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Guild Wars 2 Gift of Battle: 2 Solo-Friendly Methods for Acquiring Without PvP Mode

The gift of battle is an essential component for crafting most legendaries in Guild Wars 2. It is typically obtained through the gift of battle reward track in the world versus world (WvW). However, if you prefer something else to the PvP-oriented game mode, there are alternative methods to acquire the gift of battle. In this guide, we will explore two solo-friendly approaches that don't require direct engagement with enemy players



Guild Wars 2 Gift of Battle: 2 Solo-Friendly Methods for Acquiring Without PvP Mode


Method 1: Completing WvW Dailies

One way to progress in the gift of battle reward track is by completing the world versus world dailies. These dailies have specific objectives that do not involve killing other players or capturing major objectives. Here are the objectives and tips on how to complete them:

  • Guard Killer: Defeat five veteran guards found around various objectives. You can either kill them one at a time or clear an entire camp to complete this objective efficiently.
  • Caravan Disrupter: Locate a differently coloured Dolyak icon moving towards a map objective and eliminate it before it reaches its destination. These Dolyaks are usually headed towards the home maps.
  • Land Claimer: Find a flag icon of a different colour and kill the veteran guard defending it. Then, stand in the capture circle to claim it. These objectives are often found in enemy home maps.
  • Veteran Creature Slayer: Choose a location with a veteran creature event from the maps provided. If the event is not currently active, you can either wait for it to respawn or select a different location. Killing the veteran creature progresses toward this objective.
  • Master of Monuments: Locate a monument icon in the center of the borderlands maps with a different colour from your server's colour. Stand in the designated area to capture it.
  • Big Spender: Spend 25 Badges of Honor. The easiest way to accomplish this is by purchasing siege blueprints from the siege vendor under the Badges of Honor tab.
  • Camp Capture: Clear and capture two camps. This objective can be more challenging, but it rewards two reward track potions instead of one.

Completing these dailies will earn you potions of reward track progress. You need 80 potions to finish a reward track but keep in mind that you'll make some progress on the reward track while doing the dailies. Additionally, the world versus world weeklies also provide two potions with each, so it's worth considering if you're actively working on your gift of battle.


Method 2: T6 Participation (Flipping Camps)

If the daily objectives are progressing your reward track quickly enough, maintaining Tier 6 participation can significantly expedite your gift of battle acquisition. Here's how to achieve and maintain Tier 6 participation:

  • Increase Your Participation: Engage in activities that boost your participation, such as killing enemies, capturing sentry points, capturing objectives, and stopping enemy caravans. Continue performing these activities until your participation reaches Tier 6.
  • Maintain Tier 6 Participation: Once you've reached Tier 6, focus on capturing camps near the border waypoints of enemy servers' borderlands. After an enemy captures a camp, a timer will be displayed when you hover over the camp icon on the map. When the timer reaches zero, head to the camp and clear the enemies. You can engage enemies one or two at a time if necessary. Stand in the capture circle until the camp is captured, granting you 10 minutes before your participation starts decaying again.
  • Alternative Participation Boosters: In addition to capturing camps, there are other activities that provide participation and extend its duration. Killing enemy players, veteran creatures, and camp supervisors and capturing sentry points all grant participation time. Killing guards or quartermasters provides two minutes of participation time. Remember that participation carries over when you join or leave WvW, so maintaining it throughout your playtime will save you the effort of regaining Tier 6.


Boosters and Time Efficiency:

To expedite your progress even further, consider using boosters that affect reward track progression in WvW. Here are some boosters to consider:

  • Experience Boosters: Use experience boosters to increase your reward track progress. You can acquire a 30-minute experience booster for one laurel from the laurel vendor.
  • Guild Boosters: If you have access to guild boosts, they provide a permanent 10% boost to reward track progress until you switch to another booster.

Black Lion Boosters, Festival Boosters, and Birthday/Celebration Boosters: These boosters also enhance your reward track progress.



By following the methods outlined in this guide, you can acquire a gift of battle without engaging in PvP directly. You can choose to focus on completing the WvW dailies or maintain Tier 6 participation by capturing camps. Feel free to mix and match these methods based on your preference and playstyle. Remember to take your time, remain patient, and consider using boosters to expedite your progress.

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