch 13.0.5: Technical Patch, Roadmap, and Exciting Updates

Welcome, Tarkov enthusiasts! Today, We'll delve into the recent updates in Escape from Tarkov and explore the upcoming changes on the development roadmap. The developers at Battlestate Games (BSG) have been hard at work, aiming to enhance the gameplay experience and address community feedback. In this article, we'll discuss the latest technical patch and noteworthy fixes and provide insights into the forthcoming 13.0.5 update. Additionally, we'll touch upon some interesting changes to marked rooms and the significance of community feedback.



Escape from Tarkov Patch 13.0.5: Technical Patch, Roadmap, and Exciting Updates


Technical Patch Overview

BSG has recently released a technical backend update for EFT. This patch primarily focuses on optimizing and expanding the internal functionality of the game. Players can expect a reduced lag in menus, smoother item purchases from traders without delays, and fewer occurrences of the troublesome "2 to 8" error. These improvements aim to provide a more seamless and enjoyable gaming experience overall.


Fixes in the Current Patch

The latest patch addresses several long-standing issues and brings much-needed fixes. Here are some of the notable fixes included:

  • Inability to sell certain items to traders: Previously, players encountered restrictions when attempting to sell lead access to Therapist, green stims, specific guns, and attachments. With the recent patch, these limitations have been rectified, allowing for a smoother trading experience.
  • Inability to create in-game group chats: While the usage of in-game group chats might be limited, the patch now enables players to create and engage in group conversations, fostering better communication within the Tarkov community.
  • Health skill levelling in the gym: Previously, successful training sessions in the hideout gym did not properly contribute to the levelling of the health skill. The latest patch fixes this issue, ensuring that players' efforts in the gym yield the expected results.


Roadmap and Upcoming Patch

Let's now turn our attention to the exciting developments on the roadmap and the highly anticipated 13.0.5 update. Here's a glimpse of what to expect:

  • Visual fixes for flashlights: Patch 13.0.5 will address visual anomalies related to flashlight functionality, ensuring that they operate as intended and provide the necessary illumination.
  • Sky rework across all locations: BSG plans to revamp the sky visuals in all the maps, providing a more immersive and visually pleasing atmosphere for players to explore.
  • Oculus audio tweaks: This update aims to refine the audio experience for Oculus users, ensuring optimal sound quality and accuracy in their Tarkov adventures.
  • Interchange and lighthouse adjustments: Expect to see specific improvements and tweaks to enhance gameplay and address any existing issues on the Interchange and Lighthouse maps.
  • AI voice lines and audio playback: The frequency, volume, and positioning of AI voice lines will be optimized, resulting in a more realistic and immersive soundscape within the game.
  • Gunshot sound and volume fixes: BSG acknowledges that some players have encountered incorrect sound and volume levels for gunshots. The upcoming patch will rectify these inconsistencies, ensuring a more authentic auditory experience.
  • Bot movement in the prone position: An issue with bots moving incorrectly while in the prone position will be addressed, providing smoother and more realistic bot behaviour in combat situations.



With the technical patch already implemented, players can enjoy a more optimized and efficient gameplay experience. Furthermore, the roadmap for future updates looks promising, with the 13.0.5 patch set to bring a range of fixes, improvements, and visual enhancements to EFT. It's commendable that BSG is actively listening to community feedback and implementing changes accordingly. Lastly, marked rooms have received a subtle buff, resulting in increased loot quantity and improved EFT items quality, making them even more appealing to explore.

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