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League of Legends Support 13.12 Tier List: Nerfs, Buffs, and Unexpected Changes

Welcome, fellow support mains, to the League of Legends Support 13.12 tier list guide! I'm here to bring you all the updates for this patch. The patch is live across all servers, so you can immediately dive into the action. In this guide, we'll discuss the support champions that have received buffs and nerfs and notable item changes. Let's jump right in!

League of Legends Support 13.12 Tier List: Nerfs, Buffs, and Unexpected Changes


Champion Changes

  • Ashe: Surprisingly, Ashe has been buffed in this patch. Riot seems to want her to be viable as both an ADC and a support. The buffs mainly focus on her passive and ultimate, but the changes don't significantly impact her viability as a support pick.
  • Kog'Maw: Kog'Maw received a nerf to his W damage, which affects his attack range and overall damage output. Additionally, Lulu, Yuumi, and Nami are also being nerfed. These changes collectively impact the hyper carry support playstyle.
  • Lulu: Lulu has taken a hit this patch, with reduced armor, decreased passive damage, and lower auto-attack damage when using her passive. These changes make her weaker in lane trades, forcing Lulu players to adapt their playstyle accordingly.
  • Yuumi: Yuumi has been hit hard with significant nerfs to her W, E, and ultimate. The changes aim to reduce her overall power level and limit her viability as a support champion.
  • Rell: Rell had a rework in the previous patch and received substantial buffs, but now some adjustments have been made to balance her. While her damage output has been reduced, her Q cast time has improved, making land easier. These changes aim to refine her gameplay experience.
  • Soraka: Soraka has risen to Tier 1 due to the buffs to Moonstone Renewer, which greatly benefits her healing capabilities. Combined with her other strengths, Soraka is expected to perform exceptionally well this patch.
  • Zyra: Zyra may receive changes in the next patch to potentially bring her into Tier 1. Keep an eye out for any updates on her status.


Item Changes

  • Ardent Censer: Ardent Censer's on-hit damage has been reduced, making it less desirable for most compositions. Starcaller's Staff (formerly Staff of Flowing Water) is now the preferred choice for most situations, except for compositions heavily reliant on auto-attacks.
  • Imperial Mandate: Although there have been some adjustments, the changes are not significant enough to deem Imperial Mandate overpowered. It continues to be a viable option, particularly for champions like Nami.
  • Moonstone Renewer: Moonstone Renewer has been buffed, shifting its scaling from haste to heal and shield power. This change greatly benefits champions like Sona, enhancing their healing potential. Keep an eye on this item's impact in the meta.



In this patch, several hyper-carry supports, such as Lulu, Yuumi, and Nami, have been nerfed, while champions like Soraka and Rell have risen in prominence. Ardent Censer is less favoured, with Starcaller's Staff being the go-to item in most cases. Imperial Mandate and Moonstone Renewer have seen some changes, but their viability remains intact. Consider trying sleeper picks like Annie and Maokai, who can surprise opponents with their effectiveness. Stay updated with future changes, and remember to adapt your playstyle accordingly.

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