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11 Community Suggestions For Improved Gameplay in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is an intense and immersive game that can be made even better with some improvements. In this guide, we will discuss 11 community suggestions for enhancing the gameplay experience. These suggestions have been compiled based on community feedback and personal ideas. Let's dive into each suggestion:


11 Community Suggestions For Improved Gameplay in Escape from Tarkov


Suggestion 1. Bring back Labs key cards

After submitting my list, Battlestate Games quickly reintroduced Labs key cards to the flea market, allowing players to farm Labs again. This move aimed to please Labs enthusiasts and divert cheaters away from other maps, ultimately improving the overall gameplay experience.


Suggestion 2. Buff loot in locked rooms

To make certain locked rooms, such as the marked room, ultra medical, and others, more exciting, We suggested buffing their loot. Battlestate Games implemented this suggestion for the marked rooms on Reserve and Customs, resulting in increased loot and player excitement.


Suggestion 3. Flea market changes

While our suggestion to remove the found in raid requirement for selling eft items on the flea market didn't gain traction, it sparked a community discussion. Battlestate Games made it clear that they prefer to keep the current system, and players should respect their decision. There are alternative ways to enhance PvP rewards, which We will mention later.


Suggestion 4. Improve Oculus audio

We suggested the complete removal of Oculus audio due to the difficulties in determining player positions inside buildings. However, Battlestate Games aims to balance immersive and competitive audio experiences. While they continue to work on the audio system, players must be patient and hope for improvements.


Suggestion 5. Adjust map selection times

To ensure more populated raids and accommodate potential future maps, We proposed reducing the map selection times to one specific time per map, staggered throughout the day. This change would prevent players from spreading across multiple time selections and create more vibrant raids.


Suggestion 6. Increase the ping limit

Raising the ping limit would allow players from different regions to play together, strengthening the ability to join friends from across the world. It would also address the issue of low player counts in certain regions, making the game more accessible and enjoyable globally.


Suggestion7. Increase the value of dog tags

We suggested increasing the value of dog tags to provide more rewards for PvP encounters. This would incentivize players to engage in combat and enhance the overall PvP experience. However, measures would need to be implemented to prevent abuse, such as not allowing players to pick up dog tags from their squadmates.


Suggestion 8. Grant more XP for killing players

To further encourage PvP engagement, We recommended increasing the experience gained from killing enemy players. This would reward skilled players and promote a more dynamic and engaging gameplay loop.


Suggestion 9. Boost XP rewards from killing bosses

In addition to granting more XP for player kills, We proposed increasing the XP rewards for killing bosses. This change would incentivize players to engage with boss encounters and add more value to the risk-reward balance.


Suggestion 10. Bring back events

Events add variety and excitement to the game, so We suggested the reintroduction of regular events. Battlestate Games has already planned some events, with more to come, ensuring a fresh experience for players.


Suggestion 11. Reduce deployment timer

As a small quality-of-life adjustment, We proposed reducing the deployment timer from 20 seconds to 10 seconds. This change would save players valuable time during the loading process, streamlining their experience.



These suggestions aim to enhance the overall gameplay experience in Escape from Tarkov, making it more rewarding and engaging for players. While some suggestions have already been implemented, it's crucial to remember that Battlestate Games has its own vision for the game, and players should respect it.

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