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Guild Wars 2 Solo Farm Method: Special Roots

In this guide, we'll be delving into the art of farming Special Roots in Guild Wars 2. These roots are in high demand at the auction house because they can be exchanged with an NPC to complete one of the hearts in Mount Maelstrom swiftly. Not only does this save time for those pursuing map completion, but it also presents an opportunity for lucrative gold farming. So, let's embark on this journey together and explore the details!



Guild Wars 2 Solo Farm Method: Special Roots



To effectively engage in Special Roots farming, it's essential to gear up with equipment from our Bloodstone World Heights Farm. If you haven't checked out that video yet, give it a watch. Additionally, for this particular farm, playing as a Deadeye class is recommended, as it currently possesses the ability to maintain permanent stealth, which is crucial for success.


Farming Method

  • Location: Make your way to Barst Valley in Mount Maelstrom. The farm centers around a cave situated on the east side of the Waypoint. You can find the entrance to the cave on the eastern side of the structure. Follow the designated path to reach the cave entrance.
  • Maintaining Stealth: Once inside the cave, you'll come across 35 Special Roots. These roots have a respawn timer of approximately 2 minutes, although it tends to be closer to 1 minute and 45 seconds based on recorded footage. To gather the roots effectively, it's vital to remain stealthy at all times. If you're unfamiliar with playing a permanent stealth build, see the Perma Stealth Farm guide
  • Gathering and Downtime: After collecting the Special Roots, take advantage of the downtime by gathering other valuable resources like platinum and hardwood in the surrounding area. Keep an eye out for valuable materials dropped by the nearby mobs as well.
  • Repeat: Once the roots have respawned, re-enter the cave and embark on another round of gathering. Repeat this process as many times as you desire.


Profit Potential

Currently, Special Roots can be sold for just under 4 silver if you choose to sell them instantly. However, listing them on the trading post can fetch you approximately 6.4 silver per root. On average, around 500 of these roots are sold daily. Selling large quantities instantly might result in a lower price per root, so it's wise to consider your selling strategy carefully.



Although the profitability of this farm can vary due to market fluctuations, it is still a worthwhile venture. With hundreds of buy orders between 3 and 4 silver, you can earn approximately one to one and a half gold every two minutes if you choose to sell instantly. This can translate into a significant amount of guild wars 2 gold per hour. However, please note that respawn timers and market prices should be taken into account when estimating profits. If the market prices decline, you can always explore other farms to maintain a steady income.

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