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9 Suggestions to Improve PVP Gaming Experience in New World, 2023

PvP Mode in New World offers an exciting experience, but there is room for improvement. In this guide, we will discuss 9 Suggestions enhance PvP gameplay in New World . We will cover improvements to the territory influence race, wars, Outpost Rush, open world PvP, and 3v3 Arena, as well as introduce potential new PvP modes like PvP zones, PvP servers, and naval combat.


9 Suggestions to Improve PVP Gaming Experience in New World, 2023


Top 1. Territory Influence

  • Redefine Territory Influence: Territory Influence should be reimagined as an additional PvP mode that is highly concentrated and takes place during specific time spans each day. The goal is to make it more enjoyable and less of a time-consuming chore.
  • Randomized Declaration System: Improve the current declaration system by having every company interested in participating or declaring for a territory throw their name into a bucket and draw a random name. This simple change would be an improvement over the existing system.
  • Timed Events: Implement timers that allow players to declare on specific territories at specific times. This creates anticipation and ensures that players have a set window for potential declares.
  • Increased Rewards: Amp up the rewards for kills in the declared territory during the specific time period. This can include increased PvP XP, additional open-world PvP drops, or crafting materials that are exclusive to this period.
  • Objective-based PvP: Introduce objectives that can be contested and encourage active PvP. Avoid standard missions that revolve around passive play. Capture the Flag or King of the Hill formats can promote more dynamic and engaging PvP experiences.
  • Address Influence Push Mechanics: Improve the influence push mechanics to make them less boring and repetitive. Consider adjusting timers and making PvP in the area during influence push times more enjoyable and rewarding.


Top 2. Wars

Reasonable Time Windows: Ensure that wars have reasonable time windows so players don't have to spend excessive amounts of time in these zones. Make sure to make them last up to two hours.

  • Access to Wars: With the introduction of casual wars in the future, access to wars will be improved. This allows more players to participate and enjoy the core PvP content of the game.
  • Enhanced Strategy: Enhance the depth of wars by introducing more strategic elements. Move away from the current simplistic approach of capturing three points and rushing into a main gate. Consider incorporating features like fortifying doors, siege weaponry, destructible walls, ladders, and other medieval warfare elements.
  • Increase Player Cap: If the war experience is improved and expanded, justify a higher player cap in wars. This allows for more epic and rewarding battles.


Top 3. Outpost Rush/New Modes

  • Role Selection: Implement a role selection system in Outpost Rush to ensure a balanced composition of healers, damage dealers, and tanks in each team. This promotes fair gameplay and better team coordination.
  • Potential New PvP Modes: Consider introducing a pure PvP mode that focuses on smaller-scale battles, such as 10v10 or capture the flag. This provides a more frequent casual PvP experience and caters to players who prefer PvP-only content.
  • Evaluate Outpost Rush: Continuously assess the popularity and engagement of Outpost Rush. If alternative PvP modes prove to be more enjoyable and successful, it may be necessary to phase out or replace Outpost Rush with the new modes.


Top 4. Arena (3v3)

  • Understand the new arena: The new arena is an improved version of the old one, addressing several issues. While there are occasional switches between the old and new arenas, the focus should be on the new arena as it offers a better combat experience.
  • Minor adjustments: One area that could use some improvement is the design of the stairs. This is a relatively minor concern but worth mentioning for a smoother gameplay experience.
  • Rewards: Although the rewards have been enhanced compared to before, they are still limited compared to other game modes. Currently, players can only obtain rewards twice a day. This restriction hampers the overall appeal of the mode. It would be beneficial to make the rewards more consistent, allowing players to obtain them every time they participate in the arena, regardless of the existing modes.


Top 5. PvP Only Server

  • Dedicated PvP server: One frequently suggested mode is a dedicated PvP server where everyone is force-flagged for PvP. This is different from the ongoing event server, which mainly focuses on warfare. To recreate the excitement of PvP experienced during the initial days of fresh start servers, a dedicated PvP server could be implemented.
  • Addressing level disparities: The challenge with open-world PvP arises when players prioritize levelling over PvP engagement. This leads to uneven encounters and a split in the player base. Introducing a fresh start PvP server with temporary level caps could address this issue. With everyone on an equal playing field, the focus would solely be on PvP, encouraging players to engage in combat.
  • Gradual level cap scaling: By gradually increasing the level cap over time, players would have ample opportunities for PvP encounters and remain engaged with the game. It would also create concentrated player populations in appropriate level zones, fostering intense PvP experiences.
  • Legacy server integration: To maintain player engagement and prevent dwindling server populations, if the dedicated PvP servers start to decline in activity, they should be merged into legacy servers to ensure an active PvP community.


