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New World Territory Standing: How to Level Up Simple and Effectively?

Today, we're going to discuss the three best methods to level your territory standing quickly in New World. By leveling up your territory standing, you can unlock various perks such as increased experience, gathering speeds, storage space, and the ability to purchase higher-tier houses in the zone. It can be a grind, but with these methods, you'll be able to level up fast and efficiently.


New World Territory Standing: How to Level Up Simple and Effectively?


What Is Territory Standing?

Territory standing plays a crucial role in New World, as it determines your territory levels and provides various benefits and perks. By ranking higher in each territory, you can unlock increased experience gains, faster gathering speeds, expanded storage space, the ability to purchase higher-tier houses, and more


What Boosts You Need?

Before diving into the methods, it's important to have certain boosts active to maximize your efficiency and experience gain. Here are the boosts you should consider using:

  • Territory Standing Music Buff: Activate the Music Buff boost to increase your standing gain by 30%. This boost will enhance your progress in acquiring territory standing, which is essential for the methods discussed below. To unlock this boost, you need to four-star any song on any difficulty level. Some songs are very short, lasting less than 40 seconds, making it easy to complete quickly. Alternatively, you can ask someone else to do it for you.
  • Territory Standing Booster Token: Use a Territory Standing Booster Token while performing these methods. These tokens can be obtained from playing the game and progressing through season passes. If you don't have enough tokens, they can also be purchased in the New World Store. Activating a booster token will double the XP gained for a duration of two hours. This boost is highly beneficial for all the methods mentioned in this guide.


With the Music Buff and Territory Standing Booster Token active, you will earn an additional 130 experience points (30% from the Music Buff + 100% from the booster token) during the two-hour duration. This boost is particularly advantageous when using gold sinking methods, where maximizing experience gain is crucial.


Tips & Tricks

  • Utilize Town Board Missions: Take advantage of town board missions in cities to earn free territory standing. Look for easy missions like killing animals and completing them. Save up completed missions and claim them all at once when you have XP boosters to maximize the experience gained.
  • Delay Paying Housing Tax: If you know you'll be grinding territory standing soon, hold off on paying your housing tax until you're buffed up with XP boosters. Pay all three houses' taxes at once to earn massive amounts of standing for free.
  • Assign Territory Level Rewards: During a long grind process, periodically stop and assign your territory level rewards. For example, if you're crafting 10,000 of a certain item, break it into chunks of 2,000. After each chunk, back out, choose your territory level rewards, and then continue crafting. The extra percent gain from these rewards will be beneficial in the long run.


Method 1: Ash Stain Method

The first method we'll discuss is the Ash Stain Method. This method is considered the easiest and fastest way to level up on most servers. It involves crafting thousands of Ash Stain, which will earn you a significant amount of territory standing. The best part is that this method only requires two items: Pure Solvent and Charcoal, both of which are commonly farmed and have stable prices.


Here's how you can follow the Ash Stain Method:

  • Acquire Pure Solvent: On most servers, you can purchase Pure Solvent for a low price, such as 0.01 gold, on the trading post. If the price is higher, set up buy orders and purchase it as cheaply as possible.
  • Obtain Charcoal: There are several ways to obtain Charcoal. You can set up buy orders for it like you did with Pure Solvent. Alternatively, you can buy Green Wood and convert it into Charcoal. Another option is to purchase Wooden Coins and convert them into Charcoal at a smelter. Consider the prices of Green Wood and Charcoal in your server to determine the most cost-effective method. If you have smelting gear and buffs, using Wooden Coins is usually the best option.
  • Craft Ash Stain: Ensure that you have your 130 territories standing buff activated. Head to a workshop and start crafting Ash Stain. Focus on crafting the basic tier stains since they provide the same amount of territory standing (35 per craft) as the higher-tier stains. With experience bonuses active, you will also level up your Furnishing skill.
  • Leveling Benefits: By following this method, you not only gain territory levels but also level up your Furnishing skill. This will allow you to build higher-tier furniture for your house in the future.
  • Selling Ash Stain: After completing a crafting session, you'll end up with a substantial amount of Ash Stain. If you have the patience, you can sell it on the trade post. However, keep in mind that you might not get more than 0.01 coins per stain, and they have a high weight. Consider whether it's worth selling or if it's better to drop the excess stain.


Example Results:

  • Crafting 500 Ash Stains (which convert to 5000 due to the 10 times multiplier) yields 25,607 territory standing and 7,349 Furnishing experience.
  • The cost for this is approximately 485.5 gold, considering the wooden coin method. You also gain some smelting experience in the process.
  • Selling the Ash Stain might give you around 50 coins back, but it's a personal decision whether it's worth the effort.


The Ash Stain Method is an efficient way to quickly level up your territory standing and gain Furnishing experience while converting gold into territory levels. It's a cost-effective method, especially when you reach higher smelting and finishing levels, as you start receiving aptitude crates that further reduce the costs. Keep in mind that this method requires a significant amount of gold in the long run but provides quick results and helps level various skill lines simultaneously.


Method 2: Alkahest  and Regeneration Potions

In the second method, you will learn how to make a profit by creating Alkahest and then turning them into Regeneration Potions. By following these steps, you can increase your territory standing and earn gold in the process. It is recommended to have an Arcana level of 153 to utilize this method fully.



  • Arcana level 153 (or work towards it)
  • High sap, water, and Azatha water (to create Alkahest)
  • Infused Alkahest (to create Regeneration Potions)
  • Territory standing boosters
  • Gold for purchasing ingredients


Step 1: Prepare and Gather Ingredients

  1. Ensure your Arcana level is at least 153 to access the entire process.
  2. Place buy orders for the required ingredients: water, high sap, and Azatha water.
    • Water is often inexpensive and can be obtained for a low price on the market.
    • Azatha water tends to be more expensive, so consider alternative resources like aloe gel or poppy seeds, which might be cheaper options.


