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How to master the Mesmer in Guild Wars 2, 2023?

If you've been captivated by the Mesmer mesmerizing abilities and want to delve into the intricacies of this unique profession, you've come to the right place. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the mesmerizing world of the Mesmer in Guild Wars 2. From understanding the core mechanics to exploring the elite specializations, we'll equip you with the knowledge and strategies to become a formidable force on the battlefield. So, prepare to unravel the secrets of illusion, deception, and control as we embark on an enchanting journey through the mesmer's realm.


How to master the Mesmer in Guild Wars 2, 2023?


Mechanics and Shatter Abilities

The Mesmer possesses a unique professional mechanic called shatter abilities. These abilities are mind wrack, cry frustration, diversion, and distortion. Mind Wrack deals direct strike damage or on-hit damage, Cry of Frustration inflicts condition damage over time, diversion dazes the target (interrupting them temporarily), and distortion grants temporary invulnerability to the Mesmer.


The effectiveness of these shatter abilities is enhanced by the number of illusions shattered. Mesmers create clones and phantasms using weapons, utility skills, and traits. Clones are weaker copies of the Mesmer that auto-attack nearby enemies, while phantasms are tied to weapon skills and perform special attacks before reverting to clones.


At any given time, Mesmers can have a maximum of three clones and an unlimited number of phantasms. However, clones and phantasms only last for a short duration. When a shatter skill is used, it destroys all active clones, resulting in increased damage, longer dazes, or longer invulnerability based on the number of clones shattered. Shatter effects occur both near the clones and at the Mesmer's location.


Trait Lines

The Mesmer has five trait lines: Domination, Dueling, Chaos, Inspiration, and Illusions. Domination focuses on interrupting enemies, stunning or dazing them, and applying vulnerability. Vulnerability increases the target's damage taken for a short time.


Duelling emphasizes dodging enemies and inflicting critical strikes, enhancing both strike damage and condition damage. Chaos is defensive-oriented, providing regeneration (healing over time), randomly applying boons to the Mesmer, and conditions to enemies. Boons are positive effects in Guild Wars 2.


Inspiration revolves around supporting allies and granting defensive boons, while Illusions greatly improves shatter abilities, enabling the Mesmer to deal more damage and apply more conditions to decimate foes.



The Mesmer has a range of interesting weapons that offer different playstyles. The greatsword is a favourite, allowing the Mesmer to deal massive ranged damage with an energy beam, as well as area-of-effect damage and crowd control. The staff is more defensive-oriented, providing escape options and protection while also inflicting conditions.


The main-hand scepter is a medium-range weapon that offers defence and condition application, with the ability to summon clones quickly. The sword is a melee-oriented weapon focusing on deceptive and evasive upfront combat. The off-hand focus improves speed, slows enemies, and damages multiple foes. The pistol enables disabling enemies and dealing high damage to a single target. The torch adds control effects like blinding, burning, and stealth.


Regardless of weapon choice, the Mesmer can adapt to various situations.


Utility Skills

Mesmer utility skills offer a wide range of options for approaching enemies. The available categories are Illusions, Glamour, Manipulation, Mantra, and Signets.


Illusion skills summon illusions and provide additional effects such as stealth, blocking, or boon removal from enemies. Glamour skills create powerful ground effects, reflecting projectiles, enabling stealth, or creating portals for allies to teleport through.


Manipulation skills are defensive-oriented, allowing conditions to be sent to enemies or providing long-distance teleportation. Some manipulation skills can even temporarily revive fallen allies.


Mantra skills have multiple charges, with the last charge being more powerful. They offer support to allies and control over enemies. Signets grant passive effects while equipped and have powerful active abilities when used, but their passive effect goes on cooldown until the skill recharges.


Playstyle and Tips

The focus of Mesmer's playstyle is manipulation, distraction, and overwhelming enemies. With illusions tanking enemies, Mesmers can inflict numerous conditions quickly, stun, and daze opponents while their health bars diminish.


Timing shatter skills are essential. Since shattering deletes clones, the Mesmer can be vulnerable to counter-attacks, especially against stronger enemies. Learning to use shatters appropriately allows for maximum effectiveness while quickly summoning new clones to distract and tank enemies.


Mesmers have various escape options, so use them liberally when under pressure.


Levelling Tips

While levelling your Mesmer to level 80, focus on illusion skills and trait lines. This ensures a high number of clones that can handle any encounter. Remember that shatter skills also have effects near the Mesmer, so you don't always need illusions on your kill target. Being close is enough to trigger the ability.


Confusion is an excellent condition, particularly against enemies that frequently use skills. Confusion inflicts damage over time and deals even more damage when enemies activate their skills.


End-Game Content

The Mesmer can fulfill different roles in end-game content. Due to their ability to inflict conditions like torment and confusion, Mesmers excel in condition damage. Stat lines like Viper's, Carrion, or The Grieving work well for condition-focused builds. However, Mesmers can also dish out significant direct damage, making Berserker's and Marauder's stat sets effective options.


For a simpler approach, Celestial stat sets are always a good choice.


Elite Specializations

The Chronomancer elite specialization from the Heart of Thorns expansion introduces time manipulation. Shatter skills gain additional effects, and Chronomancers gain access to good abilities, offering offensive and defensive area-of-effect effects. They also acquire the shield weapon, which can block attacks and stun enemies.


The Mirage elite specialization from the Path of Fire expansion emphasizes elusiveness and duelling. Mirage cloak allows continued skill usage while evading attacks, and the Mirage gains access to Ambush skills, which have additional effects and damage while evading. The Mirage also wields the axe, inflicting heavy conditions on enemies.


The Virtuoso elite specialization from the End of Dragons expansion replaces clones with mind blades. Shatter abilities now consume blades for additional effects, and the Virtuoso gains psionic skills to control damage and stock new blades. The dagger's main hand allows for stacking blades with skill usage.



The Mesmer is a versatile caster adept at control, confusion, and decimation. With their ability to dance in and out of combat, Mesmers always put on a show. Whether you're interested in the core specialization or the elite specializations, the Mesmer offers diverse gameplay options that can fit various roles in Guild Wars 2.

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