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New World Season 3 Update: Performance Improvements, Health Increase, Detonate, Sword & Spear Nerfs

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the latest updates and changes in New World. In this article, we'll cover performance improvements, health scaling adjustments, and nerfs to Detonate, Sword & Shield, and the Spear. Prepare for a more balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience as we delve into the upcoming Season 3 balance update. From weapon win rates to attribute capstone increases, we've got all the details you need to stay ahead.


New World Season 3 Update: Performance Improvements, Health Increase, Detonate, Sword & Spear Nerfs


Performance Improvements

Exciting news! The developers have announced a client performance improvement change coming in the next bug-fix patch, which should be released very soon. While it may not address all issues, it is expected to improve everyone's experience. The extent of improvement will depend on your local hardware setup. So gear up for a smoother gameplay experience!


Balance in OPR and Arenas

In terms of weapon balance in OPR, the win rates show an even distribution among different weapons. However, the quality of matches' distribution needs improvement, and the developers are actively working on a matchmaking system to address this issue.


When it comes to Arena balance, most weapons have a fair distribution. However, certain weapons like the musket and void gauntlet have lower usage rates, mainly due to specific playstyle limitations. The developers are taking note of these trends and may rework these weapons to make them more viable options in Arena matches.


Health Increase

Recent changes to health scaling have been met with mixed reviews. To address this, the developers are planning to adjust the HP scaling in the upcoming season. The goal is to make early investments in Constitution to provide more health compared to later stages. This change aims to reduce burstiness and create a more balanced combat experience.


DEX 150 & 300 Capstone Swap

In the pursuit of balance, the developers are swapping the DEX 150 and 300 perk bonuses. The reduced stamina cost for dodging, currently at DEX 150, will become the DEX 300 expert perk. While this change may affect certain builds, it aims to encourage players to invest more in DEX to access this powerful attribute threshold bonus.


Invigorated Punishment Nerf/Fortify Buff

The developers are looking to tweak Invigorated Punishment by not counting fortified buffs towards it. This change aims to reduce the overall amplification provided by Invigorated Punishment, making it a less dominant choice for certain builds.


Sword & Shield Nerfs

Silent Shield has been slightly overperforming in high-level PvP. To address this, the developers plan to change Achilles Heel's effect, replacing the slow with a rend. This will also affect the Opportunist passive, reducing its overall value. Furthermore, the Concussive Bash upgrade from Shield Bash will be fixed to work correctly with Freedom.


Spear Nerfs

The spear has become very popular, especially when combined with Sword & Shieldt. Cyclone, in particular, has proven to be quite strong, and the developers plan to nerf its slow from 50% to 30%. Additionally, he leaching effect from Leaching Cyclone will be limited to a specific number of targets per activation.


Fire Staff Balance

The fire staff's win rate in Arena is slightly elevated, but the weapon's performance is acceptable overall. The developers are keeping a close eye on the damage-over-time aspect and will address it if necessary in the future.


Bow Balance

The bow is in a better place than the fire staff, but exceptional bow players can still make it appear overpowered. The developers are aware of the elemental damage falloff bug and will work on fixing it in the future.


Detonate Nerf

Detonate is under the spotlight once again due to its spiky damage output. The developers plan to eliminate the ability for Detonate to crit entirely, which should help balance its overall damage output.


Attribute Capstone Increase

In Season 3, attribute capstones will see major reworks, including new bonuses and changes to existing ones. This may include introducing a new level of attribute bonuses beyond the current cap, and providing exciting possibilities for character customization.


Balance Pass on Fortify

The developers are aware of inconsistencies in the Fortify system and are looking into it. While it may not be addressed in the upcoming monthly patch, they plan to buff existing fortifies and ensure better consistency in the future.



The Season 3 balance update promises to bring exciting changes to the game, addressing various weapon and attribute imbalances. Keep an eye out for the patch notes for detailed information on the adjustments. Stay tuned for more updates and prepare to embark on an improved and balanced gameplay experience! Happy gaming!

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