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New World Crafting Overhaul: Guaranteed 3-PERK BoP Crafts for Easier BiS Gearing in PvP & PvE

Amazon recently made some significant announcements about the future of gear in New World, focusing on improving the crafting and farming experience. These changes aim to provide players with a measurable progression each time they play the game, even after multiple playthroughs. In this guide, we'll break down the improvements announced so far and discuss how crafting and obtaining Best in Slot (BiS) gear will become easier and more accessible.



New World Crafting Overhaul: Guaranteed 3-PERK BoP Crafts for Easier BiS Gearing in PvP & PvE


Improvements So Far

Amazon has already implemented some changes to increase player control in crafting. For example, they introduced the use of Golden Scarabs and Stopwatches for crafting tools and bags. This addition allows players to use runes on Stopwatches, granting an easy extra perk. This change was highly welcomed by the community as it offers more flexibility and customization in crafting.


Crafting & Getting BiS Right Now

Currently, the game's crafting system has some limitations when it comes to obtaining BiS gear. The developers acknowledged the issue and mentioned their intention to address it. They expressed their concern about a single crafter being able to supply the entire server with BiS gear, which would make it too easy for players to acquire their gear from the trading post.


This situation also leads to problems like real-money trading (RMT), as players opt to purchase new world gold instead of farming for it. To create a more balanced and satisfying experience, the developers plan to make some changes to crafting.


Crafting BoP BiS

The developers hinted at their desire to provide crafters with more control while ensuring that BoP (Bind on Pickup) items are crafted and made available to players. They mentioned that players who crafted their BiS gear should have an interesting story about acquiring the required materials.


This implies that crafting will involve an investment of time and effort. They also acknowledged the high cost of crafting, which makes the current RNG (random number generation) aspect frustrating for players seeking specific items.


The developers aim to make crafting more self-sufficient, guaranteeing that players receive something valuable at the end of their crafting journey. While the exact requirements still need to be clarified, it is possible that achieving 200 crafting skills and acquiring the necessary gear will allow players to craft a guaranteed three-perk BiS item. It remains to be seen whether players will consistently craft three-perk items, but the developers seem committed to ensuring players receive at least one BiS item by progressing through crafting and obtaining all the required gear.


Additionally, the developers want to make it easier for players to craft good gear consistently, as long as it is BoP. This may include dungeon gear or other specific items that are already bound on pickup. Furthermore, they may introduce additional mechanics, such as combining scarabs and runestone stopwatches to increase the chances of crafting specific items. However, this might be restricted to BoP items, aligning with their goal of reducing trading and promoting self-sufficiency among crafters.


Crafting might require rare materials obtained from expeditions or boss drops, adding depth and a cool story behind the crafting process. It is advisable to hold onto expedition resources, particularly those that drop from expeditions like sticky vines, as they could become valuable crafting materials in the future.


Prepare Now

To take advantage of the upcoming changes, it is advisable to level up your crafting skill quickly if you still need to reach level 200. With the potential implementation of new crafting mechanics and the increasing demand for crafting services, levelling up later could prove more expensive.


Crafting Changes

Many of the gear-related improvements mentioned are expected to be implemented alongside the game's expansion. Changes to gear score likely coincide with these updates, suggesting that levelling crafting beyond 200 may become possible. However, if higher crafting levels are introduced, it may require grinding and scaling resources, ensuring that crafting BiS gear remains a challenging endeavour.


Specializations and Restrictions

Old data mining revealed the existence of specializations for crafting, which might make a return in the future. This would mean that players could specialize in specific types of weapons or armour, preventing them from crafting BiS gear for every weight class. Such restrictions would promote diversity and specialization among crafters.


Better Event Rewards

The developers acknowledged the need to improve rewards from events, considering player feedback. An example cited was the "rabbit event", where players had to skin a large number of rabbits to obtain a chest, which led to dissatisfaction. This feedback has been taken into account, with the introduction of a "pity ticker" system, guaranteeing rewards after reaching a specific milestone. This change ensures that players' efforts during events are rewarded more fairly.


Improved PvE Rewards

The developers aim to address the randomness of loot drops in PvE content, such as expeditions. Currently, players may need to run content multiple times to obtain desired loot, leading to frustration. To reduce randomness, the developers propose implementing a "pity ticker" system or introducing drop materials that can be exchanged for specific loot. This change would provide players with more control over obtaining desired items, reducing the need for excessive grinding.


Enhanced PvP Rewards

PvP rewards are set to receive significant upgrades. The PvP track will offer amplified rewards, and specific prestige items will be guaranteed up to level 20. Balancing adjustments will be made to ensure these rewards align with the current meta.


Additionally, every fifth level will grant a dedicated drop, and past level 20, players can expect frequent named item drops and prestige rewards. These changes will significantly accelerate gear acquisition for PvP players, allowing them to focus solely on PvP content for gearing.


Note: Stay tuned for more updates and announcements in future articles as the developers continue to reveal their plans for New World's future.



Overall, the announced improvements to crafting and gear progression in New World promise a more accessible and rewarding experience for players. By increasing player control, reducing randomness, and providing guaranteed rewards, players will be able to make measurable progress and acquire Best in Slot gear more easily.

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