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New World PvE & PvP: New Content Coming Soon

New World, the popular MMORPG developed by Amazon Games, has an exciting array of upcoming content planned for both PvP and PvE enthusiasts. While the official roadmap might include only some of the details, the developers have shared information about various additions and improvements through shows, Q&A sessions, and announcements. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the confirmed new content and changes, although it's important to note that these plans are subject to change.


New World PvE & PvP: New Content Coming Soon


Summer: Season 2

In the summer season, New World players can look forward to a variety of updates and improvements across both PvP and PvE gameplay. Here are some of the key highlights:


PvP Updates:

  • New Hard Rune: A highly anticipated addition, this update introduces a powerful new rune to enhance gameplay.
  • Block Changes: PvP will undergo adjustments to improve balance and mechanics.


PvE Updates:

  • Sandworm Elite Trial: Players will encounter a challenging new trial, providing an exciting PvE experience.
  • 10-Man Trial: A second raid size will be introduced, offering a different level of difficulty for organized groups.
  • Raid Groups: This feature will facilitate better coordination and communication within raiding parties.


General Changes:

  • Transmog: Players will gain the ability to customize their appearance by transmogrifying their gear.
  • Seasonal and World Events: Engage in new activities and events throughout the season.
  • Faction Shop Overhaul: An improved faction shop experience is expected, though details are yet to be revealed.
  • Trophy and Fishing Improvements: Enhancements to trophy systems and fishing mechanics will be introduced to enhance these gameplay aspects.


Fall: Season 3 & Expansion

As autumn arrives, New World will receive Season 3 updates as well as a significant expansion, introducing exciting content for players to explore. Here's what you can anticipate:


Season 3 Updates:

  • Perk Balance Adjustment: Perks on armour and weapons will be overhauled, with a focus on strengthening weaker ones.
  • Territory Influence Updates: Changes to territory influence mechanics, potentially altering the process of pushing for wars.
  • Main Story Quest Update: Continual updates to the main storyline, offering an evolving narrative.
  • Seasonal and World Events: Engage in seasonal and world events that provide unique challenges and rewards.


Expansion Highlights:

  • Mounts: Players will finally have the ability to ride mounts, enhancing travel and exploration world.
  • New Weapon: A new focus weapon will be introduced, expanding combat options for players.
  • PvP Updates: Expect an Arena Rework and a new Arena map to arrive, providing exciting PvP gameplay.
  • PvE Updates: A zone transformation, likely focused on the Angry Earth theme, with a new story and expedition to explore.
  • New Enemy Type: Players may encounter enemies related to the Simeon family, such as monkeys or apes.
  • Gear Score Increase and Reset: Gear scores will be raised, necessitating the acquisition of new gear for players.
  • Crafting and Farming Improvements: Enhancements to crafting best-in-slot gear and farming strategies for optimal rewards.


Season 4 & "End of the Year" (Winter)

Winter brings forth Season 4, introducing the Seasoned Trinket—a unique item that can be powered up throughout the season to provide New World advantages in dealing with specific mechanics. While the exact details remain undisclosed, it is expected to impact PvE gameplay primarily. However, there might be some effects on PvP as well. For instance, previous seasons' trinkets offered fire resistance to counter the prevalent fire staff meta. Additionally, Season 4 will include a new hard rune, crossworld arenas, and a seasonal territory control feature, the specifics of which are yet to be revealed.


Other notable updates include instanced practice wars or casual wars, allowing players to participate without engaging in the full territory control mechanics. Crossworld expeditions may also be introduced, potentially including new trials and raids. Furthermore, a new season trial with mutators is anticipated, similar to the Sandborne Trial, but with added mutator effects. The Imperium Forge storyline will likely continue with the release of the second part—the ice portion.


The end of the year will witness the completion of the main storyline rework, covering the entire levelling experience from 1 to 60. While not all zones will undergo significant changes, the development team aims to enhance the overall questing experience. The seasonal and world events will continue to provide engaging challenges. Furthermore, the company system will see various improvements, including a transaction log and adjustments to accommodate larger player counts for wars. Additionally, a progression system for companies is in the works.


Confirmed Content Without a Date

Certain features have been confirmed but lack specific release dates. These updates may arrive by the end of the year or extend into the future. Improvements for both PvP and PvE players include enhanced nameplates and party visibility, benefiting wars and raid settings. The musket weapon will receive a rework, with a particular focus on the right skill tree, making it more viable at close ranges.


Company housing has been discussed as a future addition, though it is expected to be a long-term endeavour. The mechanics and potential for PvP and PvE interactions in this system are still being determined. Instanced practice or casual wars are planned, allowing players to engage without committing to the territorial warfare system. A new outpost rush map is also in development, but it will be preceded by testing and refinement of the new arena map.


Regarding PvE, a mutator rework is in progress, intending to compress the mutation levels to expedite progression while increasing the difficulty accordingly. This update will likely provide access to more expeditions. Furthermore, a rework of corrupted portals is on the horizon, reducing their frequency while increasing the rewards. Amazon Games also plans to revisit older expeditions to streamline boss types and gear requirements.


Other anticipated additions include a barber for character customization, a name change option, the ability to copy characters from the live client to the PTR, chat emojis, and a reworked indicator for furniture rarity. A season pass aptitude system is in the works for players who complete the season pass, and a significant engine upgrade, potentially in preparation for the upcoming Lord of the Rings MMO, is also being developed.



As New World continues to evolve, the upcoming updates and expansions promise to bring exciting changes and fresh content to the game. With new features like mounts, expanded PvP and PvE gameplay, and improvements to various systems, players can anticipate a dynamic and immersive experience in the seasons ahead. While release dates and specific details may be subject to change, this guide provides an overview of what to expect in the near future. Stay tuned for official announcements from Amazon Games and prepare to embark on new adventures in the world of Aeternum.

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