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LoL Patch 13.10 Guide: Top Low ELO Champions after Pre-Season Changes

The pre-season changes have brought massive shifts to League of Legends, and it's crucial to adapt to the new meta. In this guide, we will focus on simplicity and suggest champions that have a high impact, regardless of elo. Whether you're looking to climb the ranked ladder or improve your gameplay, we've got you covered. 

Top Lane Tier S - Vayne

LoL Patch 13.10  Guide: Top Low ELO Champions after Pre-Season Changes

While the top lane hasn't undergone drastic changes, there is one champion that stands out due to the new item choices that synergize perfectly with her kit. Vayne, known for her lightning-fast attacks, has received a significant boost. With the updated mythics and a range of item options, she can dominate the top lane. However, champions like Kayle can counter her, and other ranged top laners may appear in higher elos.


Jungle Tier S - Nocturne

Nocturne shines in the jungle with the recent changes to lethality items and buffs to Stridebreaker. These changes offer interesting item choices that can suit different playstyles, making Nocturne a clear winner in this patch. Additionally, champions like Evelynn benefit from adjustments to their abilities, opening up new build options and making them stronger against less tanky targets.


Mid Lane Tier S - Swain and Karthus

The mid-lane meta has been influenced by changes to assassin items, making things challenging for mages. However, the cheaper Last Chapter item brings some relief to mana-dependent champions. Mages like Swain and Karthus can take advantage of this change, and Lost Chapter becomes a crucial milestone item for success in the early game. Although mages may face difficulties in solo queue, they remain formidable in pro play.


ADC Tier S - Tristana

ADCs like Tristana benefit from item changes that focus on energized effects. This turns her into a one-hit wonder, amplifying her already high range and wave-clearing abilities. The on-hit build variant also gains traction with hybrid penetration options provided by items like Guinsoo's Rageblade. Vayne becomes a strong pick in higher elos due to the buffs to Lost Chapter and the new minion changes that favor ranged champions.


Support Tier S- Taric

Tanks like Taric can explore an interesting build path with Ekkos of Helia against melee-heavy team compositions. The nearly non-existent cooldown on Taric's Q and its attack speed steroid make him a DPS monster. Enchanters like Sona and Lulu can opt for the new Moonstone Renewer, especially with Sona's AoE healing potential. Imperial Mandate also becomes a viable option for enchanters, allowing for movement speed and burst damage.



The pre-season changes have introduced exciting shifts to League of Legends, impacting various roles and champions. It's important to adapt to the new meta and explore the potential of updated items. If you're looking for more in-depth knowledge and guidance, check out the link in the description for master classes with pro players. Remember, the rift is yours to conquer, and with the right strategies and understanding of the current meta, you can achieve your desired elo.

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