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New World Season 2: How to Conquering the Sandworm Raid Elite Trial?

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the Sandworm Raid, also known as the Elite Trial or the Arena of Shah Nashin, in New World Season 2: Blood of the Sands. This raid is designed to provide an incredibly challenging 20-player PvE event that offers weekly, daily, and basic rewards. In this guide, we will walk you through all the essential information you need to know about the Sandworm Raid. From the lucrative rewards you can obtain upon defeating the Sandworm to the raid location and general information, as well as the raid mechanics and walkthrough, we've got you covered.



New World Season 2: How to Conquering the Sandworm Raid Elite Trial?


Sandworm Rewards

When defeating the Sandworm, you will obtain the Minor HeartRune of the Devourer. The Weekly Sandworm Spoils reward cache can be earned once per week and contains the following rewards:

  • One named Sandworm weapon (625 gear score, fixed perk)
  • One light, medium, or heavy armour piece with a guaranteed expertise bump
  • Three Gypsum Orbs
  • One Heart Rune of the Devourer (Tier 1)
  • 8,000 Umbral Shards
  • 200 Sandworm Materia, which can be used for crafting other Sandworm items


The Minor Sandworm Spoils reward cache can be earned once per day and contains the following rewards:

  • One Sandworm item with a 50% chance to receive a named Sandworm item at 625 gear score
  • Or a 50% chance to receive a rolled Sandworm item at 610 gear score
  • One-time Lashard
  • 2,000 Umbral Shards
  • One Gypsum Orb
  • 200 Sandworm Materia


Basic rewards can be earned after every Sandworm victory and include:

  • One rolled Sandworm item scaled by your expertise, plus 10 gear score
  • 500 Umbral Shards


For a comprehensive list of named items, rolled items, and new world coins that drop from this raid, refer to the full written guide on


Raid Location & General Info

The Sandworm Raid, also known as the Trial of the Devourer, is located in the southwest region of Brimstone Sands. To quickly access this trial, fast travel to the Wurmsign Obelisk and head north. You will need to be in a raid group of a minimum of 12 players to enter the trial, but a raid group of 20 is recommended for completing the trial.


The recommended team composition for this raid consists of the following:

  • Two tanks
  • Four healers
  • 14 DPS (a mix of ranged and melee)


Inside the Sandworm arena, you will encounter various ads and the Sandworm itself. All the mobs inside the arena are classified as beast type, so it is recommended to equip beast-bane and beast-ward gear. Use beast coatings and beastware potions to maximize damage and mitigate against the mobs. The Sandworm deals significant acid damage, so bring acid tinctures and slot kite and padding in your gear to increase acid resistance.


Raid Mechanics and Walkthrough

We will provide you with an overview of the key mechanics and strategies you need to know in order to complete the raid successfully. Pay close attention to the instructions and make sure to coordinate with your team for optimal execution.


Light Mechanic Tutorial

Upon entering the raid arena, you will encounter a tutorial for the light mechanic, which is crucial throughout the raid. There are four light platforms located in the upper area of the arena. Each platform corresponds to a player who needs to stand on it. This will activate a red or blue light beneath the player, which will be displayed on the wall.


It's important to note that the player standing on the platform cannot see their own light, and those on the ground must be at a distance to see it. To facilitate communication, number the lights from left to right or vice versa. After all four players have stood on the platforms, someone needs to call out the colours of the lights (e.g., rrbb for red, red, blue, blue). The players on the platforms must then interact with the light that matches the one beneath them.


Matching the lights correctly grants a buff to your raid group, overcharging you and providing bonuses to shield stamina and damage. This buff is time-limited, so timing is crucial. It enables you to break the shield of shielded enemies within the arena. You need to perform this mechanic at the start of the raid and multiple times throughout.


Important Notes

  • If the light mechanic fails, the platform with the wrong colour will instantly kill anyone who stands on it for a short duration. Avoid the incorrect light.
  • Once you activate a light platform, wait to step off until everyone has activated theirs, as it will reset the sequence.


