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New World Future: How to gear up for a massive expansion in 2024?

In this guide, we will explore the key areas that the game New World needs to address in order to achieve success in 2024 and beyond. This guide mentioned various aspects, including the gearing system, territory control, player-driven economy, and combat mechanics. We will delve into each of these elements and propose potential solutions to make New World a more enjoyable and accessible experience for all players.


New World Future: How to gear up for a massive expansion in 2024?


Gearing System Overhaul

The current gearing system in New World has been a subject of criticism due to its random nature and lack of meaningful progression. To make the game more engaging and satisfying, Amazon needs to implement a major gear overhaul. The removal of the Ward and Bane system is a step in the right direction, but it's crucial to replace it with a better alternative.

  • Customization: Introduce more customized items rather than standardized perks, allowing players to create unique gear sets.
  • Vertical or Horizontal Progression: The game needs to decide whether it will focus on vertical or horizontal progression to avoid confusing players and to give a clear direction for the end-game content.
  • Reduce RNG: Minimize random elements in gear acquisition, making it more skill-based and rewarding.
  • Address Storage Limit: Rather than capping storage at 500 items, reduce the number of unnecessary items, leading to a more streamlined experience.


Territory Control System

The current territory control system heavily favours a small number of players involved in wars, leading to a disproportionate impact on the overall game experience. To create a more inclusive and balanced system:

  • Increase Participation: Encourage more players to participate in territory control by reevaluating the rewards system or introducing gear rewards instead of just new world gold coins.
  • Limit Account Alts: Prevent players from creating multiple alternate accounts to dominate territory control.
  • Address Elite Nature of Wars: While the war system may cater to a niche audience, consider alternative solutions that ensure a more balanced and inclusive experience for all players.


Player-Driven Economy

The player-driven economy, while appealing in theory, has proven to be susceptible to manipulation and abuse. To mitigate these issues and provide a fairer economic system:

  • Reward Players for Content: Instead of just awarding gold, consider providing gear as a reward for completing various content, encouraging players to engage in different activities.
  • Curb Gold Farming and RMT: Implement measures to prevent gold farming and real-money trading (RMT) that can destabilize the in-game economy.


Content Accessibility

New World should strive to make its content more accessible to a wider range of players:

  • Expeditions: Remove the Expedition orbs or limit their usage to increase accessibility for more players.
  • Mutations: Reduce the number of mutations to make content more approachable while maintaining options for hardcore players to find like-minded groups.
  • Queue System: Implement a random queue option for Expeditions, Outpost Rush, and Arenas, allowing players to engage in content more conveniently.


Combat Mechanics

The combat in New World has been praised for its high-skill expression but may alienate some players due to its fast-paced nature:

  • Balance Speed and Strategy: Consider slowing down combat slightly, encouraging more strategic and tactical decision-making without compromising the overall excitement.
  • Balance for Casual Players: Create a balance that accommodates both hardcore players and casual gamers, ensuring a more inclusive experience.



By addressing these key areas, New World has the potential to become a thriving and successful MMO in 2024 and beyond. The game should focus on striking a balance between hardcore and casual players, providing meaningful progression and reducing randomness to ensure an enjoyable experience for all players. With strategic changes and a commitment to community feedback, New World can achieve its full potential and attract a broader player base.

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