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New World Season 2 New Arena Map: Features, Tips and & Rewards

The latest PTR update for New World has introduced a captivating new Arena map that promises thrilling battles and a visually stunning environment. In this guide, we will explore the features and layout of this new map, disregarding any potential latency issues. Additionally, we will take a closer look at the new rewards available in the Arena. Let's dive in and discover why this map is so much more fun!


New World Season 2 New Arena Map: Features, Tips and & Rewards


Arena Map Overview

The new Arena map boasts a beautiful design that is visually appealing and immersive. With a bright and sunny atmosphere, it offers a refreshing change from dark and gloomy settings. The sandy terrain gives it a unique touch, creating a beach-like vibe. The map incorporates various elements to make the battles more exciting, including different levels, cover options, and obstacles.


Upper Ring:

At the beginning of a match, the upper ring serves as the initial clash point. While melee fighters find it more advantageous due to the limited cover, ranged characters need to be cautious while closing the distance. There are multiple ways to navigate this area, including jumping down or using the side paths.


Obstacles and Corners:

The map is designed with numerous obstacles and corners that provide strategic advantages during fights. These elements add depth to the gameplay, allowing players to outmaneuver their opponents. For example, the large pillars can be used to kite opponents, and the corners offer opportunities for surprise attacks or escape.


Central Fountain:

The central fountain serves as a focal point for battles. Fighting around this structure provides a satisfying experience, as it offers partial cover and allows for strategic positioning. While it limits direct approaches, it adds an exciting dynamic to the engagements.


Side Areas and Hidden Corners:

Exploring the map reveals additional side areas and hidden corners. These locations offer alternative fighting spots and can turn the tide of battles. Players can utilize these areas to gain an advantage or surprise their opponents with unexpected maneuvers.


Gameplay Tips and Observations

While exploring the new Arena map, certain observations and gameplay tips become apparent:

  • Ping and Latency: The author notes that their experience was affected by high latency and ping issues during testing. This impacted the accuracy and timing of abilities and attacks. Keep this in mind when observing the gameplay footage.
  • Stairs and Hit Detection: Melee combat on stairs can be problematic due to hit detection issues. Attacks may not connect as intended, making fighting on stairs less desirable. It remains to be seen if adjustments will be made to address this issue.
  • High Ground Advantage: The map offers opportunities to utilize the advantage of high-ground positions. Characters on elevated platforms can force opponents to navigate around obstacles, giving them an upper hand in engagements.


New Arena Rewards

The new Arena map introduces exciting rewards for victorious combatants. While specific details about normal gear drops remain unknown, the author received two named weapons, the Remnant and the Valve Engine. These New World powerful items add a sense of accomplishment and incentivize players to strive for victory in the Arena.



The new Arena map introduced in the New World PTR is a welcome addition, providing players with a visually appealing and engaging environment for intense battles. With its diverse layout, strategic elements, and immersive design, this map promises a refreshing and fun experience for Arena enthusiasts. Additionally, the introduction of new rewards adds further incentive for players to test their skills and claim victory in the Arena. So, gear up and prepare for thrilling combat on this exciting new map!

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