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Throne and Liberty (T&L): Cross-Platform Gameplay and Potential Concerns

Today, we'll be discussing Throne and Liberty (T&L), an upcoming MMO that has been generating quite a bit of buzz in the gaming community. While some may be eagerly anticipating its release, there are concerns and potential problems surrounding the game. In this guide, we'll provide a brief overview of Throne and Liberty, delve into its features and potential issues, and compare the hype surrounding it with another highly anticipated MMO, Ashes of Creation.



Throne and Liberty (T&L): Cross-Platform Gameplay and Potential Concerns


What is Throne and Liberty (T&L)?

Throne and Liberty is an ambitious MMO developed by South Korean studio NCSOFT and published by Amazon Game Studios (AGS). The game was initially slated for a 2022 release but has since been delayed, with the exact release date still being determined. T&L aims to offer stunning visuals, action-packed combat, and a vast open world for players to explore. It is being developed for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox consoles, with cross-platform functionality.


Features of Throne and Liberty

  • Combat: T&L is primarily described as a tab-target MMO, although some argue that there might be elements of hybrid combat. While personal preferences may vary, as long as the combat system is well-implemented, it is expected to satisfy most players.
  • PvP: The game will include PvP zones where players can engage in battles, but the exact mechanics and frequency of these events are yet to be confirmed. It is likely that Throne and Liberty will offer various PvP modes, such as battlegrounds, to cater to PvP enthusiasts.
  • Platform Availability: One notable aspect of T&L is its availability on consoles, including PlayStation 5 and Xbox. This expands the MMO options for console players, who currently have limited choices in the genre.
  • Additional Features: Weather effects, open-world boss fights, a day and night cycle, and the ability to transform into creatures are some of the features that add depth and immersion to the game. The character creator is highly praised, showcasing stunning visuals powered by Unreal Engine.


Potential Problems and Concerns

  • Mobile Compatibility: One concern surrounding Throne and Liberty is the possibility of its availability on mobile devices. The leaked footage and developers' statements regarding cross-platform connectivity have raised suspicions about the game having a mobile-friendly version. This has led to worries about potential compromises in gameplay and monetization strategies.
  • Pay-to-Win and Free-to-Play Model: Korean MMOs have a reputation for being pay-to-win, and T & L might adopt a similar approach. While the game is expected to have a free-to-play model, concerns arise regarding the nature and fairness of the in-game cash shop, which could offer items, boosters, and progression shortcuts.
  • Auto Battle Feature: An unexpected element causing worry within the MMO community is the inclusion of an auto-battle system. This allows players to automate combat and gathering, essentially turning the game into an "AFK" experience. While some players may find convenience in this feature, many MMO veterans express concerns about its impact on immersion and gameplay depth.


Hype Comparison with Ashes of Creation

When comparing the level of hype and community engagement, Throne and Liberty seems to have garnered significantly less attention than Ashes of Creation. Despite several release date delays and a lack of marketing, the reception and excitement for T&L have been relatively muted. In contrast, any delays or disappointments related to Ashes of Creation tend to evoke strong reactions and discussions among its highly enthusiastic community.



Throne and Liberty hold promise with its ambitious features and cross-platform availability. However, concerns regarding mobile compatibility, potential pay-to-win elements, and the inclusion of an auto battle feature have raised doubts.

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