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Throne and Liberty: Addressing Concerns and Unveiling the Game's Potential

Throne and Liberty, an upcoming MMORPG, has generated a lot of discussions and opinions among gamers. In this article, we aim to address some of the most talked-about complaints and offer different perspectives on these subjects. It is important to approach these discussions rationally and consider the overall picture before forming an opinion. While personal feelings are crucial in determining our enjoyment of a game, it is also essential not to let them cloud our judgment.


Throne and Liberty: Addressing Concerns and Unveiling the Game


Taking a Rational Approach

Before delving into the specific criticisms, it's important to adopt a rational approach when assessing a game. Personal feelings play a significant role in determining our enjoyment, but they can sometimes cloud our judgment. It's advised to take a step back and consider the bigger picture, as different viewpoints may help us appreciate something we initially disliked.


Combat Concerns

One of the primary complaints about Throne and Liberty is the combat system. Some players were disappointed to discover that the game utilizes tap-targeting static combat, which can feel clunky and needs movement abilities. However, it's essential to evaluate combat within the context of the game's massive multiplayer aspect. When multiple players are involved, the limitations of movement abilities become more manageable. Additionally, the strategic nature of combat in Throne and Liberty, coupled with a smaller skill set, offers a unique experience that may appeal to certain players.


Addressing Expectations

Considering the developers of Throne and Liberty, Ncsoft, are known for titles like Blade and Soul and Guild Wars 2, some players expected a more fluid and responsive combat system. While these expectations led to disappointment, it's important to remember that combat preferences are subjective. What might not suit one player's taste may resonate with another, especially those who enjoy old-school MMO combat reminiscent of Lineage II.


Out of Combat Concerns

Another commonly raised concern is the out-of-combat system known as Astral Hunting in Throne and Liberty. It is crucial to approach this topic with an understanding of real money traders who engage in activities like selling bots and other game-related items for profit. These traders view Astral Hunting as a threat to their business, as it eliminates the need to grind low-level creatures for extended periods. While some players may enjoy such grinding, it is not necessarily an activity that the majority looks forward to. Implementing features like Astral Hunting can enhance the overall gameplay experience for many.


Auto Combat and Pay-to-Win Elements

The ability to use auto combat while offline for up to 8 hours a day, which can be unlocked through the purchase of the battle pass, has raised concerns about pay-to-win elements. However, it's important to differentiate between out-of-game advantages and in-game advantages. The auto-combat feature, in this case, does not provide an in-game superiority over actively playing the game. It allows players to close their computers without leaving the game idle. This feature does not contribute to pay-to-win elements within Throne and Liberty.


Trading System and Real Money Traders

Throne and Liberty's trading system involves using a cash-up currency, which some may perceive as pay-to-win. However, this approach allows players who do not spend money to enjoy the cash shop by earning the currency through in-game activities. Implementing such a system helps combat real money traders, as it provides players with an official and transparent way to trade items. The introduction of a trade tax further discourages market manipulation and makes real money trading less profitable.


Emphasizing the Good

Despite the concerns raised, there are several positive aspects of Throne and Liberty that players can look forward to. The game boasts stunning graphics, an expansive world with varied landscapes, and impressive optimization. In terms of customization and intricate systems, Throne and Liberty delivers a satisfying experience. Questing is also regarded positively, offering enjoyable gameplay. Additionally, the game emphasizes the journey and takes its time with levelling and exploration, capturing the essence of earlier MMORPGs.



When discussing Throne and Liberty, it is important to approach the criticisms and opinions surrounding the game with rationality and a broader perspective. While personal feelings play a role in determining our enjoyment of a game, it is crucial not to let them cloud our judgment. Evaluating the combat system in the context of the game's multiplayer aspect reveals that the limitations of movement abilities can be managed, and the strategic nature of combat offers a unique experience for certain players.

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