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New World Gear Reset: Why it is a Positive Change?

In this guide article, we will discuss why the upcoming gear reset or gear wipe in New World is actually a positive thing for the game. While there have been some strong reactions to this announcement, it is important to understand the potential benefits of this decision. Additionally, we will touch upon the recent discussion about gear progression and how it relates to the player experience. So let's delve into the reasons why the gear reset can be a good thing for New World.


New World Gear Reset: Why it is a Positive Change?


Gear Becomes Obsolete

During a developer Q&A, it was revealed that existing gear would become obsolete in the upcoming expansion. This means players will need to obtain new gear to tackle high-end content, much like in other MMOs. While details regarding the new gearing system are not fully disclosed, it is important to note that your current gear will still be necessary to play the game during the transition. However, the introduction of new gear and a potential chase for even better gear beyond that can add excitement and freshness to the game.


Reaction and Perspectives

There has been a vocal minority expressing discontent with the gear reset, but it is crucial to analyze the broader player sentiment. A survey conducted on this topic showed that 22% of players were happy about the reset, 16% were unhappy, and the majority remained neutral, awaiting more information about the new gearing system. The key factor here is the nature of the new system and whether it introduces meaningful changes and improvements.


Current Gearing System Limitations

One of the main reasons some players are unhappy with the gear reset is the concern that they will have to redo all the progression they have already accomplished. If the new system increases gear levels without addressing other aspects of the game, such as progression and systems, players are likely to be dissatisfied. However, if the new system offers a more enjoyable and controllable experience, with an interesting vertical progression that could be faster, it could significantly enhance the game.


Fortunate Tournament and Gear Progression

The recently held "Fortunate Tournament" shed light on the importance of rewarding gear progression. The developers acknowledged past misses and mentioned examples like the corrupted rabbit, where improvements were made to ensure a more satisfying experience. They emphasized the need for players to obtain powerful new world items as rewards for their efforts, possibly through specific activities or achievements. This indicates a positive direction toward a more rewarding gear progression system.


Major Gear Overhaul and Vertical Progression

New World is set to undergo a major gear overhaul, introducing a new gearing system and progression. While specific details are still unknown, the aim is to keep the disruption to a single moment in time. This does not necessarily imply a treadmill-like gear progression but rather a change that revitalizes the gameplay experience. The challenge lies in implementing a new system that balances player investment, time commitment, and the pursuit of better gear.


Reducing RNG and Focusing on Rewards

The developers have acknowledged that there is room for improvement in terms of gear progression and rewards. They recognize that relying heavily on random drops or outcomes may not provide the best player experience. By revamping the PvP reward track and exploring other avenues, they aim to strike a balance between controlled rewards and the excitement of chance. The goal is to create a system where players can focus their efforts and have a reasonable expectation of obtaining desired gear.


Addressing Progression Concerns

It is understandable that some players are concerned about their hard work being invalidated. However, it is crucial to manage expectations. Most MMOs involve gear progression and periodic updates to maintain a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience. It is unrealistic to expect gear obtained at launch to remain relevant indefinitely. Embracing change is part of the MMO genre, and it can lead to fresh experiences and new challenges.


Attracting Returning and New Players

While some players may be considering quitting due to the gear reset, it is important to note that many players have already left because of issues with the existing progression system. By implementing a better gear system, New World may attract more returning players and newcomers. The potential benefits outweigh the negative impact of losing a portion of the player base.



While the idea of a gear reset may initially cause concern and frustration, it is essential to consider the potential benefits it can bring to New World. Most MMOs follow a gear chase model, and it is not uncommon for gear to become obsolete over time. If the developers can deliver an improved and engaging gearing system that addresses the limitations of the current one, it could reinvigorate the game and attract both returning and new players. Ultimately, the success of the gear reset will depend on the quality and enjoyment offered by the new gearing system, which remains to be seen as more information becomes available.

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