Starting the Raid

To begin the raid, you need to strike the huge drum in the arena. This action will summon the boss, Shah Nashin. There will be a brief window of around 10 seconds from when you strike the drum to when the boss enters the arena. Prepare yourselves.


Boss Encounter

When the boss enters, it will perform a knockdown attack on everyone. Dodge this attack if you can, or quickly get up if you are knocked down. Melee DPS should position themselves close to the boss, while ranged DPS should be on the platform.


Damage Phase

Engage the boss immediately and focus on dealing as much damage as possible during the initial damage phase. The boss will perform various attacks, but as long as you are within melee range or on the platform, you should avoid them. Keep up the DPS.


Acid Spew and Acid Shriek

Be alert for the boss's head dip and spit animation, which signals the acid spew phase. Ranged players should focus on destroying acid orbs in the air before they hit the ground. If the orbs land, they will stun and deal significant damage. Take them out before they become a threat.

After a short time, the boss will perform the first acid shriek attack. This attack creates an acid trail that extends from where the worm spat the acid up to the platform. Tanks should position themselves on the left side of the boss to draw the acid as far left as possible. Being hit by the acid causes acid burn and substantial damage. Avoid standing in the acid trail or near the stairs.


Shielded Enemies and Ads

Following the acid shriek, several ads will spawn, including shielded enemies. It's crucial to correctly perform the light mechanic to gain the shield break buff. Prioritize attacking the shielded enemies while clearing the rest of the ads. This ensures the shield break buff remains active until all shielded enemies are eliminated.

The Sandworm may perform additional acid trails, spitting attacks, or heavy head swings during this phase. Be aware and avoid these attacks while continuing to DPS.


Scorpion Phase

Two scorpions will spawn from the caves on either side of the Sandworm. One tank should maintain aggro on the left scorpion while the remaining DPS focuses on killing the right scorpion quickly. Once the right scorpion is defeated, transition all DPS to the remaining scorpion.

During the scorpion phase, the boss will burrow underground, indicated by a circle on the ground. The boss will then jump up and attempt to chomp anyone caught within the circle. This mechanic is often lethal. Additionally, an acid burn circle will appear on the ground, which must be avoided. If the scorpion is within the acid circle, it will grow stronger, making it harder to kill.


Pellet Bomb Phase

When the boss's health drops below 50%, there is a chance for pellet bombs to spawn randomly in the arena, including on the top platform or in the main arena. The entire raid group needs to prioritize destroying these pellet bombs. However, it's crucial to have the shield break buff active by performing the light mechanic before attempting to mine the pellets. Failure to do so may cause the bombs to detonate and wipe out the group.

During the pellet bomb phase, be mindful of the sand worm's neck swipe attack in the arena.


Platform Phase

After dealing with the scorpions and pellet bombs, the entire raid group needs to run up the stairs onto the platform. Activate the light mechanic on the platform to gain the shield break buff. The Sandworm will resurface with a shield that needs to be broken to progress to the next phase.

Assign two healers to the left and two healers to the right. Split the DPS accordingly, with melee DPS on the lower platform near the stairs and one tank on each side. The rest of the raid group should be on the higher platform.


Avoiding Poison Cloud and Handling Ads

Running up to the platform is essential to avoid a massive poison cloud that covers the lower area. However, ads will spawn during this phase. Melee DPS should handle the ads on the lower platform, while ranged DPS focuses on the Sandworm boss.

Be prepared for the boss's acid shrill attack during this phase, and avoid standing in or being hit by it.



That concludes the entire Sandworm fight mechanics. By being aware of these mechanics and maintaining good positioning, you can defeat the boss. The fight can become hectic, especially when dealing with pellet bombs below 50% health. Ensure you deal as much damage as possible to bypass phases and make the fight easier. Overall, the Sandworm fight is enjoyable and challenging.

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