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New World Update: PvE QoL Improvements, Sand Worm Raid, and Exciting Loot!

Hello adventurers! The second wave of the new Lost City of Atlantis patch is finally here, and it brings some exciting changes, particularly for PvE players. Alongside the highly anticipated Sand Worm raid and a new event, there are various quality-of-life improvements that will enhance your gameplay experience. Let's delve into the details!


New World Update: PvE QoL Improvements, Sand Worm Raid, and Exciting Loot!


General Fixes and Quest Adjustments

First and foremost, this update addresses several minor bugs and quest-related issues, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience. These fixes contribute to an overall improvement in the quality of life for players.


Depth Changes

One interesting change introduced in this update is the reduction in health for Apocalypse Mines in the mutator mode of the Depths. This adjustment comes after previous nerfs to Thorpe's backleaf, indicating a need for better balance and increased participation in the Depths activities.


Revised Expedition Elite Enemies

A significant change in this update is the removal of pushback applied from player attacks that do not cause a stagger on elite enemies encountered during expeditions. Previously, players could use light attacks to strategically push mobs closer to each other, making it easier to deal area-of-effect damage.


With this change, such tactics will no longer be possible, which will have both positive and negative implications. On the positive side, mobs will be more closely grouped, allowing for more consistent hits with basic attacks in larger groups. However, certain strategies that relied on pushing enemies may be affected, requiring players to adapt their playstyles accordingly.


War and Arena Fixes

In response to player feedback, attackers in wars will no longer encounter issues with purchasing siege weapons. Additionally, in 3D arenas, a lengthy and unnecessary voice line from Thorpe about dredging out more challenges has been removed. Although this change may have a small impact, it improves the overall experience for players participating in these activities.


Faction Tokens and Jewelry Changes

Players who previously faced issues obtaining max-rank faction tokens will find relief in this update. The maximum reputation cap has been increased to 150,000, making it easier to acquire faction tokens at all levels. Furthermore, all jewellery items have been renamed to "Exemplary Jewelry," though the reason for this change remains unclear.


Weaver's Fan Faction Control Button

The Weaver's Fan faction control button has undergone a change from providing a global tax value to offering a global refining yield. This adjustment, previously present in First Light, is now accessible elsewhere, providing a valuable buff to players.


Weapon Weight Adjustments

A notable change introduced in this update is the adjustment of weapon weights. Initially, there was an error that displayed exaggerated weight values, but the actual new weights are now more reasonable. These changes will result in most weapons being lighter and occupying less inventory space. This adjustment is particularly beneficial for expedition runs, where clearing out weapons quickly after a run is crucial to avoid inventory clutter.


Perk Changes and Improved Loot Drops

One significant improvement is the removal of inconsistent perk combinations on gear drops. Equipment items found in the world of Aeternum now use new perk buckets based on content types, eliminating combinations such as Resilient and Ward perks together. This change allows players to replace gems on Invasion and Breach Closer trinkets and ensures more consistent perk distribution.


Additionally, corrupted breaches now offer updated armour and weapons, always rolling one specific family of Bane or Ward perks. The appearance of the previous Corruption Bridge items is maintained, and the old armour and weapons will no longer drop. This change introduces new elite items and grants players the opportunity to obtain Bane or Ward craft mods from these caches.


Noteworthy Loot Drops

Among the updated loot drops, some noteworthy items include:

  • Glacial Rage Ice Gauntlet: Now rolls Pylon, Burst Angry Earth Bane, and Keenly Empowered, offering potential benefits for AoE damage.
  • Moonless Knight Sword: Replaced Rogue Model Lifestyle with Human Bane, making it a solid DPS option.
  • Smasher Hammer: Swapped Mortal Lifesteal with Enchanted, providing a viable choice for bruiser-style play.
  • Flames of the Breach Fire Staff: Removed Model Fortification and Keenly Fortified, now featuring Refreshing Evasion, Keenly Empowered, and Empowering Incinerate.
  • Duck Off Knight Great Axe: Model Lifestyle swapped with Keenly Jag, along with Chain Void and Short Footing perks.
  • Rapier: Model Fortification swapped with Keen Eject while retaining Refreshing Ward and Chain Void perks.
  • Breach Blooded Rifle Musket: Model Lifestyle swapped with Refreshing Powershot, providing potential versatility in certain scenarios.


Minor Fixes and Musket Buff

Alongside the major changes, several minor fixes have been implemented to address various issues. Additionally, the musket's radical marker speed has been increased to improve clarity during chaotic battles, providing a better visual experience for musket users.



With this update, New World brings several quality-of-life changes for PvE players, along with interesting adjustments that will impact gameplay. The revised expedition elite enemies, weapon weight adjustments, improved loot drops, and various bug fixes enhance the overall PvE experience. Keep an eye out for the Sand Worm raid and the new event as well. Enjoy your adventure

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