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New World Damage Mechanics Guide: Calculations, Different Attribute Buckets and New Ring Meta

In New World, understanding how damage works is essential for optimizing your build and dealing maximum damage. With the introduction of new changes to the ring perk, it becomes even more crucial to grasp the mechanics behind damage calculations. In this guide, we will explore how damage is calculated in New World, the different attributes (buckets) that contribute to it, and how to utilize the new ring meta to optimize your damage output.



New World Damage Mechanics Guide: Calculations, Different Attribute Buckets and New Ring Meta


How Damage Works in New World?

In New World, the damage is calculated through a combination of constant damage from your weapon and various attribute buckets. The constant damage represents the base damage your weapon deals, which can be seen in your inventory. This base damage is then multiplied by different attributes to determine your total damage output.


Damage Scaling:

  • Base Damage: Each weapon in New World has a base damage value that remains unaffected by any attributes. You can find this value at the bottom of the weapon tooltip. For example, a weapon might have a base damage value of 209.
  • Scaling with Attributes: Attribute bonuses affect your weapon's base damage. The higher your weapon's base damage, the more extra damage you gain from each attribute point. However, it's important to note that the bonus is not percentage-based but adds a flat value to your weapon's damage.
  • Types of Scaling: There are three types of weapon scaling:
    • 100 Scaling: Weapons that scale with only one attribute have 100 scaling. Examples include Great Axe (Strength), Fire Staff (Intelligence), Bow (Dexterity), etc.
    • 90/65 Scaling: Weapons that scale with two attributes have 90 scaling on their primary attribute and 65 scaling on their secondary attribute. Examples include Hatchet/Sword (Strength/Dexterity), Rapier/Musket (Dexterity/Intelligence), etc.


Scaling Values:

  • 0-100 Attribute Points: Investing 10 points into an attribute with 100 scaling increases your damage by 16.25% of your weapon's base damage. For example, for a weapon with a base damage of 209, you would get an extra 34 damage, resulting in a total of 639 damage (605 + 34).
  • Total Bonus Damage: Between 0-100 attribute points, you gain 162.5% of your weapon's base damage as extra damage.
  • 100-300 Attribute Points: Scaling gradually decreases with each additional attribute point invested, resulting in diminishing returns.
  • 300+ Attribute Points: Scaling drops to 7.8 after surpassing 300 attribute points.


Weapons Scaling with Two Attributes:

  • Prioritizing Points: For weapons that scale with two attributes, it's recommended to invest 150 points into your primary attribute first, followed by 50 points into your primary attribute and 100 points into your secondary attribute.
  • Switching Attributes: Depending on which attributes are more beneficial, you can switch between investing in your primary and secondary attributes after 150 points.


Late-Game Considerations:

  • Beyond 300 Points: The scaling difference between a weapon that scales with one attribute and one that scales with two attributes becomes minimal.
  • Additional Perks: A weapon scaling with two attributes provides the opportunity to benefit from perks in both attribute trees, offering versatility in your build.


Constitution Scaling, Intelligence & Focus Gems:

  • Not Yet Covered: This guide only focuses on weapon scaling and needs to include information about Constitution scaling or the impact of Intelligence and Focus gems.


Main Attribute Buckets

Attribute buckets are different categories of attributes that contribute to your overall damage. It's essential to balance and maximize these buckets to optimize your damage output effectively. Let's explore the main attribute buckets:


Attribute Buckets Description
Base Damage Bucket This modifies the actual damage of your weapon. Not capped so that it can be increased indefinitely. However, increasing this bucket excessively may hinder the optimization of other attributes.
Empower Bucket This attribute affects things like Fire Damage if you have a Fire Damage ring. Ranges from 0.5 to 1.5 in PvP, affecting your damage based on its value. Important to stay near the Empower cap rather than over-investing in Base Damage.
Weaken Bucket The Opposite of Empower affects things like Rend and Fortify. Scaling is more linear compared to other buckets but still varies with player weight (light, medium, or heavy). Try to optimize for Rend and Fortify based on your weight class.
ABS (Aura Buff Strength) Bucket Applies only to gems and sword and shield's aura. Scales in a quadratic manner, offering more value with higher amounts.
PvE (Player vs. Environment) Bucket Relates to PvE attributes such as Wards and Banes. Scales in a quadratic manner like ABS.


How to Utilizing the New Ring Meta?

With the new changes to ring perks, understanding how to optimize your damage output becomes more critical. Consider the following strategies:


Fire Damage vs. Keen:

  • For fire staff, Fire Damage and Keen are relatively close in value.
  • Fire Damage is generally better due to the high crit damage modifier and Vicious perk on the fire staff.
  • If weakened heavily, Keen might become more valuable due to its Empower contribution.


Invigorated Punishment:

  • The value of Invigorated Punishment decreases when weakened.
  • Fire Damage + Invigorated Punishment remains potent, but its value diminishes with higher weaken levels.
  • Consider Mortal Empowerment for more value from the Base Damage bucket, but it requires landing kills.


Jasper (For Warhammers):

  • If playing as a Warhammer user, consider using Jasper to counteract the weakening effect.
  • Jasper adds to the Empower bucket, which can be more advantageous if heavily weakened.



Understanding how damage works in New World and how to optimize it is crucial for building effective characters. Balancing and maximizing attribute buckets play a significant role in increasing your overall damage output. With the new ring meta, choices become more critical, and adaptability is key to success. Experiment with different combinations, and find what works best for your playstyle and build. Happy hunting in Aeternum!

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