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EFT Updates: Introduces Map Entrance 'Key' Requirement in Latest Event

In the latest Escape from Tarkov news and updates, a new event has been introduced, bringing significant changes to the gameplay experience. This event marks the first true event of the wipe and introduces a mechanic that requires players to obtain a specific item, referred to as an "entrance key," to access each map. In this guide, we'll provide you with all the essential details you need to navigate these changes and make the most of this event.


EFT Updates: Introduces Map Entrance


Event Overview

The event in question revolves around a theme of a blue-collar worker or laborer opposing other factions in Tarkov, particularly the Scavs and truck drivers. As a result, limited access has been imposed on all maps in Tarkov. The Scavs now control the access trails or paths that lead to each map, requiring players to possess a specific EFT items, known as an "entrance key," to enter.


Obtaining Entrance Keys

To enter a raid on any map, you need to have the corresponding entrance key in your inventory. The key required for each map varies, and it can be obtained through different means. Some entrance keys may be rare and expensive, while others might be more readily available. It is important to note that the entrance keys can be either found in the raid or purchased from the Flea Market.


Event Progression

Every map, except for Factory at the time of writing, requires an entrance key to access. The availability of maps can change based on player activity. When a specific number of Scavs and PMCs are eliminated on a map, that map becomes temporarily free to access for all players. Subsequently, another map becomes restricted, requiring a new entrance key to enter. The number of kills needed to unlock or lock a map varies for each cycle.


To stay updated on the current map availability, you can visit the Escape from Tarkov website's Open Map section. This web page displays the active maps and their respective requirements in real time.


Implications for Players

The event has a significant impact on player dynamics. As players focus on unlocking maps and participating in the event, there will be a concentration of players on the currently free map, while other maps may have lower player populations. This situation presents both opportunities and challenges for players. If you enjoy active maps with intense player-versus-player encounters, the event will cater to your playstyle. Conversely, if you prefer to avoid excessive PvP and explore less populated maps, this event also caters to your preferences.


Event Duration and Future Possibilities

The duration of the event is uncertain at the time of writing. It could last for a short period, such as a weekend, or extend for a week or longer. It is essential to keep an eye on official announcements to stay informed about any changes or the conclusion of the event.


Furthermore, it is worth noting that events like this often serve as a testing ground for new mechanics and features in Escape from Tarkov. While speculative, similar mechanisms may be implemented in future updates or even future wipes. These mechanics could involve additional requirements, such as completing tasks, reaching specific levels, or achieving certain reputation milestones.


Note: Check Tarkov official sources for any changes or additional events that may follow.



The current event in Escape from Tarkov introduces entrance keys as a requirement to access different maps. By eliminating Scavs and PMCs on certain maps, players can unlock them temporarily while other maps become restricted. This event creates a dynamic and engaging experience for players, with concentrated PvP on active maps and more secluded gameplay on other maps.

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