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10 Areas Impact That Could Benefit From Reworks in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has been a popular game for a while now, and with the longevity of a game comes the need for reworks and improvements. However, the developers have not shown much willingness to address certain issues. In this guide, we will discuss ten areas that could benefit from a rework in Genshin Impact.


10 Areas Impact That Could Benefit From Reworks in Genshin Impact


Shatter Reaction

Shatter is considered one of the weakest reactions. Instead of simply buffing its damage, it would be more interesting to explore alternative effects. For example, shatter could provide a multiplicative bonus to other compatible effects like plunging attacks, claymore hits, or pyro damage. Additionally, introducing specific bonuses for characters like Mona against frozen enemies could make the reaction more rewarding.


Crystallize Reaction

Crystallize, while providing shields, lacks versatility and impact. Enhancing this reaction could involve making it more reliable for survival purposes or introducing additional effects. One idea is to add a nova of damage corresponding to the element of the crystallized shield when it is picked up. This could also create opportunities for elemental reactions and incentivize building elemental mastery.


Archaic Petra Artifact Set

The Archaic Petra artifact set offers useful bonuses, but its activation mechanics can be improved. Currently, only the character wearing the set can activate the bonus by picking up the shards. A more desirable change would allow any character in the party to activate the set bonus by picking up the shards, making it more accessible and versatile.


Burning Reaction

While burning enables pyro application, its damage output is underwhelming. Transforming burning into a strong damage-over-time effect would make it more impactful. By allowing burning to stack and adding a reasonable limit, players can enjoy the satisfaction of watching enemies burn over time.


Energy Generation for Specific Characters

Characters like Chongyun, Barbara, and Noelle struggle to generate energy with their elemental skills. To address this, it would be beneficial to modify the energy generation mechanics for these characters. Removing the requirement to hit enemies with abilities and providing energy particles even without enemy contact would make their energy generation more consistent.


Wishing Rewards

The three-star weapons obtained through wishes could be replaced with more valuable rewards related to character development. Instead of receiving duplicate weapons, players would benefit from receiving character experience books, artifacts, or even Mora. This change would make the rewards more relevant to character growth and enhance the overall experience.


Battle Pass Improvements

While Genshin Impact's battle pass offers decent rewards, there are a few areas that could be enhanced. Firstly, adding more weapon options to choose from would provide players with increased selection. Secondly, allowing players to choose talents from any region instead of rotating options would offer more freedom in character development. Lastly, introducing infinite rewards for completed levels, both in the paid and free versions, would provide continuous incentives without overwhelming players.


Character Infusion Mechanics

Improving character infusion mechanics is crucial for enhancing gameplay. Firstly, a character's own infusion should not be overridden by another character's infusion. Secondly, abilities that provide an infusion should persist when swapping characters. This change would make longer-lasting infusions more beneficial, encouraging players to strategize and maximize their effects.


Claymore Charge Attacks

Claymore charge attacks, which are currently underutilized, could be reworked to make them more appealing. Introducing charging mechanics that gradually increase attack speed and damage the longer the button is held would add depth and satisfaction to these attacks. Different charge attacks styles, such as the Beyblade spin or a powerful finishing hit, would further divers.


Artifact Strongbox

The Artifact Strongbox system should be reworked to include every available artifact set. While waiting for a new set to be added to the Strongbox for one patch cycle is understandable, having access to all older sets would improve the farming experience and allow players to target specific artifacts more efficiently.



While Genshin Impact has been successful, continuous improvements and reworks are crucial for its longevity and player satisfaction. Addressing these ten areas would enhance gameplay, balance, and overall enjoyment for the Genshin Impact community.

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