Top 6. Dedicated PvP zone/More Open World PvP

  • Dedicated PvP zone: While a dedicated PvP zone could provide temporary fun, it may offer little long-term content. To avoid monopolization by top companies, a free-for-all PvP zone could be considered. This would encourage PvP engagements within and between companies, creating more dynamic and unpredictable combat scenarios.
  • Territory influence races: Instead of a dedicated PvP zone, focusing on well-designed territory influence races could be a better approach. These races would naturally create hotspots for PvP activity. Consider incorporating fast-paced PvP events within the influence races, allowing PvE-oriented players to choose their participation level.
  • Rewards for open-world PvP: To incentivize open-world PvP and encourage players to flag themselves for PvP encounters, continuously add rewards to the open-world PvP system. By offering enticing rewards, players will be more inclined to engage in PvP across various zones rather than confining it to a single specific area.
  • Suggested change: One significant change to consider is allowing different forms of combat by hard capping the level to a lower tier, preventing players from reaching best-in-slot gear. This would create interesting and diverse combat encounters at those levels, adding more depth to open-world PvP.


Top 7. PvP flag incentive for the gathering

One common frustration for flagged players who are gathering resources is when unflagged players from opposing factions try to kite mobs onto them to steal the resources. To address this issue and encourage PvP flagging during resource gathering, a system could be implemented to give priority to PvP flag players.


Here's how it could work:

When a PvE player is already gathering a resource and a PvP flag player interacts with it, the progress of the PvE player would be overwritten, and they would be locked out from gathering the resource for a certain duration, like 15 seconds.

  • This may frustrate the PvE player, who would then have to choose another territory to farm or flag up and fight back for more open-world PvP opportunities.
  • This system should only apply to players of opposing factions who have the option to fight back, ensuring a fair interaction.


Faction-specific campfires:

To add more involvement and prevent unwanted PvP engagements, campfires could be made faction-specific. This means that only players from the same faction as the campfire owner can use it. This would prevent players from running up to your campfire and initiating a fight.


Top 8. Naval Combat

At present, naval combat in New World seems impractical due to the need for more usable ships, as most ships crash upon approaching land. Instead of prioritizing naval combat, it would be more beneficial to focus on improving other aspects of the game, such as enhancing wars and making them feel more like actual battles.


Top 9. General PvP improvements

  • Balanced resource acquisition: PvP and PvE players should receive equivalent rewards, whether it be Amber Shards or any new equivalent resource introduced in the expansion. This ensures a fair distribution and avoids favouring one playstyle over the other.
  • Optimization: It's essential to address performance issues and optimize the game for PvP. Players should not require top-of-the-line PCs to participate in PvP content. Improving the performance of the game engine, such as the ASOS engine, can significantly enhance PvP experiences.
  • Skill-based combat: To promote a more skillful and balanced PvP environment, certain aspects of combat need to be refined. For example, there should be less room for hyper-counter gearing, where players can easily optimize against one specific type of damage. Balancing perks, particularly those related to elemental protection, can help achieve a more skill-based combat system.
  • Persistent effects and weapon switching: Persistent effects from certain abilities, such as the ice storm from the Ice Gauntlet or the ice pile from the Ice Shower, should dissipate when switching weapons. This aligns with how other weapons function and prevents unintended synergies. Life Staff mechanics should also be reviewed to ensure they adhere to similar principles.
  • Stamina management: Proper stamina management should be emphasized in PvP combat. Players should be encouraged to make strategic decisions and avoid spamming abilities. Understanding stamina management can provide a significant advantage in battles.



There are several ways to improve PvP in New World and enhance the overall gameplay experience. By implementing the suggested changes, the PvP mode can become more enjoyable, engaging, and balanced for players. By implementing these changes, PvP in New World can be greatly improved, providing players with a more immersive, balanced, and engaging PvP experience.

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