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New World Blood of the Sands: Changes & Improvements You Need to Know | Season 2

The highly anticipated Season 2 update for New World, called Blood of the Sands, is on its way, and it brings a plethora of exciting changes that have exceeded expectations. The patch notes for the Season 2 PTR release are now available, and players can look forward to a multitude of improvements that will greatly enhance their gameplay experience. From reworks to new features, this patch is packed with content that fans have been eagerly waiting for. In this guide, we will focus on the key changes and general improvements that will impact all players.



New World Blood of the Sands: Changes & Improvements You Need to Know | Season 2


Expedition Changes

Several noteworthy changes have been made to Expeditions. Thump in the Depth will no longer be able to hit players behind him, a change that many players may have thought was an intended mechanic. Additionally, in Tempest Heart, if a party wipes on a boss, they will now have points deducted. 


The bug that caused players to respawn at the entrance instead of the final checkpoint in Barnacles and Black Powder has also been fixed. AI exchanges and updates have been made, including a change to Sir Junior, the NPC who drops the material for the Major Human Brain Trophy. He used to have two separate spawns, but now he will only have one spawn.


Hale and Hearty Removed, Shorter Combat

A significant change that both town owners and non-town owners will appreciate is the increase in player base HP by 10 across all levels. This increase is accompanied by the removal of the "Hale and Hearty" tone buff. The "300 in" perk, which provides a reduction in Azoth travel costs, has been increased from 10 to 25%. 


Players will now leave combat one second after the final enemy in an engagement is killed, and the default in-combat timer has been reduced from 20 seconds to 10 seconds. These changes are particularly beneficial for players who frequently test their skills on target dummies, as they no longer need to wait as long to switch weapons. Various block changes have also been implemented.


Block Changes

Players will no longer be slowed if their block becomes exhausted, as opposed to dodge rolling, where stamina depletion results in a slowdown. The blocking rework differs from what many players may have expected, as there is no significant overhaul of the block mechanic as a whole. However, non-shield weapons can now block a portion of ranged attacks, with the stamina damage reduced accordingly. 


Two-handed weapons will only take 30% of the range damage, while magic weapons will take 40%. This change has notable implications for weapons like the Ice Gauntlet, which already has a strong block and can now mitigate a significant amount of range damage.


Shields, on the other hand, remain unchanged, blocking 100% of the attack damage as before. The base movement speed while blocking has been slightly increased from 1.65 meters to 2 meters per second, offering better mobility while using a shield.


Perk Changes

Several perk changes have been introduced, including the invigorated punishment perk, which now applies only to abilities and not basic attacks. The thwarting strikes perk can now roll on void gauntlets, although its value in most situations may be limited. The empowered amulet perk will now refresh constantly and extend its duration, addressing a previous issue with its activation. The refreshing Pillar of Fire perk will now consistently activate on two targets, resolving a previous bug.


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Invasion Rework

The Invasion system has undergone a significant rework. The difficulty of earlier waves has been increased to provide a smoother ramp-up of the challenge over time. Invasion invites will now be sent five minutes prior to the battle starting, reducing unnecessary waiting time. The total match duration has been shortened from 30 minutes to 25 minutes by cutting down on some phases. These changes aim to enhance the overall experience of Invasions and make them more engaging for players.


Outpost Rush Overhaul

The Outpost Rush mode receives significant updates. Various minor interaction fixes have been implemented, enhancing the overall experience. Additionally, Ford Siege weapons have received a boost to their health and damage, making them more effective in battles. Gates now have increased ranged thrust damage resistance, which further escalates if the gates are upgraded. This adjustment aligns with the realism of attacking doors with guns or bows, ensuring they cannot be easily taken down from a distance. 


The corrupted portal on the OPR map has been transformed into an event featuring a brute summon after all enemies are defeated. To close the portal, players need to interact with it within a designated time frame. This event offers PVP players an engaging opportunity to transform the farming-focused area into an active combat zone. Furthermore, the 750 Asos bank has been removed. Overall, these changes streamline the PVE side, although the increased emphasis on farming may be required due to the buffs to siege weaponry and doors.


Arena Reward Upgrades

PVP Arenas receive long-awaited improvements. Completing the first two arenas daily now rewards players with an additional weapon or armour each. These rewards can be upgraded to 600 to obtain a legendary perk using humble New World shards


Although the upgrade is currently limited to the first two rounds, Asos salt and PVP XP rewards have been increased based on the number of rounds won in a match. This adjustment, combined with the PVP track overhaul, promises a more rewarding PVP experience, even for solo players.


