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New World Season 3: PvE & PvP Changes Revealed, Mount & War Update

The developers of New World have recently provided exciting insights into their plans for Season 3. In a Q&A session, Fen and Zin Ramu discussed various upcoming features and adjustments related to PvE, mounts changes, war updates, and PvP. This guide article will delve into the key highlights, including the changes to expeditions, invasion adjustments, gear sets with attributes, and the introduction of mounts in open-world PvP.


New World Season 3: PvE & PvP Changes Revealed, Mount & War Update


Separating PvE and PvP Balance

The developers confirmed that they are actively considering separating PvE and PvP balance. This move aims to create more engaging PvE experiences without affecting the balance of PvP. This change is scheduled to be implemented in Season Three, offering a new system that replaces the required perks, Bane and Ward. Over time, the developers plan to expand this system to include other aspects of combat. This decision could pave the way for a more satisfying experience for both PvE and PvP players.


PvE Changes: Base Expeditions and Mutators

Players have been eager to know if solo dungeons or solo-oriented content will be introduced. The developers clarified that there are no immediate plans for solo expeditions. However, they are making changes in Season 3 to adjust the difficulty of base expeditions, allowing more players to experience them in a low-pressure setting. To provide a challenge for those seeking it, mutators will be available for players who desire a tougher experience. The developers also hinted at cross-world expeditions, making it easier for players to find groups and participate in this content.


Invasion Adjustments: Smoother Difficulty Curve

The invasion changes aimed to create a smoother difficulty curve and speed up the experience. However, the win rates have dipped more than anticipated, especially on Fresh Start Worlds. The developers are closely monitoring the situation and might make further adjustments if needed. They also confirmed the intentional removal of certain town buffs, preferring to keep stamina regeneration in a balanced state without them.


Mounts in PvP: Ensuring Fair Gameplay

The introduction of mounts in open-world PvP raised concerns about players using them to escape from fights. To address this, the developers outlined three key elements:

  • Players in combat cannot summon their mount.
  • Any damage from another player, including ranged attacks, will dismount the player.
  • A two-second summoning delay, which can be canceled by taking PvP damage.


Gear Sets with Attributes: Seamless Switching Between Builds

Players have been hoping for an option to save their gear sets along with associated skill attributes and weapon trees to switch seamlessly between different builds. While the developers acknowledge this as a great addition, there currently need to be concrete plans or timelines for its implementation.


Inventory Storage Overhaul: Streamlining Items

The storage shed system has been a source of frustration for players due to its lack of organization. The developers agree with the feedback and are actively exploring ways to streamline inventory management. They are considering options like custom tabs and sections similar to RuneScape banking storage system.


Mount Info & War Update  Developer Q&A Highlights

In a recent Developer Q&A session for New World, exciting information was revealed about mounts, wars, territory control, and inventory management. From mount mechanics to the war system, let's dive into the intriguing details shared by the developers.


Mount Mechanics:

The Q&A shed light on the mechanics of mounts in New World. There are three essential elements to consider:


  • Combat State: While in combat with the crosshair on the health bar, players cannot summon their mounts. This ensures that mounts aren't readily available during intense encounters.
  • PvP Damage: Any damage received from another player will dismount the player, even when using ranged attacks. This adds strategic depth to PvP engagements involving mounted players.
  • Summoning Delay: Mount summoning has a two-second delay, akin to a cast timer. During this summoning process, taking any PvP damage will cancel the summon.


These mechanics suggest that mounts will require thoughtful planning and careful use in the open world and during PvP encounters. This system aims to strike a balance between convenience and strategic gameplay.


War System Improvements

The developers acknowledged that they want to provide more players with access to wars, acknowledging that the current system is a bit niche and affects a small number of players. They are exploring ways to address this issue, though concrete plans have yet to be revealed. It remains to be seen if this change will be part of the upcoming expansion or implemented independently.


Additionally, the developers are aware of the need to balance the rewards for territory ownership better. While they appreciate the efforts of players participating in wars, they are looking into potentially adjusting the rewards, and gear rewards have been suggested as a possible alternative to the current gold reward system.


Inventory Management

The Q&A addressed the frustration players experience with managing their inventory due to an overwhelming number of items. The developers acknowledged this issue and expressed a strong desire to streamline the inventory system. While no specific plans have been unveiled yet, improvements will likely come with future updates, possibly tied to the expansion.


Open World Housing, Animal Husbandry, and Farming

Regarding open-world housing, the developers stated that they have reservations about its implementation. They find the current housing solution, which uses phased houses interiors, to strike a good balance between creating a living neighbourhood and avoiding overcrowded cities.


Regarding animal husbandry and farming, the developers expressed interest in introducing these features to the game. While there are no concrete plans at the moment, they are exploring the possibility, indicating that players might see these additions in a future expansion.



With Season 3 on the horizon, New World players can expect significant changes to expeditions, invasions, and combat balance, along with the introduction of mounts in PvP. The developers' commitment to addressing player feedback and improving the game's overall experience bodes well for the future of Aeternum. As more details emerge, players can eagerly anticipate a fresh and exciting journey in the world of New World!

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