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How to Prepare For New World Season 2?

With New World Season 2 just around the corner, it's time to start preparing for the exciting new content and challenges that await you. In this guide, we will discuss some important steps you can take right now to make the most of the update. Whether you're looking to earn more gw2 coins or get ready for the new season, these tips will help you get ahead. Let's dive in!


How to Prepare For New World Season 2?


Gypsum Kiln Changes

The Gypsum Kiln is undergoing significant changes in Season 2. One notable update is the introduction of legendary crafting options. By spending five Gypsum Orbs and 1,000 Dumbbell Shards, you can guarantee a legendary item. Keep in mind that the specific item you receive will be random. Additionally, the cooldown for crafting has been adjusted, allowing you to craft seven items per week instead of one per day. This change provides more flexibility in selecting the type of Gypsum you want to craft. Consider saving your Gypsum Orbs for the items that align with your goals, whether it's acquiring legendary gear or earning expertise.


Increased Gypsum Rewards

With Season 2, there are enhanced opportunities to earn Gypsum. You can now obtain two Emerald Gypsums per day, primarily from aptitude chests and ports. This is a notable increase from the previous limit of one per day. Take advantage of these additional Gypsum rewards to maximize your progress and gain more expertise.


Major Breach Upgrades

Major breaches obtained from corrupted portals will now offer loot upgrades up to 600 gear scores. This includes items without the need for plus-rush items, invasions, or war-related activities. Focus on collecting major breaches and save them until Season 2 arrives. By continuously upgrading them, you increase your chances of obtaining the powerful gear with third perks.


Faction Tokens

It is advisable to save your faction tokens as Season 2 introduces new rewards and changes to the faction system. Notably, faction gear now includes skins, but they come at a high cost of 50,000 tokens and 7,500 gold. Additionally, new trophy items called Ultimate Combat Trophies, Ultimate Crafting Trophies, and Ultimate Gathering Trophies have been introduced. These trophies require specific combinations of major trophies and cost 100,000 tokens and 45,000 gold per trophy. Consider accumulating faction tokens and planning your purchases wisely to take advantage of the new rewards.


Seasonal Raids and Trials

Season 2 brings new raid content and seasonal trials. Familiarize yourself with the seasonal trial called "The Hatchery", located in Brimstone Sands. Ensure you have the appropriate gear, such as Human Ward gear, which is effective against the Verandian enemies found in the trial. Additionally, prepare for upcoming raid content that is likely to feature acid-related challenges. Obtaining acid resistance gear, such as Chitin Padding, will prove valuable for these encounters. Consider crafting medium or heavy armour if you prefer those roles. Additionally, craft Major Beast Trophies to improve your chances of success in the raid. Keep an eye on the sandworm event and its associated requirements for future preparation.


Craft and Purchase Essential Items

Crafting medium-con B-Squad gear during the Season 2 quests is recommended, but if you prefer light or heavy armour, consider preparing those as well. Additionally, infusions like health potions and regeneration potions might be in high demand due to increased content activity. Stock up on these items in advance.


Consider Selling Fishing-related Items

If you have fish roe and fish sauce, it might be a good time to sell them, as fishing mechanics are changing in Season 2. Fishing expert Piped advises selling these items before the update, as their prices may decrease afterwards.


Collect Transmog Items

If you have spare time before the update, consider collecting transmog appearances for your desired in-game items. Many Roman-themed appearances are available, and the New World database can provide information on where to obtain them.


Gold Management

Exercise caution when spending your new world coins. While the expansion is still a few months away, it's advisable to save your gold for future expenses or investment opportunities. Keep an eye on market fluctuations, especially for materials like Munich Leather and Phoenixweave, and consider selling when prices are favourable.



Season 2 is still a few months away, so there's no rush to complete all preparations immediately. Take your time, explore the new content, and adapt your strategy as needed. By following these steps, you'll be well-prepared to tackle the challenges and make the most of the Season 2 update in New World. 

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