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New World PTR New Features: Ultimate Trophies, Legendary Gypsum Casts, and More!

The Public Test Realm has recently unveiled a plethora of exciting new features, some of which were not officially announced or showcased in the patch notes. While it's important to note that not all of these items may be intended for the next patch and might be introduced at a later date, there are several noteworthy additions that we want to highlight. Let's take a closer look at these unannounced items that have piqued the interest of many players.


New World PTR New Features: Ultimate Trophies, Legendary Gypsum Casts, and More!


Ultimate Trophies

One of the most talked-about additions is the Ultimate Trophies available in the faction shop. These trophies offer a unique solution to the issue of limited trophy slots. The Ultimate Combat Trophy, Ultimate Crafting Trophy, and Ultimate Gathering Trophy combine all major trophies into a single Ultimate Trophy. This includes every trophy  except for the Luck Trophy, which is excluded from the Gathering Trophy. To obtain the Ultimate Trophies, you'll need three Ultimate Trophies along with your Luck Trophy, provided you have every potential boost  (excluding special event ones). 


However, it's important to note that the developers consider this a temporary solution and not a long-term fix for the trophy slot problem. The Ultimate Trophies come with a hefty price tag of 95,000 tokens, which exceeds the current earning capacity. Additionally, each component for the trophies costs 45,000 gold, requiring a total of nine components and resulting in a grand total of 405,000 gold.


Legendary Gypsum Casts

Changes have been made to the Gypsum costs and cooldowns. Instead of the previous daily cooldown, players now have a seven-day cooldown to make seven casts. This change greatly improves the quality of life by allowing players to complete their Gypsum casts over a week instead of needing to log in daily. However, there is also a new addition to the Gypsum cast lineup: Legendary Casts. As the name suggests, these casts guarantee a legendary item. The Legendary Casts cost five Gypsum Ops and require 1,000 Ambroil Shards. Unlike the standard casts, the Legendary Casts follow the one-per-day cooldown, not the new cooldown introduced for other Gypsum casts. 


It's worth noting that the developers' mention of the new Gypsum Ops cooldown may be related to the upcoming expansion or the leveling of the watermark for a new weapon. While the Legendary Casts could potentially provide better attributes, the recent change to attribute perks on Gypsum gear was not explicitly clarified. It remains uncertain whether the gear's attributes will be optimized towards the item's preferred stats. Crafted with humble shards, the Legendary Casts do not provide any Amber Shards upon use, making them a more niche option suitable for players who engage in consistent speed runs or have an excess of Amber Shards.


Gathering Rewards & Next Tier Resources Hint

Gathering skills now offer additional rewards through new resources. These resources, which vary based on the gathering skill, can be collected during gathering activities. For example, logging has new resources that grant extra logging XP when collected and can be turned into research notes specific to logging. The XP gained from these resources depends on the tier of the resource being gathered. Interestingly, the logging research notes for Ironwood are labeled as blue, which deviates from the usual purple color associated with resources connected to the current top-tier expertise. 


This subtle change suggests the possibility of a new gathering tier being introduced with the expansion. Considering the glimpse we've had of the new zone and its unique trees, it's plausible that these trees represent the next tier of resources or at least a significant addition to the gathering system. Furthermore, changes to bait mechanics have been made, with baits now primarily affecting rarity. Premium baits, such as the premium Nightcrawler bait, offer larger boosts for catching better fish but only during specific times of the day. This adjustment enhances the fishing experience, and it's likely that there will be further fishing-related additions to explore in the future.


New Gear, Food, Bags & Tools

One of the intriguing additions on the PTR is Artisan gear. Crafted with minimal cooldown materials, this gear comes with a potential gear score of 600-600 locked. Each piece is named and possesses two unique perks, excluding the shields. Notably, the Artisan's round Shield stands out with its impressive combination of 15 strength, Keen Vicious, and Enchanted perks. This makes it an excellent choice for dealing substantial damage, especially when paired with specific weapons such as Primordial Edge Scorpio or a two-perk assault with Broken Attunement.


The Artisan's Rings, while not particularly special, provide additional options for gear customization. Additionally, the Artisan's Satchel is a highly sought-after bag with a gear score of 600. Boasting lasting consumption and luck-locked perks, this bag offers a convenient alternative to the gamble of runestone stopwatches. It's worth noting that the Artisan gear and bags come with higher resource costs compared to other items.


In the culinary department, two noteworthy food recipes have surfaced. The Artisan's Flat Bread, although requiring additional resources, provides a longer-lasting hearty meal. However, the highlight is the Artisan's Roasted Rabbit with Seasoned Vegetables. This delectable dish not only lasts longer but is also bind-on-pickup, exclusively crafted for personal use. This addition aims to offer an alternative to the more recent Brimstone recipes, making older recipes more competitive.


Moreover, the PTR introduces Artisan Gathering Tools, which come with unique perks suitable for a gear score of 600. These tools offer best-in-slot perks such as Gathering Alacrity, Yield Luck, and Discipline, making them ideal for farming aptitude caches. It's important to remember that these features might be subject to change, as they are part of testing for future expansions.


The Ultimate Trophy Problem

One of the primary concerns raised by the player base revolves around the ultimate trophies. The developers have stated that the current solution is temporary and not a long-term fix. While this is worth noting, many players feel that a basic version of combat trophies could greatly benefit them, especially in terms of inventory space. Not all players require major combat trophies, as they are not speedrunners. Offering basic versions of trophies would be beneficial for newer players or those who prefer a simpler setup.


The current price tag for these trophies, amounting to 405,000 gold, has drawn criticism as it seems excessive for a temporary solution. While some players enjoy using trophies as a form of display, the primary concern lies in improving housing functionality without such a hefty cost. It is hopeful that the developers will reconsider the pricing based on community feedback, ensuring that basic functionalities are accessible to a wider player base.


New Functionalities

Beyond crafting and gathering changes, the PTR has unveiled numerous functionality changes and hidden features. While these details require further exploration, they promise to enhance gameplay and offer exciting experiences for players. Stay tuned for more information on new weapons and additional updates, as we will be covering them in the coming days. If you're interested in getting an early sneak peek at trading tips related to these changes, consider subscribing and clicking the notification bell. For those who already support us on Patreon, we extend our heartfelt thanks.



The unannounced items discovered on the PTR offer a glimpse into the future of the game. While not all of these features may make it into the next patch, they present exciting possibilities for players. The Artisan gear, new food options, legendary gypsum, and ultimate trophies have garnered attention and sparked discussion within the community. Remember that these items are subject to change and may be intended for future expansions. Stay informed, provide feedback, and continue to explore the evolving world of the game.

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