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League of Legends Patch 13.12 Champions Tier List for Each Lane

Welcome to our guide on the current patch's champions 13.12 Tier List in League of Legends! Based on the data from the last 24 hours, we have compiled a list of the best picks on the Rift. This article will provide some build information and tips for each champion. 

League of Legends Patch 13.12 Champions Tier List for Each Lane


Top Laners

  • Fiora: Despite no changes in this patch, Fiora remains a strong pick. The addition of Stridebreaker is amazing for her, providing extra attack damage and a slow to suppress key targets.
  • Darius: With the new Trinity Force, Darius becomes a huge threat due to increased attack damage and attack speed. His snowball potential is enormous.
  • Jax: Jax is still a top-tier pick with Trinity Force and Divine Sunderer. His empowered attacks and scaling make him a strong duelist.
  • Malphite: A great choice against attack damage champions in the top lane. Although he has counters, when picked as a counter, he can dominate the lane.
  • Olaf: Olaf excels in the top lane with his strong laning phase and ability to stick to enemy champions. Consider taking Flash and Ghost for extra mobility.



  • Kindred: With Trinity Force, Kindred becomes a powerhouse due to the extra attack damage and attack speed. Kiting becomes even more effective for this ranged champion.
  • Rengar: Utilizing Dustblade, Rengar benefits from the increased damage and damage threshold. He is a snowballing assassin with great burst potential.
  • Rek'Sai: The recent Stridebreaker buff benefits Rek'Sai, allowing her to stick to enemy champions and amplifying her gap-closing capabilities.
  • Nidalee: Nidalee has become oppressive, especially in high ELO, due to recent buffs to her armor and armor growth. She dominates the jungle with her strong kit.


Mid Lane

  • Ahri: Ahri remains a solid pick with good win rates and versatility.
  • Akshan: The only AD mid laner on the list, Akshan performs exceptionally well with various builds. Consider items like Crown of the Shattered Queen and Nashor's Tooth.
  • Annie: Nothing much has changed for Annie this patch, and she continues to be a popular and reliable mid laner.
  • Azir: Azir has seen improvements with recent buffs, particularly with a focus on his W ability. Building Nashor's Tooth can be beneficial.
  • LeBlanc: LeBlanc performs well against Azir and has been performing strongly in higher ELOs, especially when building Statikk Shiv.
  • Neeko: Neeko is performing exceptionally well after recent buffs. She synergizes with items like Rocketbelt and Sorcerer's Shoes.



  • Draven: Draven remains an incredibly powerful ADC. Consider building items like Duskblade to increase his damage potential.
  • Ezreal: With Trinity Force, Ezreal becomes a force to be reckoned with. The recommended build includes Trinity Force, Manamune, and Ravenous Hydra for maximum damage output.
  • Samira: Samira, when paired with Duskblade, becomes extremely strong. The recent bug fixes to her ultimate make her a potent threat in team fights.
  • Karthus: Karthus, an AP champion played as an ADC, has seen incredible success in high ELOs. His sustained damage and ability to deal with close-range champions make him a solid pick.



  • Blitzcrank: Blitzcrank remains a strong support due to his hook ability. Landing crucial hooks can turn the tide of the game in your favor.
  • Rell:Rell has become an amazing engage support with a win rate above 56% in higher ELOs. Her crowd control abilities and tankiness make her a valuable pick.



These are the most broken champions in League of Legends patch 13.12, based on recent statistics. Whether you prefer dominating the top lane, wreaking havoc in the jungle, outplaying opponents in the mid lane, or providing support from the bot lane, there's a champion here for you.

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