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New World Patch 2.0.1 Updates: Highlights, Summer Medleyfaire, Important Bug Fixes and More

The latest New World patch, version 2.0.1, has just been released, bringing exciting content and important fixes. In this article, we'll explore the highlights of this update, including the return of the Summer Medleyfaire event, significant bug fixes, and the unexpected jump from version 1 to version 2. Let's dive in and discover what this patch has in store for players!


New World Patch 2.0.1 Updates: Highlights, Summer Medleyfaire, Important Bug Fixes and More


Summer Medleyfaire Event

One of the major attractions of the 2.0.1 patch is the revival of the Summer Medleyfaire event. This event was well-received in the past and provided players with a delightful experience of fishing and playing music. While not meant to be taken too seriously, the Summer Medleyfaire brings a fun and enjoyable distraction to the world of Aeternum.


Players can engage in fishing activities, and this time around, they can also play music to improve their standing in the game. It's worth noting that there may be new fish species and even some fresh tunes to entertain players. Additionally, completing certain objectives will grant players the title Guitar Hero, adding a touch of humour and enjoyment to their journey in New World.


Summer Medleyfaire: Essential Details and Rewards

The Summer Medleyfaire is a must-play event, especially for fishing and music enthusiasts. Let's dive into the details, Here's a table summarizing the key information about the Summer Medleyfaire event:


Aspect Details
Event Duration July 19th onward
Participation Requirements Character level 20 or higher
Event Locations Brightwood, Ever Fall, Weaver's Finn, and Monarch's Bluff
New Song and Guitar Hero Title "IE" music track available via Maestro. Earn Guitar Hero title by purchasing and completing the four-star playthrough on expert mode. Perform the song three times a day on any Summer Medley stage for premium metaphare tokens.
Premium Tokens and Rewards Your performance determines rewards based on premium tokens collected daily. Rewards include premium tokens, normal tokens, event reputation, and a chance to roll on the Summer Event pattern.
Amazing Premium Tokens - 5x normal tokens - 50 event reputation - 7.5% chance to roll a Summer Event pattern
X4 Premium Tokens - 4x normal tokens - 25 event reputation - 5% chance to roll a Summer Medley Event pattern
X3 Premium Tokens - 2x normal tokens - 15 event reputation - 2.5% chance to roll on the event pattern
Bad Premium Tokens - 1x normal token - no event reputation
New Event Shop Items Skins for upcoming transmog feature, including Longsword Fish Defender and Maestro's Show Stopper.
Returning Activities Molding Mug Bait and Eternum Sturgeon are back. Use Molding Haze song and Molding Bait to catch the Eternum Sturgeon.
Event Reputation and Rewards Earn event reputation to exchange for housing items, instrument skins, armor skins, fishing pole skins, emotes, and more.
Maestro Reputation Questline Raise reputation by completing quests like catching the famed Eternum Sturgeon and obtaining specific seasonal rewards.
Fishing at Home Earn fame by catching fish on your home-mounted catch station in every Summer Village.
Event Questline Follow the event questline, starting at any Village from level 20 and up. The questline includes multiple steps.
Join the Fun Great opportunity to connect with other players during the event.


New World Patch 2.0.1 Update: Key Points

We are thrilled to present to you the latest and most significant update - New World Update 2.0.1. This milestone in our journey brings forth a plethora of enriching features, bug fixes, and optimizations, ensuring an unparalleled gaming experience for players across the globe. Below are the key elements that make Update 2.0.1:


Feature Description
New Territories Update 2.0.1 introduces new territories in the New World, offering players unexplored lands to discover and conquer. Each territory has its own distinct biomes, resources, and challenges, providing a fresh and immersive experience. From the lush, dense forests of Serenity Reach to the harsh deserts of Ember Sands, players can embark on daring adventures in these uncharted regions while participating in territorial conflicts as factions vie for control, leading to a dynamic and ever-evolving world.
Revolutionary Combat System Prepare for an evolution in combat mechanics with Update 2.0.1. The combat system has been completely revamped from the ground up, resulting in enhanced responsiveness, fluidity, and balance. Players can engage in thrilling battles with improved hit detection and smoother animations, creating a more immersive experience. Additionally, the update introduces various weapon types, each with distinct strengths and playstyles, encouraging strategic gameplay. From swift and agile rapiers to powerful battle axes, skill and precision are now better rewarded on the battlefield.
Player Housing Aeternum adventurers now have the opportunity to claim a home of their own in Update 2.0.1. Player housing is introduced, allowing players to personalize and decorate their space to reflect their style and in-game achievements. With a wide range of furnishings, wallpapers, and decorative items to choose from, players can create their own sanctuary amidst the untamed wilderness. The feature also fosters a sense of community as players can invite friends to their abode and share the experience together.
Crafting Overhaul Crafting, a fundamental aspect of New World, receives a complete overhaul in Update 2.0.1. The crafting system now features exciting new recipes, rare materials, and unique bonuses tied to the player's proficiency. Crafters will embark on a journey of continuous improvement, unlocking the ability to create awe-inspiring masterpieces that can turn the tide of battle or be sold for a fortune in the trading post. This revitalized crafting experience adds depth and excitement to the game's economy and player progression.
Engaging PvE Content For adventurers seeking thrilling PvE experiences, Update 2.0.1 introduces a wealth of new challenges. Players can now explore mysterious dungeons, each filled with treacherous foes and valuable rewards. Unraveling the secrets of ancient ruins and facing legendary creatures will put players' skills to the test. Additionally, world events have been introduced, providing opportunities for players to band together and overcome massive, server-wide challenges, fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity in the face of adversity.


Major Bug Fixes

The 2.0.1 patch addresses several critical issues that have been affecting players since the launch of season two. Performance problems, frequent bugs, and other glitches have been plaguing the game, hampering the overall experience. The development team has taken significant steps to address these issues and enhance the game's stability.


Some of the notable bug fixes include:

  • Resolving an issue where players got stuck in the quest "Temple of Sans" after abandoning it.
  • Correcting a quest task description that indicated going to a temple shoe instead of describing a crafting task.
  • Fixing a progression block in the quest "Soul Wall Hatchery" when players died during the Breather phases.
  • Addressing issues related to faction quests, map structures, and various other quest-specific problems.
  • Resolving UI-related bugs, such as white boxes and broken skip buttons, that were interfering with player interactions.


Surprising Version Update

One of the most intriguing aspects of this patch is the jump from version 1 to version 2. Many players were expecting the expansion to be associated with such a significant version change. However, the surprise decision to move to version 2 may have been made to address potential issues with the UI and backend changes.


It's speculated that the development team has been actively preparing for the expansion and decided to use this patch as a testing ground to ensure a smoother experience for players when the expansion finally arrives. This decision could explain the recent performance issues and various bugs players encountered in the lead-up to version 2.



The New World patch 2.0.1 delivers both exciting content and crucial fixes to the game. The revival of the Summer Medleyfaire event brings fun and enjoyable activities for players to engage in. Meanwhile, the significant bug fixes aim to improve the overall gaming experience and address issues that have been affecting players since season two's launch.


The unexpected version jump to 2.0 sparks curiosity among players, raising questions about the upcoming expansion and what other changes the development team might have in store. As players eagerly anticipate the next updates and the expansion, they can rest assured that the development team is actively working to enhance the game and deliver an even better Aeternum experience.

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