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New World Blood of The Sands: How to Complete Objectives Solo and Earn Rewards in Season 2?

In this guide, we will provide a walkthrough for completing the solo objectives in Season 2 of New World: Blood of The Sands. Season 2 offers a more streamlined and rewarding experience for solo players compared to Season 1. We will outline the main objectives in each chapter that are either easy to complete or can be obtained through regular gameplay. By following this guide, you'll be able to finish the season quickly and obtain all the rewards. Let's get started!


New World Blood of The Sands: How to Complete Objectives Solo and Earn Rewards in Season 2?


Chapter 1 Objectives

  • Glyph Scholar: Visit one glyph location to complete this objective. If you're a new player, you'll come across glyph locations while progressing through the Brimstone Sands story.
  • Scarab Smith: Craft NW items using one golden scarab. You can either purchase one or obtain it from an acid chest.
  • Project Progenitor: Complete 10 town projects. You can complete these projects before Season 2 launches and turn them in later.
  • Anubium Annihilation: Kill 10 Anubian Guardians. These are the ancients found in Brimstone Sands.
  • Word of a Thief: Part one of the main story quest. Make sure you complete this quest.


Chapter 2 Objectives

  • Glyph Scholar II: Find five glyph locations. You might have already discovered some while progressing through the game.
  • Faction Fanatic: Complete 12 faction missions. You can complete them now and wait to turn them in when Season 2 begins.
  • Seasoned Adventure: Complete three activity cards. These should be easy to complete while playing through the story.
  • Catch the Brimstone Sands Legendary Fish: You can catch this fish in various locations within Brimstone Sands. Refer to a fishing guide for more information.
  • Second Thoughts: Continue with the main story questline. You should have this completed if you've been following the main story.
  • Rumble Rush I: Complete three outpost rushes. With the changes to the outpost rush, this should be easier to achieve now.
  • Sights of Brimstone: Find an easel within Brimstone Sands.


Chapter 3 Objectives

  • Glyph Scholar III: Find 10 glyph locations. It would help if you had already discovered these while progressing through the game.
  • Defeat Capri: Capri can be defeated multiple times a day and is relatively easy.
  • 25 Town Projects: Complete 25 town projects. You can pre-load these now and turn them in during Season 2.
  • Seasoned Adventurer: Complete 10 activity cards.
  • Craft 25 Gypsum Orbs: You can save up gypsum now or obtain them as you progress.
  • Complete the Quest Ordeal at the Nine Gates: This quest is part of the main story for Brimstone Sands and should be completed already.
  • Precarious Position Story Quest: Complete this quest to obtain the armour set.


Chapter 4 Objectives

  • Glyph Scholar IV: Find the remaining glyph locations if you still need to do so.
  • Brimstone Elementalist: Kill 100 Sulfur Elementals. This may take some time, but it's easy.
  • Loot 25 Elite Sulfur Chests: Work on this objective while killing the Sulfur Elementals.
  • Complete the Brimstone Sands Main Story: You should have already completed this while progressing through the main story.
  • Complete the Quest Empty Nest in the Main Story: This quest should be completed if you've been following the main story.
  • Gather 15 Prison Blooms: These can be found around the map and are used to make dyes.
  • Slay Hacker: Defeat Hacker, which should be easy as most players know where to find him.


Chapter 5 Objectives

  • Glyph Scholar V: If you still need to find all the glyph locations, do so now.
  • Sulfuric Spoils: Loot 100 acid chests. Since there is a daily limitation, it will take a few days to complete this objective.
  • Faction Fanatic II: Complete 25 faction quests. Try to complete PvP quests and avoid pre-doing them for future tasks.
  • Adept Adversary: Collect 30k PvP experience. Complete PvP faction missions and participate in Outpost Rush to earn PvP experience.
  • Remembrance: Complete the final step of the main story.
  • Slice Doubles the Go King: Defeat the Go King.
  • Kill 500 Dune Walkers: This may take some time, but they are easy to find in Brimstone Sands.



By completing all the objectives listed in this guide, you will finish the journey of Season 2 and receive rare and valuable rewards. It's important to note that Season 2 offers a more solo-friendly experience, and you won't be required to participate in raids or mutations. Once you have completed the objectives, you can focus on the seasonal track and enjoy the additional rewards. Remember to play through the main story as it offers a full set of gear and valuable items. 

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