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New World Hotswap Gear Sets, Performance Fixes, Combat Changes and Make Gold | Update 2.0.2

Ahoy, New World players! The highly anticipated update 2.02 is here, bringing exciting performance fixes and combat changes to enhance your gaming experience. In this guide, we'll delve into the key updates, discuss the impact of combat changes, explore the much-awaited hotswap gear sets, provide insights on fishing improvements, and how to buy thousands of gold every day. Let's dive in!


New World Hotswap Gear Sets, Performance Fixes, Combat Changes and Make Gold | Update 2.0.2


Performance Fixes

  • Shaders Loading Change: The update will improve performance and reduce frame hitching and stuttering by changing how shaders are loaded on the game client. However, expect longer game boot-up times, especially if playing on an HDD. Consider using an SSD for better loading times.
  • Player Feedback and Telemetry: Developers will monitor player feedback and telemetry data after the change to further optimize performance.


Combat Changes

  • Blunderbuss Splitting Grenade: The instant cancel exploit has been fixed, resulting in a longer post delay.
  • Constitution Health Increase: Health gained from the first 150 levels of the constitution has been increased. This may impact lower-level players more significantly.
  • Dex Perks Swapped: 150 and 300 Dex real perks were swapped, affecting certain PVP playstyles, especially the melee Dex half-strength builds.
  • Detonate Hydron Critical Damage: The ability will no longer deal critical damage to align with other abilities.
  • Cyclone Slow and Targets: The Cyclone slow effect has been reduced from 50% to 30%, and the maximum targets affected have been limited to three.
  • Swords Achilles Heel Passive: Reworked to be a Rend instead of a slow, potentially impacting PVE scenarios.


Sandworm Fix

Players who die during the Sandworm encounter will now receive rewards upon completion, addressing previous issues.

Hotswap Gear Sets & Fishing Changes:

  • Hotkeys for gear set storage will be introduced, allowing players to switch between gear sets more efficiently.
  • Fixing the ease of catching legendary fish, which has been a topic of back-and-forth adjustments.
  • Artisan fishing poles should now be usable.


Season Pass & Trial Fixes

  • Players can now buy the gear set slot from Season 1 if they didn't earn it during that season.
  • Fixes certain interactions, spawn rates, and load times for seasonal content.


OPR Score Change & 3v3 Arena Switch

  • In Outpost Rush, the amount of personal score points has increased by 40 for contesting control points.
  • The 3v3 Arena mode is back, offering new and exciting gameplay for players.


New Skins

  • New realistic yet fantasy-themed skins available for purchase with Marks of Fortune.
  • Skins are available for various weapons, such as Greatsword, Void Gauntlet, Hatchet, Bow, and Musket.
  • New emote: Blow Bubbles.
  • Dye packs are available in individual colours and in bundles for transmog customization.


How to Make A Few Thousand Gold Every Single Day?

Gold Coins is a crucial resource in New World, allowing players to purchase items, craft powerful gear, and trade with others. While there's no get-rich-quick scheme, there are several daily activities you can do to increase your gold reserves steadily. Here's a guide on how to make a few thousand gold every single day:


Method Description Daily Gold Yield
Events Gold Participate in special events and harvest gold-packed baskets from the opulent bestowment stage. Few thousand gold over time
Hidden Stash Gold While gathering resources, randomly find hidden stashes that contain gold. Varies (random)
Corrupted Breaches Engage in level 25 or 35 major corrupted breaches twice a day to obtain Major Breach Cache. 500 coins (per 2 breaches)
Refining-Flip for Gold Max out refining skills, craft and sell refining materials for profit. 500 to 1000 gold daily
Faction Bonus Gold Complete faction missions daily with the bonus multiplier for extra gold. 400 to 500 gold per day
Acid Chest Run Explore Brimstone Sands, open chests, and find golden scarabs worth about 1000 gold each. Around 1000 gold per day
Gathering Gather resources like aura calcium, water, star metal, and weird wood, and sell them for decent gold. Varies (based on gathering)

Please note that the daily gold yield for some methods may vary depending on luck, server prices, and player efficiency. It's essential to balance these activities to maximize your gold earnings. 



With New World update 2.0.2, players can expect enhanced performance and a more balanced combat experience. The addition of new skins and customization options also adds an extra layer of depth to the game's aesthetics. Stay tuned for further updates, and remember to share your feedback with the development team to help shape the future of the New World. Happy adventuring!

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