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New World Season 2 Update: Gladiator PvP Arena, Transmog Tokens, and Sandworm Raid

The highly anticipated Season 2 update for New World is set to bring a plethora of exciting content that will keep players engaged and thrilled. With a focus on PvP and PvE experiences, this update promises to deliver a new level of adventure and challenge. Let's dive into the details of what's in store for players in Season 2.


New World Season 2 Update: Gladiator PvP Arena, Transmog Tokens, and Sandworm Raid


Gladiator PvP Arena: A Brimstone-Themed Battle

One of the most exciting additions in Season 2 is the introduction of the Gladiator PvP Arena. Set in a Brimstone-themed environment, this arena will offer players a thrilling and competitive battleground to showcase their combat skills. The multi-levelled arena will provide unique mechanics, including the ability to knock opponents down, adding an extra layer of strategy to the fights. Prepare yourself for intense battles and claim victory in the Gladiator Arena.


Cross-World Outpost Rush and PvP Changes

In Season 2, Outpost Rush receives significant updates. Cross-World Outpost Rush will now be available, allowing players to compete against opponents from different regions. The introduction of regional leaderboards increases the competition and challenges players to prove their prowess on a larger scale.


Additionally, scoring adjustments will prioritize playing objectives rather than focusing solely on damage, promoting a more strategic and team-oriented approach. Changes to siege weapons and the baroness encounter will further enhance the Outpost Rush experience, making it more engaging and balanced.


Free Transmog Tokens and PvP Reward Track Overhaul

The Season 2 pass brings exciting changes to the progression system and rewards. Players will now receive free New World Transmog tokens as part of the Season 2 pass, allowing them to customize their appearance and create unique looks for their characters. The PvP reward track has been overhauled, ensuring better and more frequent rewards. Good drops and improved perk pools will be available from level 1 to 20, making the journey more rewarding for PvP enthusiasts.


PvE Content: Sandworm Raid and The Hatchery Trial

Season 2 introduces thrilling PvE challenges as well. The Sandworm Raid takes center stage as a 20-player Elite Trial, offering a formidable challenge to even the most seasoned adventurers. Coordination, optimized gear, and careful strategy will be key to overcoming this epic encounter. Prepare for an intense battle and reap the rewards of your triumph.


Additionally, The Hatchery Trial offers a 10-player Season Trial. Players will face waves of enemies, including the Horde Master and Haddish Kaza, the Keeper of the Flame. The rewards from this trial will be highly sought-after, with a unique reward system that allows players to respect items' attributes, making them even more versatile and valuable.


General Changes and Improvements

Aside from the major content additions, Season 2 brings several general changes and improvements. The First Light area will be locked off temporarily as part of the main storyline, providing a new narrative direction. Players who own property in First Light will receive appropriate refunds for their investments. While Transmog itself will not be available in the main patch, free Transmog tokens included in the Season 2 pass will allow players to prepare for its release.


Furthermore, the Season Pass progression will be optimized, offering more equitable and rewarding gameplay loops. Additional journey tasks will provide players with more options for progression without increasing the overall requirements. These changes aim to enhance the overall player experience and keep the game engaging.



New World Season 2 is shaping up to be an incredible update, packed with thrilling content for both PvP and PvE enthusiasts. The Gladiator PvP Arena, Cross-World Outpost Rush, Sandworm Raid, and The Hatchery are just a few of the exciting additions awaiting players. With the introduction of Transmog tokens and improvements to the Season pass progression, there's never been a better time to embark on your adventure in Aeternum. Prepare for battle, gather your allies, and get ready to explore the riches and challenges that Season 2 has to offer!

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