Step 2: Craft Infused Alkahests

  1. With the necessary ingredients in hand, start crafting infused Alkahest.
  2. Activate your territory standing boosters to maximize your gains.
  3. Each craft should yield 130 territory standing, which can be significant based on server prices.
  4. Some players may choose to sell the infused Alkahests at this point to recover their investment.


Step 3: Evaluate Profit/Loss for 500 Crafts

  1. Let's analyze the potential profit or loss for crafting 500 infused Alkahests.
  2. Assuming you purchase the cheapest materials available, it would cost 5,255 gold.
  3. After crafting, you end up with 570 potions, which can be sold for 5.38 gold each.
  4. This results in 3,067 gold, indicating a loss of 2,188 gold.
  5. However, you gain a substantial amount of territory standing (65,489) and arcana experience (125,999), which can outweigh the losses.


Step 4: Upgrade Alkahests to Regeneration Potions

  1. To further maximize your gains, convert the infused Alkahests into tier V-infused Regeneration Potions.
  2. Check the market prices for the required ingredients: medicinal regents, life regents, and spirit regents.
  3. Gilflower gills, glowing mushroom caps, bull rush cobs, and Tanglewood tend to be the cheaper options.
  4. Bumble blossom is often the cheapest resource for the regent spirit category.
  5. Consider checking the prices of blue and green tiered ingredients, as they might be cheaper than expected.


Step 5: Evaluate Profit/Loss for 500 Regeneration Potions

  1. Let's calculate the potential profit or loss for crafting 500 Regeneration Potions.
  2. Acquiring resources for 500 potions might cost 2,675 gold.
  3. After crafting, you should have 614 potions, which can be sold for 5.3 gold each.
  4. This results in a profit of 579 gold, not considering the bonus items obtained during crafting.
  5. Additionally, you gain 21,868 territories standing and a remarkable 1,323,000 arcana experience.
  6. If your Arcana level is already at 200, the aptitude rewards will further contribute to your overall earnings.


Step 6: Consider the Whole Process

  1. Completing the entire process of crafting infused Alkahests and turning them into Regeneration Potions can be highly rewarding.
  2. The initial step boosts territory standing, while the latter step focuses on the arcana experience and potential profit.
  3. Every time you craft Alkahests, you have a chance to obtain bonus items, and the same applies when crafting Regeneration Potions.
  4. Ultimately, the snowball effect of bonus items can significantly impact your overall earnings.
  5. Depending on the item prices in your server, you may choose to skip the Alka Heist creation and only focus on Regeneration Potions.
  6. However, the additional step of creating Alkahests can be worth the slight loss in profit, especially considering the long-term benefits.


Method 3: Cooking Method

The last method is cooking. The cooking method is an effective way to gain territory standing while also levelling your cooking skill line. This method can even help you break even or make a profit, depending on market conditions and server dynamics. To maximize your results, follow these steps:


Prepare for Cooking:

  • Ensure your territory standing buffs and tokens are active before starting.
  • Decide which items you want to stockpile based on your preferred approach.


Craft Travel Rations:

  • Boat, Crafting Travel Rations, and Energizing Travel Rations are recommended for beginners.
  • Check the trade posts to determine which ration sells for the highest price.
  • Purchase the two cheapest ingredients required for crafting these rations.
  • For example, red meat is often available for a low price via buy orders, while fish fillet may be another affordable option.
  • By spending 0.11 coins, you can make 5 territories standing. Sell the rations on the trading post for 0.7 coins each.
  • With the chef outfit, you'll frequently receive additional meals, reducing the overall cost.
  • Calculate the cost and potential profit based on the prices of ingredients and the number of rations you can craft.


Craft Hearty Meals:

  • Hearty meals are a higher-tier option for levelling territory standing.
  • Follow a similar process as before: determine the most profitable meal to craft based on market prices.
  • You will earn 15 territories standing per craft, but there is no chance of crafting additional meals.
  • Look for the cheapest tier 5 raw food, such as prime red meat.
  • Select three additional low-cost raw ingredients, such as milk, mushrooms, pasta, sausage, fish fillet, or cactus flesh.
  • Choose a seasoning, such as saffron, dill, oregano, parsley, or rosemary.
  • Purchase all five ingredients at the lowest prices via buy orders.
  • Craft hearty meals and sell them on the trading post.
  • Calculate the cost, potential profit, and the gained territory standing and cooking experience.


Minimize Costs and Maximize Profit:

  • Regularly check market prices for ingredients and buy in bulk when prices are low.
  • Place buy orders to keep costs as low as possible.
  • Adjust your ingredient choices based on market fluctuations.
  • By timing your ingredient purchases correctly, you can even make a profit.
  • Keep an eye out for aptitude crates and the items they contain, as they can further increase your profit margin.


Adapt to Market Conditions:

  • If prices are unfavourable in your server, consider exploring other methods like the rarer method, the arcana method, or the ash stain method.
  • Choose the method based on market conditions and the secondary skill line you want to level up.



Leveling up your territory standing quickly in New World is essential to unlocking various perks and benefits. Remember to utilize boosts such as the Territory Standing Music Buff and Territory Standing Booster Token to enhance your progress and experience gained during these methods. Ultimately, choosing the method that aligns with your playstyle, market conditions, and desired skill line progression will help you level your territory standing quickly and efficiently in New World.

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