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Genshin Impact Kirara: Unique Shielding Abilities & Team Compositions

Kirara, the Dendro character in Genshin Impact, brings unique features and capabilities that set her apart from other characters in her element. In this guide, we will provide an honest showcase of Kirara, highlighting her strengths and discussing the best team compositions to maximize her potential.



Genshin Impact Kirara: Unique Shielding Abilities & Team Compositions


Kirara's Personal Potential & Shield Ranking

Kirara is at Level 90, constellation 0, with talents raised to Level 9. She is equipped with the Noblesse 4-set, but Deepwood or Instructors sets can also work well with her. For her weapon, Sapwood Blade is the recommended F2P option, although other swords can be used effectively.


Tapping the skill button creates a Dendro Shield that can absorb approximately 9266 damage, based on her 43k Health. While this may seem low compared to other HP scaling shielders, Kirara possesses a passive talent that boosts the shield's effectiveness. By holding down the skill button, Kirara enters her cat box mode, and each time she hits an enemy, she obtains Reinforced Packaging stacks up to three times. 


When the skill ends, she creates mini shields for each stack, with 20% DMG absorption of the original shield. With all three stacks, she can achieve a combined shield absorption rate of 60%. These Reinforced Packaging shields can stack with each other and the original shield.


Due to her Dendro shield, Kirara becomes the top shielder against Dendro attacks, with an impressive 37,000 Damage Absorption. However, her personal damage primarily comes from her burst, dealing around 16,000 damage, with additional damage from her skill and bombs. Her full rotation results in 73,500 damage over 12 seconds. Building her as a DPS with Jade Cutter and Gilded Dreams 4-set enhances her damage output, reaching 225,000 damage in a full rotation. However, building her as a DPS sacrifices the strength of her shields.


Kirara SHOWCASE & Best Kirara Teams

The Quicken Quickswap team, featuring Kazuha, is highly effective. With an HP build and energy recharge from substations, Kirara can easily activate her burst-off cooldown. Kazuha's ability to pull in Kirara's bombs increases Dendro's application, and the team benefits from the Noblesse 4-set buff.


The Nilou Bloom team, including Dendro Traveler and Barbara, is an excellent F2P option. Kirara uses the Instructor's Set with an HP build and Iron Sting for increased bloom damage. Barbara's Water Ring synergizes well with Kirara's cat box mode, inflicting Dendro damage and Hydro reactions.


Premium teams, such as Kokomi and Nahida, further enhance damage and consistency. Kokomi's healing compensates for the weaker shield from the Instructor's set, providing a good balance of survivability in Nilou Bloom teams.


Burgeon and Hyperbloom teams are less effective due to specific Dendro applications. Kirara's cat box mode restricts her from triggering Thoma's burst or benefiting from Hyperbloom teams with Xingqiu and Yelan. However, an older iteration of Hyperbloom using Ayato, Kuki, and a flexible unit can make it work.


Kirara Constellations Review

Kirara's constellations offer varying degrees of utility and power. Constellation 1 allows her to create up to 4 additional bombs with her burst for every 8,000 HP she has, providing additional reactions but lacking control. Constellation 2 is mainly designed for co-op play, granting shields to other players upon contact. Constellations 3 and 5 provide standard level increases for skill and burst, which are beneficial but optional. 


Constellation 4, however, triggers coordinated attacks from Kirara when shielded characters use Normal, Charged, or Plunge attacks. While it is not reliable for certain team compositions, it can be refreshing for the Quicken team. Constellation 6 grants a 12% DMG increase to all Elements for the entire team after Kirara uses her skill or burst, making it a simple yet impactful constellation. However, investing in Constellation 6 may not be worth the Primogems.


Final Thoughts and Kirara's Worth

Kirara brings good value with her shielding capabilities, strong Dendro Core explosion resistance, and improved mobility compared to Sayu for traversing the world. She synergizes well with various swords, including F2P choices like Sapwood and Iron Sting, as well as premium options such as Favonius, Sacrificial, Jade Cutter, Key of Khaj Nisut, Festering Desire, and Freedom Sworn.

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