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New World Upgraded Raid Rewards: Hatchery & Sandworm Trial

In this guide, we will discuss the upgraded rewards from the Hatchery and Sandworm Trial in New World. These rewards have undergone significant changes and improvements, making them much more valuable than before. We will provide an overview of the rewards and their benefits. Additionally, we will showcase some gameplay footage of the Hatchery raid to give you a better understanding of how these rewards work.


New World Upgraded Raid Rewards: Hatchery & Sandworm Trial


Hatchery Rewards

When you complete the Hatchery raid, you receive the Hatchery Spoils up to seven times a week. Along with the spoils, you also receive additional New World items. Previously, the rewards included two items of procedurally generated gear, but now you will receive six items instead. In addition, you will also receive potions.


Corsica Bandit Set

The Corsica Bandit Set has undergone changes and now offers improved attributes. Previously, it had refreshing evasion, physical aversion, and freedom. However, freedom has been replaced with the human ward. This set provides a full constitution, and although the attributes can be changed, the default attributes include human ward, physical aversion, and refreshing evasion. This set is a solid choice and an upgrade for players seeking human ward gear.


Scholarly Jungler Set

Similar to the Corsica Bandit Set, the Scholarly Jungler Set has also been updated. Invigorated has been replaced with the human ward, resulting in a set with the human ward, refreshing, and shirking fortification attributes. This combination is highly effective and can be used in conjunction with lights for optimal results. You can mix and match the set pieces to include two pieces with refreshing, shirking fortification and human ward attributes.


Heart Master Set

The heavy Heart Master Set also received an upgrade, replacing Invigorated with the human ward. This set offers refreshing, shirking fortification and human ward attributes. It is a solid choice for players looking for a baseline set without any specific perks. If you don't already have best-in-slot gear with the human ward, this set will be a valuable addition.


Oasis Grave Robbers Weapons

The weapons from the Oasis Grave Robbers have been changed as well. Previously, they had random rolls with different perks. However, now the first perk guarantees a bane perk, and the item rarity is guaranteed to be purple or higher. These weapons are specifically designed for PvE content, and although they may be better in the slot, they offer valuable PvE-specific perks.


Other Rewards

In addition to the gear upgrades, the Hatchery Spoils also offer other rewards. You can obtain Umbral Shots and Smoldering Sand, which can be used to craft single attribute switch items. These items are necessary for modifying other named gear attributes. Additionally, the Hatchery Spoils have a chance to drop the Rid of Adventure, which is otherwise obtained through quests or faction shops. The Rid of Adventure is a valuable item. Furthermore, there is a 15% chance of obtaining a Golden Scarab, which might hold value in future expansions.


Sandworm Rewards

The Sandworm Trial also provides unique rewards. Upon completion, you receive a dedicated piece of gear from the Sandworm, Major Sandworm Spoils (once per week), and Minor Sandworm Spoils (once per day). The Sandworm boss has a vast drop pool, including various randomly named items. Notably, the Minor Hard Run of the Devaro is a significant drop.


Sclerite Gear

The Minor Sandworm Spoils offer the Sclerite Gear, available in light, medium, and heavy variants. This gear comes with Beast Ward, Elemental Aversion, and Refreshing Elemental Aversion. It is considered the best-in-slot combination for Beast Ward, assuming you are not specifically looking for a different perk. Keep in mind that the attributes are still random, so some luck is required to get the desired attributes.


Dune Set

The Dune Set is another option available in light, medium, and heavy variants. It offers Shaking Fortification, Refreshing, and Elemental Aversion attributes. This set is interesting because, before the Shaking Fortification Nerf, it could have been best in the slot. However, after the Nerf, it may not be as effective as Resilient. Nonetheless, it is still a viable option for mitigating elemental damage in PvE situations.


Sandworm Weapons

The Sandworm Trial offers various weapons with unique perk combinations. It's important to note that not all perk combinations are equally good. Let's discuss some of the weapons and their perks:

