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5 Things You Need To Do Before Max Level in Guild Wars 2

Congratulations on reaching the max level in Guild Wars 2! Now that you've reached the end game, there are plenty of exciting activities and rewards waiting for you. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to decide where to begin. In this guide, We will provide you with a recommended order of things to do based on my experience playing the game. Remember, this is my opinion, and you're free to play the game however you like. So, let's dive into the first five things you should do at max level in Guild Wars 2.


5 Things You Need To Do Before Max Level in Guild Wars 2


Start and Complete the Path of Fire Story

Upon reaching level 80, We highly recommend starting and completing the Path of Fire story. This expansion will introduce you to mounts, which are incredibly valuable and enhance your ability to traverse the game world. By completing the Path of Fire story, you will unlock four mounts: the raptor, the springer, the skimmer, and the jackal. Each mount has a unique traversal ability, making it easier to scale heights, leap across chasms, or travel across water.


Additionally, you can further improve these mount abilities through the mastery system. While progressing through the story, you'll also have the opportunity to unlock the griffin, one of the flying mounts in the game. Keep in mind that unlocking the griffin requires 250 gold, so it's a costly endeavor. There are other mounts available as well, such as the war claw tied to World vs. World, the roller beetle, and the sky scale tied to Living World Season 4. However, the mounts obtained through the Path of Fire story will be more than sufficient to navigate the game world effectively.


Unlock Gliding

The next account-wide feature you should focus on is gliding. Gliding is a mastery system tied to the Heart of Thorns expansion and provides incredible versatility in traversing the game world. It allows you to glide through the air, preventing lethal fall damage and enabling you to ascend to higher locations using updrafts. You can learn the gliding skill in either Heart of Thorns or End of Dragons, but We recommend focusing on Heart of Thorns as the mastery system allows you to upgrade your gliding abilities.


Train the mastery until you reach at least level 3, which unlocks the lean technique. This technique extends your gliding duration and allows you to speed up or float backwards. Gliding can be a lifesaver in various situations, so it's essential to unlock and master this skill.


Obtain Exotic Gear

Gear progression is crucial for improving your capabilities in end-game content. We recommend obtaining a full set of exotic gear for your character. Exotic gear has level 80 stats and provides a significant power boost. Research your class and preferred playstyle to determine the optimal gear for your build. You can find exotic gear on the trading post, and it's relatively affordable, costing a few guild wars 2 gold per piece.


Acquiring exotic gear will greatly enhance your performance in end-game modes such as instanced PvE content and structured PvP. It's worth noting that in structured PvP, your stats are determined by an amulet that everyone has access to, so gear doesn't play a role. However, having exotic gear will give you an advantage in other game modes.


Join a Guild

Guilds are a fantastic way to connect with other players and gain valuable knowledge about the game. They can provide assistance and guidance in various aspects of the game, especially in end-game content. Look for a guild that aligns with your interests, whether it's focused on PvP, World vs. World, raids, or strikes. Joining a guild allows you to ask questions, seek advice, and participate in activities with experienced players. Additionally, many guilds have their own guild halls, which can provide unique benefits and serve as a gathering place for guild members. Feel free to reach out and join a guild that suits your playstyle and preferences.


Unlock Elite Specializations

Elite specializations offer exciting new gameplay options for your character. Unlocking these specializations requires 250 hero points for each elite spec tied to your account. To earn hero points, We recommend visiting any of the three expansion zones, as they provide 10 points per node compared to the core Tyria nodes that only grant one point. The hero points in the heart of Thorns zones can be challenging, often involving champion-level enemies.


It's beneficial to have guild members or join hero point trains to tackle these difficult encounters. The hero point trains consist of large groups of players working together to earn hero points. Keep an eye on the map chat or use the looking for group feature to find these trains. Once you unlock your elite specializations, you'll have access to powerful new abilities and playstyles for your character.



All in all, reaching the max level in Guild Wars 2 opens up a whole new world of exciting events and rewards. Above are five important things recommended to get the most out of your final gaming experience. Remember this is just a suggested sequence of activities based on personal experience, and you are free to play the game any way you like.

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