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New World New & Improved Fury of the Spriggan Event Guide: Duration, Locations and Rewards

The highly anticipated Fury of the Spriggan event in New World is just around the corner, and it brings with it exciting new rewards that will surely captivate players. In this guide, we will delve into the details of the event, including its duration, locations, and the enticing rewards that await those who participate.


New World New & Improved Fury of the Spriggan Event Guide: Duration, Locations and Rewards


Event Duration and Locations

The Fury of the Spriggan event will commence on the 24th of May and conclude on the 13th of June. Unlike the previous springtime event, this one will be slightly shorter in duration. The event will take place in various regions, including Brightwood, Emin Scale, Reach, Eden Grove, Mourningdale, and Brimstone Sands. To activate the event, players must first construct flamebrasives, which require a flame core per brazier. Each region has three braziers that need to be activated.


Completion Rewards

Upon completing the event, players will have the opportunity to receive enticing rewards. Firstly, there is a 50% chance of rolling a level-appropriate procedural weapon or armor piece. While the chances of obtaining a legendary item may be slim, the guarantee of receiving a rare or above item is still noteworthy. Additionally, there is a 30% chance of obtaining an item from the global named list, which consists of both desirable and less favorable items. This reward is subject to RNG, so luck will play a significant role.


Furthermore, players will have a 20% chance of rolling an item from the spriggan arena named list. These items possess the Angry Earth Bane perk along with other bonuses. While some of these items may not be particularly effective overall, they are exclusive to this event and cannot be obtained elsewhere.


Guaranteed Spots and Daily Bonus Rewards

In addition to the completion rewards, players will also receive guaranteed spots for various container resources and level-appropriate consumables such as health and mana potions. One obsidian gypsum can be obtained per day, with a maximum of three per day during the event.


Moreover, players will be eligible for daily bonus rewards, which reset at 5 AM local time. These limited daily rewards can be obtained up to three times per day. The first bonus is the event-only Mossbourne weapon, which comes with a weapon-appropriate attribute, an empty gem slot, and the Angry Earth Bane perk.


The weapon's remaining perks are not locked, allowing for potentially diverse combinations. Similarly, players can obtain a Mossborne armor piece with an appropriate attribute, an empty gem slot, and the Angry Earth Ward perk. The daily bonus rewards also include 250 ammo shards and three to five flame cores, providing ample resources for event activation and potential surplus.


Additional Rewards

As players progress through the event, they will have a 33% chance of rolling one of 12 selected perk resources. While the neural database's information on these resources may not align perfectly with the actual rewards, it is expected that the list will consist of useful and practical perks. Additionally, there is a 25% chance of obtaining one of six exclusive named items. For further details on these items, you can refer to


There is also a 5% chance of rolling a timeless shot, although it is uncertain whether this can be obtained once per day or up to three times per day. The rewards system suggests it follows a similar pattern to the other rewards. Finally, players have a 2% chance of obtaining the Spriggan Flame Brazier housing item.


This chance increases slightly with each roll, making it more likely to acquire it as players participate in the event more frequently. Previously, the PDR version of this event rewarded a schematic, but the current information suggests that players can directly obtain the brazier item. Further clarification is needed to confirm if it will be a schematic or the item itself.



The Fury of the Spriggan event in New World promises an array of alluring rewards that make it a worthwhile endeavor for players, particularly those interested in acquiring Angry Earth gear. With a good chance of obtaining valuable items, including unique pieces with ward and refreshing attributes, players can enhance their gameplay experience. Additionally, the event's proximity to the upcoming Sandrum update hints at a potential connection to the Angry Earth faction. Keep an eye out for more information as the event unfolds.

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