  • Sword: The sword comes with empowering leaping strike, shunted and vicious. While this combination seems decent, most players prefer enchanted or wish on their shield. Combining the shield from the trial with swords that use rogue would likely be a better option.
  • Great Axe: The great axe has an insatiable graph well, shanded entrenching strikes, and is vicious. While the damage potential may seem high, realistically, an insatiable graph well is not commonly used. Attunement is often a better choice, and other weapons with vicious achievement may outperform this one.
  • Musket: The musket comes with crippling powder burn and enchanted and refreshing moves. The usefulness of these perks needs to be clarified, and they may not offer significant benefits.
  • Blunderbuss: The blunderbuss features enchanted, leaching shrapnel burst and refreshing move. While enchanted is nice, leaching shrapnel burst may not be crucial, and the refreshing move's impact is limited to a single projectile.
  • Bow: The bow includes penetrating rapid shots and enchanted and refreshing moves. While it's not terrible, a bow with attunement may provide more damage in most situations.
  • Hatchet: The hatchet comes with a refreshing torrent and refreshing move and is enchanted. While refreshing torrent was previously overpowered, it has been balanced with a cooldown. This weapon may still find some use in PvE, but in PvP, other options like Bane may be more effective.
  • Fire Staff: The fire staff has been enchanted and vicious, making it very close to being a very good option. However, empowering meteor showers is not widely used, and other perks like chain may be preferred by many fire staff users.
  • Life Staff: The life staff includes keen beacon, blessed, and refreshing moves. While keen beacon may not be popular among players, the refreshing move is a desirable baseline perk. However, there may be other life staff with similar perks available.
  • Hammer: The hammer features enchanted trenching strikes and sundering shockwaves. While it may deal significant damage with a heavy attack, an armour breaker is often more important in PvE. The effectiveness of enchanted trenching strikes relies on landing a heavy attack, making it less optimal compared to other options.
  • Greatsword: The greatsword offers leeching crosscut, enchanted, and trenching strikes. This combination works well in PvP, with enchanted providing extra damage and trenching strikes amplifying it further. While not the absolute best option, it can be effective in certain situations.
  • Rapier: The rapier comes with kintondo, enchanted, and rogue. While enchanted and rogue synergizes well, the inclusion of kintondo limits its potential for bleed-focused builds.
  • Spear: The spear features an amphibian skewer, enchanted and rogue. This combination is very strong, with enchanted offering additional benefits in PvP. Overall, this is an excellent reward option.
  • Ice Gauntlet: The ice gauntlet has pylon burst, enchanted, and refreshing evasion. The combination of enchanted and refreshing evasion seems odd and may not provide significant benefits.
  • Void Gauntlet: The void gauntlet includes enchanted and keenness. While enchanted works well with the gauntlet, the inclusion of nullifying oblivion is undesirable.
  • Shields: The round shield offers shield rush, enchanted, and vicious. This combination is beneficial for players using shield rush. However, the artisan shield offers the same perks, making it a comparable alternative. The tower shield's perks, accelerating resolve and sturdy, are generally not worth considering.


Other Sandworm Gear

In the next patch, there are some new gear options available from the Sandworm, which we'll discuss in this guide. These gear pieces come with unique attributes that make them useful in various situations. Let's dive into the details:

  • Spicy Full Constitution: This gear piece provides health, elemental aversion, and divine attributes. While it lacks specific protection for expeditions, the elemental aversion makes it a versatile choice for both PvE and PvP content. In PvP, there may be better options due to the absence of stamina recovery. However, in PvE, it shines, especially when facing mobs with elemental damage that doesn't match specific mutation types, such as in the Forge expedition. Additionally, it saves you the trouble of upgrading multiple protection amulets, as it functions as an all-rounder. Keep in mind that it offers four constitutions, so it might not be suitable for a DPS-focused build.
  • Ring of Shanichen: This ring is essentially a smooth bone ring with a constitution. While the constitution is a downside for PvE, it has the advantage of having an empty socket. You can insert any gem of your choice into this slot, making it a flexible option. If you are okay with having some constitution in your build, this ring is a great choice. It also performs decently in PvP, especially for weapons that benefit from clean awareness.


Now, moving on to the Sandworm loot drops:

  • Miner Cache: This cache provides humble shots, sandworm material, and 200 pieces of sandworm material per cache. The sandworm material is specifically used to craft the weapons, with each weapon requiring 1,000 materials. If you wait to get the desired weapon, don't worry, you can accumulate the material fairly quickly.
  • Major Cache: This cache is available once a week and provides 200 sandworm materials, three gypsum orbs, 2,000 emerald shots, and a minor heart rate of the Devourer. It contains similar gear to the miner cache, but with some additional rewards. With the potential to obtain up to 400 materials on the first day, you'll have a good starting point for the rest of the week to acquire the weapon you desire.



The recent upgrades to Hatchery rewards in New World have significantly improved their quality, making them highly desirable for PvE players. The Sandworm Trial rewards, particularly the weapons, may still require some adjustments to be considered best in the slot. However, they can still provide enjoyable gameplay experiences for the remaining three months before potential obsolescence. 

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