New World Blood of the Sands Screenshot 01


Open World PvP & Gypsum Cast Improvements

Open world PVP rewards have been simplified, granting 800 PVP XP and Asos gold for killing players who have been active in PVP for at least 10 minutes. Additionally, weapons and armor obtained from open world PVP now possess PVP perks, making them more desirable. Gypsum casts have also undergone improvements, with attribute perks now aligning with the preferred stats of the gear. These changes enhance the effectiveness and desirability of gypsum gear.


Stalwart Changes & Other Gathering Sets

Some adjustments have been made to the Town Projects Helen Hearty and Stalwart. While the patch notes do not mention stamina increases, they were overlooked. Stamina regeneration may have been increased, possibly matching the level of having a stamina potion, or the notes may be corrected later to address this issue


The heal and Imperial Forge will now drop loot only once on the way up to the final fight against them. Additionally, several gathering sets, including Custom Year, Provender, and Grosser, have been re-added to the game. These sets are primarily used for gathering and possess locked secondary perks, although their exact purpose remains unclear. Furthermore, if a company owns Morningdale or Weavers Fen, it will receive an extra 2.5% in taxes, compensating for First Light's temporary closure.


Fishing Changes

Fishing enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the promised overhaul for fishing has arrived. Several improvements have been made to enhance the fishing experience. Here are the key changes:

  • Reduced Time to Get a Nibble: The time it takes to get a nibble when using bait has been reduced, making fishing more efficient.
  • Buffed Tension Recovery for Tier 3, 4, and 5 Fishing Poles: Fishing with higher-tier poles should now be quicker, allowing you to catch fish more swiftly.
  • Celebration Zoom Effect: The celebration zoom effect, previously applied to uncommon and rare fish, has been removed. This change speeds up the fishing process even further.
  • Bait Effect Changes: Bait now only affects the rarity of the fish you catch, eliminating the impact on size. This change simplifies the bait system.
  • Reduced Crafting Cost for Bait: The crafting cost for bread, cheese, meat, and fish bait has been reduced, making bait more accessible to all players.
  • Rebalanced Bait Usability: Some bait types now only affect specific times of the day, adding a new layer of strategy to fishing.


In addition to these changes, fish populations have been redistributed across Eternam, ensuring each territory offers exciting fishing opportunities. Territories now have more balanced fishing pools, making every area valuable for fishing. Legendary fish also have new home territories, and there's a chance to catch any legendary fish in any territory.


New World Blood of the Sands Screenshot 02


Season Pass

The Season Pass in "Blood of the Sands" has received several improvements to enhance progression and provide a clearer path for solo players. Here are the notable changes:

  • Buffed Season Challenges: Season challenges now reward 4500 XP instead of 3500 XP, boosting your progression through the Season Pass.
  • Increased Activity Card Tasks: The activity card will now feature at least three tasks from each category, providing more options for players to earn XP.
  • Expanded Task Count Limit: The task count limit has been increased to 21, allowing players to take on more challenges and earn greater rewards.
  • New Activities: Several new activities have been introduced, focusing on Brimstone. These activities include defeating scorpions, gathering resources, defeating Dune Walkers, and looting Elite Sulfur Chests.


The developers aim to offer a satisfying journey for players of all playstyles throughout the Season Pass. Whether you prefer solo or group play, there will be a clear path for progression.


Inventory Search

A highly requested quality-of-life improvement has been implemented in "Blood of the Sands" - the ability to search for perks and gems within the inventory. This new search function allows players to quickly locate specific items, making inventory management much more convenient.


Other Changes

While the aforementioned changes are the highlights, "Blood of the Sands" brings a multitude of other updates, including company war requirements, group role selection icons, and numerous bug fixes. Here are a few notable additions:

  • Company War Requirements: Companies now need a minimum of 25 players to declare war on a territory. This ensures that war rosters can be adequately filled, promoting fair battles.
  • Group Role Selection Icons: While in a group, players can choose a role (tank, DPS, or healer) that will appear as an icon next to their character, helping other group members identify their role.


Note: The information provided in this guide is based on the PTR release notes. Please refer to official announcements and patch notes for any changes that may occur before the official release of Season 2 - Blood of the Sands.



To experience the changes firsthand, consider participating in the PTR (Public Test Realm) or watching the live streams on Twitch. Make sure to subscribe and enable notifications to stay updated with the latest content. Join the New World community in exploring the exciting updates in Season 2!

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