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League of Legends Mastering Champions: Unleashing Hidden Potential

Professional League of Legends players often exhibit mastery that sets them apart from the rest of us. They make champions look broken, dealing massive, unattainable damage to lower-level players. While apparent factors like efficiency, farming, and positioning contribute to their success, one key reason is their deep knowledge and understanding of champions. This guide aims to compile and share some advanced techniques and insights professionals have acquired over hundreds of hours of play. You can enhance your gameplay and reach new heights in League of Legends by mastering these champion-specific mechanics.



League of Legends Mastering Champions: Unleashing Hidden Potential


Section 1: Unleashing Riven's Potential

Riven is renowned for her animation cancel potential, and one of the most standard techniques is the "Fast Q." By weaving auto-attacks between the casts of her Q ability and quickly clicking on the ground, Riven can significantly increase her damage-per-second (DPS). However, there's more to Riven than meets the eye. Players can combine Q and W abilities with E by utilising the double casting technique, opening up a whole new realm of possibilities. This advanced mechanic requires practice, but it enables Riven players to execute mind-blowing combos and maximize their DPS.


Section 2: Mastering Unique Mechanics

  • Camille's E Flash: By attaching to a wall, flashing, and immediately casting her E2 ability, Camille can redirect her E as if she were attached to the flashed location. This technique provides extra flexibility and allows Camille to reach targets otherwise obstructed.
  • Elise's Spider Form W: Elise's W ability in spider form can be blocked by intervening enemies, reducing her burst potential. However, Elise players can bypass obstacles and ensure maximum damage output by using her spider form Q to lock onto the intended target and then redirecting the W ability.
  • Ivern's Daisy Auto Attack Cancel: Players controlling Ivern often face the issue of opponents escaping Daisy's third auto-attack knock-up. By cancelling Daisy's auto-attack animation with a movement command, players can ensure that the knock-up lands, making Daisy a formidable force in team fights.


Section 3: Simple Tricks, Great Impact

  • Malzahar's Malefic Visions Combo: Malzahar players can maximize their damage output by chaining their abilities. By casting Q and R immediately after the initial E, players can refresh the duration of Malefic Visions, ensuring consistent damage output and optimizing their combo.
  • Miss Fortune's Love Tap: Understanding the mechanics of Miss Fortune's passive Love Tap allows players to switch targets without sacrificing damage. While initially switching targets reduces damage, players can freely attack multiple targets at a certain level, increasing their overall DPS.
  • Nami's Bouncing Bubble: Nami players must adjust their playstyle at 200 AP, as the secondary AP ratio on her W ability reverses how she should approach fights. Casting W on yourself before targeting other champions becomes crucial to maximizing damage potential.


Section 4: Unleashing Nami's Potential

Nami may not appear to be a mechanically intensive champion at first glance, but she possesses an essential spell rotation tip that can significantly increase your damage output. Utilizing Sona's Power Chord passive, it's crucial to incorporate auto-attack resets into your rotation. Enhanced Q allows Nami to reset her auto-attack, making it essential to weave it into your rotation for maximum efficiency. By entering fights with two stacks on your passive, you can auto-attack and then Q reset, optimizing your damage output.


Section 5: Mastering Nocturne's Burst

Nocturne has a unique interaction between his Q and R abilities that affects his burst damage potential. While it's common to use R and then Q mid-air to hit the target simultaneously, this is not the most optimal combo for maximum damage. Nocturne's R damage is not calculated at the moment of impact but rather when the second part of R is pressed. To maximize damage, it is advised to press Q, wait for it to be almost off cooldown, and then press the second R. This technique allows Nocturne to take full advantage of the significant AD buff provided by his Q ability, resulting in higher burst damage.


Section 6: Wukong's Devastating Combo

Wukong's W ability has a unique interaction that should be considered when engaging opponents. With Wukong's W maxed, using it as part of your damage combo instead of engaging with it directly can greatly enhance your damage output. The decoy created by Wukong's W mimics 55% of his outgoing damage. By incorporating W into your damage combo, you ensure that you're not missing out on a significant portion of damage. Consider using flash to close the gap and saving W as part of your combo for optimal damage.


Section 7: Amplifying Sona's Power

Sona possesses a critical mechanic tied to her passive, Power Chord. It not only enhances the next ability used but also acts as an auto-attack reset. However, this auto-attack reset is only applicable when her Q ability is enhanced. To maximize damage, it's crucial to weave the enhanced Q into your rotation. When entering a fight, make sure to have two stacks on your passive so that you can auto-attack and then Q reset. This efficient rotation allows you to optimize your damage output and take full advantage of Sona's abilities.


Section 8: Gragas' Fluid Combos

Gragas has unique considerations when it comes to his combo execution. One important detail is that Gragas' W ability interrupts his auto-attack animation, preventing him from casting other spells during its activation. To ensure maximum damage and a seamless crowd control chain, it is essential to perform animation cancels and avoid buffering auto-attacks during your E ability. By casting R before auto-attacking, you can control the target while guaranteeing that your ultimate lands successfully. For a full maximum damage combo, consider animation canceling your Q during the flight of your E, enabling you to quickly chain abilities.

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